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Are You Sure My Pussy Is What You Want To Taste?

Do You Love Pussy That Much?

Lick pussy for Ms Christine

What is it you really want?

Well, it’s going to be my way.  I’ll start by binding your arms behind you and attaching them to your spreader bar cuff combo to keep them there and you on your knees at the end of my bed.  You’ll be just inches away from me, but out of reach. I want to look you in the eyes as I back onto my big black cock, which I mounted on the headboard behind me.  On all fours and our eyes and mouths level I’m going take every inch  so, so slowly. 

I’m Going To Humiliate You For Pussy

I want to taunt you because you have no idea what’s coming for you but you desperately want your mouth on mine as I moan your name and fuck the toy.  My pet has patience, but even good pets have limits to test as your shoulders stretch your bindings and you whine my name,  I put on a show for you, watching your desire rise – watching your cock throb and leak –  as my pleasure does.  I bet you want to know what I have planned for you, my favorite filthy toy.  I want your heart beating out of your chest, your cock weeping for me as I answer your begging for that information with moans.  

Suck That Cock

I want to make you choose between knowledge of your own incoming depravity or watching me cum.  That’s right, beg me to cum on the dildo… you know I’ll tell you what to do soon enough, my sweet pet.   I cum so hard, bucking and screaming on that silicone cock. Sliding off the toy I’ll bring my wet fingers to my lips and lick them off to your pleas to taste me, and smile.  But darling… angel… sweet slut…?  That’s precisely what you’ll be doing.  Tasting me.  I’ll free your arms and whisper in your ear that what you want is right there on the head board… all you have to do is get to it.  Get your cock sucking lips wrapped around that dildo and suck it clean.  Suck that fake cock for me, as I guide you down until you gag.  It’s what you wanted right?  The taste of my pussy down your throat?  It’s even hotter when it’s on a cock isn’t it, my cock sucking faggot?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Sucking Cock With A Friend

Blow Job Girlfriend

Are you up for sharing?

I wouldn’t say I’m the girlfriend of anyone who is into sucking cock.  Oh, I know cock suckers, and I am their friend, and I am a girl, so you could call me a cocksucker’s girlfriend if we’re getting technical.  Honestly though, I think girlfriend means . . . → Read More: Sucking Cock With A Friend

The Art Of StrapOn Dildo Cock-Sucking

Perfect For Straight Men

Say hello to Marcus

That is the name of this blog – Straight Men Sucking Cock.  I always seem to be talking about faggots who just crave cock, though.  Well, straight guys, this is for you because sucking a strapon dildo really doesn’t have to have anything to do . . . → Read More: The Art Of StrapOn Dildo Cock-Sucking

The Cock Slut Workout

Cock Slut Let’s Start With Jack-Off Curls

Let’s get you into shape in the slutty way!

No, my bi-curious pet, you’re not going to jack yourself off.  This is a slutty workout!  Not to mention, we need to teach you to crave cock anyway you can get it.  So, you’re going to jerk off your two . . . → Read More: The Cock Slut Workout

What Makes Strap-On Sex So Hot?

Does Her Strap-On Reverse Your Roles?

So very hot!

Guys usually do the fucking, but with strap-on sex the tables are turned.  And the roles are reversed.  Of course, with an Erotic Femdom who already controls your cock, she is going to be in charge. Since she already says what you will do, . . . → Read More: What Makes Strap-On Sex So Hot?

Cock Sucker Control

When you’re giving a blow job cock sucker, you don’t have to be the submissive or bottom.  Do you think when I’m sucking cock I’m not completely in control? 

Dom or Sub

Who is really in control?

The act of fellatio is neither submissive or Dominant.  The actions of the two . . . → Read More: Cock Sucker Control

Cock Sucking – Where Is Your Favorite Place To Play?

Where Do You Love To Be Your Cock Sucking Self Most?

Where is your favorite suck spot?

Most couples = male/female, whether they’re married, boyfriend/girlfriend, or whatever – spend the majority of their sex life in the bedroom.  But, can a cock sucking faggot like you be giving bow jobs in the bedroom?  . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking – Where Is Your Favorite Place To Play?

A Blow Job Is A Special Occasion

You Want To Suck All The Time…

I think it should always be special…

…don’t you? It’s because you’re a faggot cocksucker, and nothing makes you happier than when you have a dick in your mouth, but you can’t suck dick all the time!  Sure, most guys would love getting a good . . . → Read More: A Blow Job Is A Special Occasion

Variations Of Sucking Cock

Variety Is The Spice of Sucking Cock

Variety is the spice of kink too…

It can be hard to find guys who will let a cock sucking pet suck them off.  I know I’ve said before that guys will take any warm, wet hole, that gender isn’t an issue at that . . . → Read More: Variations Of Sucking Cock

Cock Sucking With Enthusiasm

Guys Love Enthusiastic Cock Sucking

Let’s show a little excitement over that big cock, shall we?

We’ve talked about how to tease and drive a cock wild, and about how a wet and sloppy blow job builds excitement. So, now let’s talk about enthusiasm! You have that don’t you? Of course . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking With Enthusiasm