3 Reasons I Like Cocksuckers

Sucking Cock for Ms Christine

Really, there are so many reasons…

You’ve Shared A Very Special Fantasy

When I have a guy tell me his fantasy of sucking cock, I feel special.  I’m sure he’s shared it with other Mistresses, maybe even with his wife or significant other if she a Cuckoldress or especially kinky.  Still, I know I’m in a select club.  If he’s never sucked a cock before, and wants me to train him, or help him find knobs to bob on, that’s even better.  Even an experienced cocksucker makes me feel all warm and tingly inside – especially when he starts telling me of his adventures.

The Taboo

Men don’t give blowjobs, they get them.  The taboo of admitting you want a dick in your mouth is very kinky.  It opens you up to so many things.  Would you like to be cuckolded?  Are you a sissy cocksucker?  So many other places we can take your cocksucking fantasy!

It’s Just Fucking Hot!

I’ll bet you watch lesbian porn, don’t you?  I do too, but, honestly, gay porn gets me off much harder.  There’s nothing like watching two hot, hung guys pleasure each other!  It gets me so wet.  And if you think it gets me hot and bothered when I’m watching it on screen, imagine what it does to me when they’re right there in front of me, giving me my own private show.  I swear, all I have to do is flick my clit once, and I’m cumming!

Want to get me hot?  Give me a call and share your cocksucking fantasy with me!


Cocksucker Pays Off A Bet


Time to pay, slut!

No One Sucks Cock Better Than Ms. Christine!

Which, if you read about the ‘suck-off” I had with one of my knob gobbling pets, you already know!  He thought he could give a better blow-job than me – and he was sadly mistaken. So the time . . . → Read More: Cocksucker Pays Off A Bet


Why You Should Be A Teasing Cocksucker


Tease that cock with your mouth!

You Like To Be Teased

You know you do!  Even when you’re sucking cock, you’ve got your other hand on your cock, stroking.  It gets you so hot to have a cock in your mouth, that you’re edging almost immediately, but I won’t let . . . → Read More: Why You Should Be A Teasing Cocksucker


Married Cum Sluts


It doesn’t get any yummier!

Shared Cum Eating

I love being a Cum Mistress.  Sharing your fantasies and your cum eating adventures turns me on.  Taking the cum curious and giving them that first taste of nut butter and watching them become cum craving sluts is a wonderful part to . . . → Read More: Married Cum Sluts


Who’s The Better Cocksucker


Are you ready for the challenge?

A Cocksucker Challenges Me

Can you believe that?  One of my cocksuckers actually challenged me to a suck off.  He’s been getting a little uppity.  You see, during our sessions, I’ve been training him.  Teaching him how to suck cock, giving him tips on . . . → Read More: Who’s The Better Cocksucker


3 Reasons Why You Must Suck Cock


What’s your reason?

Because You’re a Slut

Sluts suck cock.  It’s like a universal rule.  Ladies may give a blowjob every once in a while – your birthday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve.  Sluts though…sluts suck cock all the time.  They may do it as foreplay, or they just might bob . . . → Read More: 3 Reasons Why You Must Suck Cock


A Pocket Rocket For July 4th


It’s time to play!

Every Lady Has One

A pocket rocket.  A small vibrator that we can carry around in our purse.  I keep mine for emergencies.  You know, if I’m at a bar or a club, and I see an especially hot guy – and he’s already with someone!  . . . → Read More: A Pocket Rocket For July 4th


Cuckolds and Cocksucking


Learning the art of fluffing…

Not All Cuckolds Suck Cock

Some cuckolds – and even some cuckoldresses – aren’t into the bi-sex thing.  They may just get off on watching or being watched, maybe some cream pie eating at the end.  Some cuckolds don’t even watch, they just get off . . . → Read More: Cuckolds and Cocksucking


Becoming A Butt Slut


Being penetrated is such a submissive thing…

If You’re Not Sucking Cock…

…you’re taking it up the ass!  I’ve got a lot of pets whose fantasy is sucking cock, but having something inside their ass is a close second.  It could be my Big Black Cock, or it might actually . . . → Read More: Becoming A Butt Slut


Spreading The Cocksucker Gospel


Spread the word!

You’ve Completed Cocksuckers Anonymous, Now What?

Now that you’ve become one of my star cocksuckers at CA, your job isn’t done.  You see, part of Step 12 is not only coming to complete acceptance that you crave cock in all its glory.  There’s another, very important part . . . → Read More: Spreading The Cocksucker Gospel