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Dildo Training Comes First

I Like To Train With A Dildo First

Dildo training with Ms Christine

It’s a learning tool my pet…

Whether you’re a dildo cocksucker or a butt slut – or maybe both! – I want to make sure when you finally get to that first real cock, you represent me well.  I’ll train you to suck cock, or take it up your tight ass pussy, but we have to make sure you have the right training “equipment”.  If you’re a cocksucker, I don’t want you fumbling around, unsure of what to do with that first cock.  If you’re an ass whore, I want to make sure that when your cherry is popped, it’s enjoyable for everyone.  So, let’s talk about how to pick out your first dildo.

What Do You Need A Training Dildo For?

A Dildo can come in all shapes, sizes and materials.  I think that first, you need to decide exactly what you’re training for.  Are you training to suck a cock for your Mistress?  Have you been anally training with a series of bigger and bigger butt plugs, and now you want to move on to an actual cock?  Are you mutli-talented and you’re looking for both? 

Let’s Start With Cocksucking

If the main reason for your dildo training is to learn to expertly smoke a pole, then my recommendation for your first fake cock would be to get a life-like silicone dildo, preferably with a nice set of balls.  If you can find one, I’d even recommend an ejaculating dildo!  Might as well go for full service – practice like you’ll be playing and you’ll play like you practiced.  There are any number of flesh colored dildoes that fit the bill, but if you’re really slutty?  Well, once you go black, you’ll never go back!  Size wise?  I know you want a big, thick monster sized cock, but I’d really recommend you start out on the smaller size.  It’ll make it that much easier to build your technique!

How About For You Butt Sluts?

Here’s where it gets a bit trickier, and there’s a lot more to discuss, so make sure you check back here next Monday for Part 2!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

4 Anal Play Rules

Relax… Anal Play Should Be Fun

Rules to live by and be penetrated by…

Anal play can give you so much pleasure!  When we have some anal fun, I really want you to leave a confirmed butt slut.  How’s that going to happen if it’s painful or you don’t have fun?  Starting . . . → Read More: 4 Anal Play Rules

Had Enough Cock Sucking Today?

Trick Question, You Can Never Get Enough Cock Sucking!

Can you ever really get enough?

Whether you’re a cock sucking slut or a cock whore, you know you can never suck enough cock, don’t you?  Why, if it was at all possible, you know you’d love to go through life with . . . → Read More: Had Enough Cock Sucking Today?

Just Because You’re Cock Locked

…Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Masturbate

All locked up and needy…

If you’re cock locked and you can’t jerk it, then I guess we’ll need to find some other way to masturbate, huh?  And, if you’re reading this blog, I’m sure you know what that means, don’t you butt sluts? That’s right, anal . . . → Read More: Just Because You’re Cock Locked

Cocksucking Tool – Do It Yourself

Don’t Have A Dildo?

It’s a good place to start…

Before I ever let any of my cocksucking trainees lose on a real, live cock, I like to make sure they’ve been trained on how to smoke a pole with a dildo.  Those of you who have been around a while . . . → Read More: Cocksucking Tool – Do It Yourself

All A Butt Slut Wants For New Years

Yes Butt Slut, I Have You Pegged

Assume the position butt slut!

Does the thought of having my Strap-on – or even better, a real cock – deep in your ass excite you? You don’t have to answer that strap-on butt slut, we both know that I already know the answer. You don’t just . . . → Read More: All A Butt Slut Wants For New Years

All A Cocksucker Wants For Christmas

Santa will bring you some cock if you’ve been a good cocksucker…

Is A Cock To Suck

C’mon you cocksucker wannabes and faggots alike, you know that’s all you want.  You’ve been dreaming about it all year, telling me how badly you want a cock to fill your mouth, to swell and fill . . . → Read More: All A Cocksucker Wants For Christmas

Cock Sucking Review

Once In A While, We Need To Go Back To The Cock sucking Basics

It’s all about the basics…

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Anal Masturbation Toys

Since it is the holidays, I thought I’d suggest three anal play toys you really should get for your toy box…

Prostate Massager

Anal toys make excellent stocking stuffers…haha… stuffers

For a chastity slave or a butt slut who really wants to be able to orgasm just from being pegged, . . . → Read More: Anal Masturbation Toys

Cock Sucking While Dressed Like A Slut

How Do You Dress When Cock Sucking?

you enjoy dressing up for any occasion… don’t you?

Do you even need to dress up for cock sucking?  Let’s face it, most men, in general are sluts.  They’ll take a blow job however they can get it.  Whether you’re in jeans and a tee shirt, . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking While Dressed Like A Slut