Training Banana

Sucking Cock for Ms Christine

It’s time to learn sucking technique!


Yeah, you read the title, and your brow furrowed up, and you went WTF?  Suck a banana?  Yes, I want you to suck a banana.  That’s how I’m going to start training you in how to suck cock.  It can be so much more discreet than sucking on a dildo.  Think about it… all sweet and innocent, hidden in that peel, firm and ready to be devoured – just like the cock you’re working up to!  There are bananas sitting right there on the counter of pretty much every kitchen and in every produce section of every supermarket in the country.   What if you don’t have a dildo available when your favorite Phone Sex Femdom – Me! -  instructs you to have something cock-like ready to suck?  A banana is always acceptable.

Why Ms. Christine Suggests A Banana

This is going to help you with your technique.  What is the first rule of cocksucking?  No teeth!  Once you expose the flesh of a nice large banana, you have an edible dildo – but one with exceptional sensitivity. A peeled banana will show every little mark from your teeth and I expect there to be none, or else you fail your lesson in sucking cock.  And if you fail your lesson, I will be so disappointed.  You don’t want me to be disappointed, do you?

Start Sucking

Let’s get to blowing that banana!  Focus on the tip. Really kiss it and get it wet, then begin sliding it in and out of your mouth. In and out, in and out.  Come on, you’ve read my Fundamentals of Fellatio posts!  Each time, take it just a little bit deeper – and watch those teeth!  Now for the fun part: sucking deeper and deeper.  The key to this is Practice Practice Practice! In order to be considered a good cocksucker, you must learn how to relax your throat and not use your teeth. Breathe through your nose and slide it just a little bit further down…

Pretty soon it will be time to experience the real thing pulsating and throbbing and exploding down your throat!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


You Don’t Think You’re Addicted To Cock?


I think you ARE addicted to cock!

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Dreaming About Sucking Cock


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Cocksucking Trick or Treat


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On Your Knees Slut


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