6 Tips For Awesome Anal Play, Part 1

Anal Play with Mistress Christine

You have to learn to be a butt slut!

Lube for Anal Play

Any awesome anal play session starts with lube – good quality lube.  Silicone based lube is great because it’s not absorbed by your mucous membranes and it will stay slick for a good long while.  If you like to play with metal or glass toys, it’s perfect, but it will absolutely destroy your rubber or silicone plugs and dildos.  So, if those are the type of toys you have – or will be using at any point – stick to water based lubes.  Ms. Constance has an excellent page with lube reviews you should check out!

Proper Preparation Is Key To Anal Play

I know, butt slut, you really want my big black cock in your ass, but if you’re new to anal play, it’s not going to work.  There are exceptions to every rule, but you’d have to be born a butt slut to take that thing if you’re an anal newbie.  So, start with fingers, and once you can slide two or three in there comfortably, then start using a butt plug that’s roughly the same size.  Dildos come in all shapes and sizes too.  You can work up to being a Size Queen!

Start Slow When Doing Anal Play

For anal play, this goes along with Proper Preparation.  When I’m popping a butt sluts cherry, I don’t go balls deep on the first thrust, and I don’t fuck them fast and furious from the get go.  I guess part of it is that I really want them to love the experience, so they’ll crave it later on.  You want to know what the real turn on for me in going slow is?  You get to feel every slow, delicious sensation as I violate you and make you my butt slut bitch!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


3 BJ techniques That Will Make Him Scream

Tweet Blowjob Technique #1 – Tease To Please

Practice your favorite BJ techniques…

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Am I Gay? Part 2


So, you survived part 1, and we haven’t determined that you’re gay yet.  Or, maybe you didn’t, and we know you’re gay, but you just want to know how gay you are.  Well, read on, faggots!

It’s time to crack the code…

Are You Hard Yet?

So, we teabagged . . . → Read More: Am I Gay? Part 2


Am I Gay?


Wouldn’t you like to know…

Take The Quiz

I get asked this question at least once a day.  You cocksuckers seem to be overly concerned about whether sucking dick makes you gay or not.  Smoking a pole doesn’t necessarily make you gay.  Some of you are still strongly attracted to . . . → Read More: Am I Gay?


Having Trouble Giving Yourself A Facial?


Can you cover your face in cum?

Weak Orgasms

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Kinky Ways To Suck Cock.  One of the things I wrote about was self-sucking and giving yourself a facial, and StephanieCDCNJ – one of my favorite sissy cocksuckers – commented on how hard . . . → Read More: Having Trouble Giving Yourself A Facial?


“Accidental” Anal Play


Its the pleasures of the ass…

You Say You Don’t Like Anal Play?

For every one of my pets who begs to become my butt slut, there’s another one out there who tells me how he’s not into anal play.  “Oh, I’m not gay, Mistress” or “you’re not putting anything . . . → Read More: “Accidental” Anal Play


OTR Cocksucker


All about a cocksucker with no shame!

He Has Another Name For Himself

This is a story about one of my favorite callers.  I like to call her my Over-The-Road Cocksucker.  She told me that wasn’t really dirty enough, and said she’d rather be known as “The cross country faggot . . . → Read More: OTR Cocksucker


Cuckold Denial Leads To More


Cuckolding is about her pleasure… and that should make you happy!

Cuckolding Is About Denial

For you!  Not for your Cuckoldress.  She’s getting all the cock she could ever want, all the pleasure, all the orgasms.  For you, my cuckold pet, though, it’s about not having any of those things . . . → Read More: Cuckold Denial Leads To More


New Year’s Eve Butt Slut


How about some New Year’s Eve Fireworks with your Anal Play?

Sliding Down The Pole

I was just thinking about New Year’s Eve in Times Square.  You know how every year that have the big ball that slowly falls to Earth, counting down the last of the old year and . . . → Read More: New Year’s Eve Butt Slut


A Twist on Cuckold Cocksucking


All my cuckolds suck cock!

You Love My Bull’s Cock

Oh, I know you do.  As soon as he and I pop through the door, there you are, on your knees, waiting for him to bury that cock deep in your throat.  You so enjoy being our fluffer, sucking and . . . → Read More: A Twist on Cuckold Cocksucking