Taking That First Cock

Suck Cock for Ms Christine

Will this be your first cock?

Watching A Bi-Boi Get Popped

You all know how much I love gay porn, how I love to watch two guys suck and fuck each other.  It’s even fun when it’s two sissies.  But, it’s the best when I get to watch one of my bi-bois get their cherry popped and taste and take a real cock for the first time.  I really don’t like it when they go off on their own and hunt down some dick all by themselves.  I want to share that first time with them.

First The Foreplay

You can’t just bend over, grab your ankles and ask him to shove it in your bottom, bitch!  There’s this thing called foreplay.  You want to tease him a bit, get him really hot and horny before he deflowers you!  So go ahead, get down on your knees, reach up and unbuckle that belt, unbutton those jeans and unzip him.  Go ahead, fish around in there and pull that semi-hard cock out.  Stroke, lick and suck it, you want it really hard when he decides to go balls deep in you!  Don’t let him cum, yet, it’d be really disappointing if he was only a one cum a night guy!


Now, bitch, now that that cock is hard and throbbing, spin around and drop down on your hands and knees.  I don’t want you ass down and head up, so do raise that bottom up so he has easy access. I want you to look right into my eyes as your cherry is popped.  Oh, that look on your face, your eyes going wide as saucers, you’re mouth forming a silent “Oh!” as a warm cock enters your ass for the first time…it’s priceless!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


Cocksucking and Cum Eating

Tweet Cocksucking And Cum Eating Go Hand In Hand

Cum eating is a reward for sucking cock!

Or cock in mouth!  If you’re going to suck that cock, and you’re going to do a good job at it – and you will to please your Mistress, won’t you? – then . . . → Read More: Cocksucking and Cum Eating


Sucking Off A Submissive

Tweet I’m Not Giving My Pet A Blowjob

He may be my submissive, but it’s still my cock!

I’ll let you, though!  If you’ve been a very good playmate, if you’ve amused me, if you’ve pleased your Mistress, I might just give you a very special reward.  Now my pet . . . → Read More: Sucking Off A Submissive


What’s Kinkier?


What’s your favorite kink?

So, You’re Bi

Last post, I wrote about what I look for in a cocksucking pet. One of the things I left you with was the idea to be kinky and daring, and that got me to wondering.  One of the two activities that most bi-bois . . . → Read More: What’s Kinkier?


What I Look For In A Cocksucker

Tweet A Willingness To Suck Cock

Are you my kinda cocksucker?

That’s kind of obvious, isn’t it?  If you tell me you’ve never even had fantasies of sucking cock, that it’s a hard limit, well, we’re just not going to go there.  But come on now, you know you have . . . → Read More: What I Look For In A Cocksucker


Does Cocksucking Have To Be Humiliating?

Tweet Not All Cocksuckers Need To Be Humiliated

Is it the cock or is it the humiliation that turns you on?

Not every cocksucker is humiliated by sucking dick.  Let’s face it, there are a lot of gay men who just enjoy smoking a pole!  Just like women who love to give . . . → Read More: Does Cocksucking Have To Be Humiliating?


Being A Bottom, Part 2


Last post, I explained why you’re sexually inferior, why you’re a bottom. But, just because you’re at the bottom of the sexual hierarchy, you can still be a happy cocksucker.  Here’s some tips:

Embrace your bottom bitch status!

Accept That You Are A Cocksucker

You know that there is nothing . . . → Read More: Being A Bottom, Part 2


Being A Bottom, Part 1


Are you this version of bottom bitch?

You Are A Bottom

Let’s face it, it’s not easy being a cocksucker. You need another man’s dick for sexual pleasure and satisfaction more than he needs his own. You need to suck it, to worship it.  You need to be used.    . . . → Read More: Being A Bottom, Part 1


Taking Out The Bi Bitch

Tweet You Didn’t Know What To Expect

It’s an outing… and I’ll fill both your ends 😉

When you showed up for our session, I let you in and you immediately started shedding your clothes.  You know how much I enjoy my pets naked!  But I stopped you and told . . . → Read More: Taking Out The Bi Bitch


Safe Ways To Explore Your Cocksucking Fantasy

Tweet You Want To Explore Your Cocksucking Fantasies Safely

Safety first when going from fantasy to reality!

You’ve had cocksucking fantasies for a long time.  You’ve imagined what it feels like to have a warm, smooth, hard cock slide between your lips.  Maybe you’ve tried to suck your own, maybe . . . → Read More: Safe Ways To Explore Your Cocksucking Fantasy