Black Cock Friday Is Coming

Did Your Wife Get You A Present

Black Cock for Mistress Christine

It’s big, it’s black, and it’s mouth watering ;)

Oh, I know it’s not Chrisma-Hana-Kwanza-Kah yet, but did your hot wife get you an early Christmas present?  Or maybe that big black cock is more for her than you… or both of you? Ever since she found your internet history and found all those cuckold fantasies you lust after and jerk off to, she’s been telling you she was planning something special for you.  And Thursday night, as you drifted off to a tryptophan and football overloaded sleep, she’ll whisper in your ear, “I have a special gift planned for you tomorrow…”

She’s Been Preparing You For Months

You were worried when she first told you she’d discovered your fantasies, but then she told you she wanted to help you make them all come true, and you were intrigued.  Of course, when she reached behind her, unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor – revealing the big black cock she’d strapped to her waist, your cock instantly got hard, didn’t it?  She’s spent so many night, training you to suck cock and how to open up that ass pussy to the invading monster, didn’t she? She’s become your strap-on Mistress.   And now, this Friday, it’s time to put that training to the test.

The Black Cock Bull Arrives

She met him at work, he’s one of the guys from Marketing, but he’s no wimp – not like you.  She tells you that she’s been fucking him regularly, but now it’s time for her to introduce him to you – her cuckold hubby.  She gets you on your knees before him, while she stands behind him, running her hands all over his rippling muscles, until her hands dip lower, unbutton and unzip his pants – and then that gorgeous black cock pops out.  As soon as it does, you instantly lean forward, taking it in your mouth, feeling it grow even larger…and you know your life will never be the same.  You know before the day is out, that dick will have filled all your holes…while she laughs and tells you your tiny little penis will never fill hers again!

Happy Black Friday Cuckie… 😉

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


Strap-On Play: You’re Not Fucking Me Tonight

Tweet Strap-On … Be Careful What You Wish For

You said you wanted to try it…

Didn’t take you long at the bar, did it?  We were flirting, and it wasn’t long until you got around to the sex, huh?  Asking me if I wanted to get out of there, go . . . → Read More: Strap-On Play: You’re Not Fucking Me Tonight


A Cocksucker Story

Tweet A Different Way For This CockSucker

Each of my cocksuckers has a story to tell…

I get a lot of stories from my troop of faggot cocksuckers, but I just had to share this one with you, because, honestly, it’s a technique I – your Cocksucking Queen! – had never . . . → Read More: A Cocksucker Story


Anal Impalement


You know you want it anal slut!

An Anal Predicament

I know how much you love anal play, how you love to have my big, black cock deep in your ass.  How about we find out just how much of a butt slut you really are.  I think it’s . . . → Read More: Anal Impalement


Chastity Cocksucker

Tweet Chastity Means Catering To Other’s Needs

Being in chastity makes you so attentive to the cock you suck for Me!

When you are locked in chastity, it means that you’re giving up your orgasms.  Why?  Because worrying about your own orgasm means that your mind isn’t focused where it . . . → Read More: Chastity Cocksucker


Anal Play: A Butt Slut’s Training

Tweet A Butt Slut’s Request

It’s playtime butt slut!

I got a very respectful email from one of my anal play sluts, and he had a very special request of his Strap-on Domme:

Ms. Christine, I want to cum like a real bitch would – from just having something . . . → Read More: Anal Play: A Butt Slut’s Training


CockSucking: No Facials For You


It’s really all about the cocksucking – the ending is optional!

Facials Aren’t Just Humiliation

Okay, facials ARE about humiliation most of the time, but a lot of my cocksucking, cumeating faggots don’t like facials, and it has nothing to do with the humiliation factor.  They don’t like them . . . → Read More: CockSucking: No Facials For You


Cock Sucking: Becoming A Bottom Bitch

Tweet Sissy’s Must Learn The Art Of Cock Sucking

You’ll be my bottom bitch in no time!

I don’t think you can overstate the benefits of cock sucking when you are training a sissy. Sucking a cock makes her realize she is not a real man, that her true purpose is . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking: Becoming A Bottom Bitch


Please Your Mistress: She’s Your Queen…


You do want to please your Mistress, don’t you?

And You’re Her Bitch!

Do you know what bitches are good for? To be used and abused for your Queen’s enjoyment – to please your Mistress! And that’s all you want, don’t you, her to be happy, to be amused, to . . . → Read More: Please Your Mistress: She’s Your Queen…


Strap-On Playtime

Tweet While strap-on play is not for everyone…

You’ve met my Marcus haven’t you?

I do think it’s a key part of the Domme/sub relationship. That’s not to say that to be my pet, you need to be a butt slut.  I’m just saying it certainly adds to the D/s dynamic!  . . . → Read More: Strap-On Playtime