Am I Gay?

Coerced bi for Ms Christine

Feeling coerced?

Maybe My Bulls Think I’m Turning Them Gay

My last post on Strap-on Cuckolding  had some of my readers commenting that maybe some of my Bulls thought that taking another guy’s ass made them gay.  Well, my answer would be, how does that make them gay?  They’re doing the fucking.  What does it matter if it’s a woman’s ass or a cuckold’s?  A warm wet hole doesn’t make you gay.  It’s an object.  Does masturbation make you gay?

Does Taking It Make You Gay?

I’ve answered this in other posts related to cocksucking and cum eating, but I don’t think I’ve ever addressed anal play.  I think I’ve made my stance pretty clear.  I think being gay, homosexuality, is a thing you’re born with, and it has to do with being attracted to the same sex – not the activities you engage in.  If I probed your bottom with my fingers and massaged your prostate, does that make you gay?  What about if I used butt plugs, or buggered you with my strap-on?  Some would say yes, but the majority of you would probably say no – it’s a sexy woman doing that!  So, why does it change when it’s a real cock?

Men’s Asses Are So Neglected

Your ass has so many nerve endings in it that can make you feel so good!  Why deny yourself that pleasure.  Now, I like taking a butt slut with my strap-on, but for some of my pets, just getting a finger inside and feeling around drives them insane with lust and desire.  So, I’ll answer my own question.  No, getting fucked up the ass does not make you gay, it makes you someone who enjoys sex and everything it has to offer.

But… if we introduce verbal humiliation into the mix, well that changes everything… now doesn’t it? ;)


Strap-On Cuckolding


Oh… you’re getting fucked! lol… one way or another…

The Full Service Cuckold

Just like there is a wide variety of cocksuckers, there is a wide variety of cuckolds.  There’s the voyeur cuckold who just likes to watch while I get taken to Pound Town, or the cuckold who participates . . . → Read More: Strap-On Cuckolding


What Kind of Cocksucker Are You?


I talk to a lot of cocksuckers.  Every one of them is different.  Some are just cock curious, some have just sucked their first cock, some have smoked more poles than me!  There are so many different types of cocksuckers.  So, what kind of cocksucker are you?

I love all . . . → Read More: What Kind of Cocksucker Are You?


Unless You Try You Must Be Denied!


You need a real taste!

You Have To Suck Cock To Cum

Ms. Christine is a rapping machine (lol… not really)!  And this week’s rap is “Until You Try, You Must Be Denied!”  If you’re a cocksucking faggot, this should be easy for you, just find a willing cock, and . . . → Read More: Unless You Try You Must Be Denied!


Cuckolds Need To Tease


Let’s put all that practice to work…

Don’t Let Him Cum

I wrote about being a teasing cocksucker a few weeks ago.  When you tease a cock, you bring it to the edge over and over again.  That’s great if you’re just looking to have that cock get off really . . . → Read More: Cuckolds Need To Tease


Anal Play And Bondage


Plugged when I want you to be!

Two of My Favorite Things

Sometimes, I like to combine my love of anal play with my love of bondage.  That might mean I tie you down to my combination spanking/anal play bench, so you just have to take the buggering I’m about . . . → Read More: Anal Play And Bondage


Until It Spits You Must Not Quit!


Eat it or wear it… what’s it gonna be?

My Blog Readers Are The Best!

That piece of wisdom comes from one of my favorite followers, jemmie. So listen up bi-bois and cocksucking sissies.  She left that comment on my post about how you should be a teasing cocksucker.  I . . . → Read More: Until It Spits You Must Not Quit!


There’s A Sissy Faggot On Every Street Corner In My Neighborhood


Wont you suck it… for me? ;)

Or So One Of My Sissy Sluts Tells Me

Over on Mistress Phone Sex Calls, I wrote a few weeks ago about Ms. Christine’s Neighborhood.  Just like that other “neighborhood” (go ahead, click on the link, look at the picture and tell me . . . → Read More: There’s A Sissy Faggot On Every Street Corner In My Neighborhood


Competing Cuckolds


I love to watch you play with others…

Two Special Lovers

I have quite the Little Black Book.  Okay, it’s not small, it should actually be called a FUCKING BIG BLACK ENCYCLOPEDIA – I mean like the whole set.  I have volumes!  I have a couple of books with all . . . → Read More: Competing Cuckolds


3 Reasons I Like Cocksuckers


Really, there are so many reasons…

You’ve Shared A Very Special Fantasy

When I have a guy tell me his fantasy of sucking cock, I feel special.  I’m sure he’s shared it with other Mistresses, maybe even with his wife or significant other if she a Cuckoldress or especially kinky.  . . . → Read More: 3 Reasons I Like Cocksuckers