Extreme Strap-on Training

Strap-On Ms. Christine

It’s Strap-On playtime!

For Experienced Butt Sluts Only

You come to me an experienced butt slut.  You do not just take it softly, sensually, or slowly into your ass pussy but love to have your ass pounded like there’s no tomorrow!  You crave it!  You need it!  You are obsessed with butt sex!

Does This Describe You

Now, I love introducing men to all the fun their ass can bring them, but for this training, I do prefer an experienced anal training pro such as yourself.  Making you my bitch let’s my inner Strap-on Bitch out to play! I want to enjoy myself as much as you are, and giving you a strict, hard pegging lets me do that. It gets me so hot and wet to know that I own you, as soon as I pick up that phone and say “Hello, This is Mistress Christine.”

Be Ready For Your Extreme Strap-on Session

Have your toys ready.  That means at least one dildo.  Have a gangbang fantasy where I’m just one of many Dominant Mistresses – or even men! – using you?  Make sure you have a variety of them on hand then.  Having your ass pounded by a different cock really helps you get into the fantasy.  And lube – make sure you have plenty of that! Want to really please me?  Get a dildo with a suction cup base.  There’s nothing like watching you on webcam and seeing it ready and waiting for you in the background!

Ready for your Extreme Strap-on Session?  Give me a call and give me your ass!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


Advanced Deep Throat Techniques


I want that cock in your throat!

Stroke His Cock With Your Throat

If you haven’t mastered your gag reflex yet, don’t try this!  It’ll just make a very unappetizing mess, and you’re not going to get what you want – a big load of cum!  If you can control . . . → Read More: Advanced Deep Throat Techniques


Making Cocksucking Fun


Knob gobbling should never be a chore, so make sure you always keep your cock sucking fun!

Cock sucking can be suck fun…

Anticipation is Key

If you watch porn – and I know you do! – you probably think the best way to suck cock is just pop it . . . → Read More: Making Cocksucking Fun


Coached Cock Sucking


I’ll be your cocksucking drill sergeant!

I’m All About Teaching You To Suck Cock

Before I became a cockteasing Femdom MILF, I never realized how many men have a fantasy about sucking cock.  For some of you, it’s just a fantasy, and you’d never do it for real.  Some would . . . → Read More: Coached Cock Sucking


Is It Black Friday Again?


Black Friday is a long, hard ride!

Every Friday Is Black Friday For You!

You love Big Black Cock.  And it’s not just on Fridays, is it, slut?  It’s every day of the week!  This Black Friday is special though.  You thought your hot wife was going out shopping last . . . → Read More: Is It Black Friday Again?


Sissy Strap-On Fun


Ready for your sissy bitch training?

Open Up Your Sissy Pussy

You’ve been begging to be fucked, haven’t you sissy?  Every time you come to me, you beg to be my bitch.  Well, tonight’s the night.  We’ve spent weeks opening up that sissy pussy with bigger and bigger butt plugs, . . . → Read More: Sissy Strap-On Fun


Training Banana


It’s time to learn sucking technique!


Yeah, you read the title, and your brow furrowed up, and you went WTF?  Suck a banana?  Yes, I want you to suck a banana.  That’s how I’m going to start training you in how to suck cock.  It can be so much . . . → Read More: Training Banana


You Don’t Think You’re Addicted To Cock?


I think you ARE addicted to cock!

A Comment From One Of My Readers

So one of my very special pets left a comment on my post about Dreaming About Sucking Cock.  It was all about how he loves “being on my knees in front of a big fat cock.”  How he . . . → Read More: You Don’t Think You’re Addicted To Cock?


Seaman Seeks Semen


Ready for a studly treat?

Lost At Sea

Being a sailor is still mostly a man’s job.  Yes, there are some women in that line of work, but let’s face it, they are a small minority.  I have one caller that I hear from every few months, when he gets . . . → Read More: Seaman Seeks Semen


Where Should That Real Cock Go?


Where do you want that big cock, slut?

I Have A Big, Black Cock

Actually, Ms. Christine has two big black cocks for you!  One is strapped onto to me, sticking proudly out from my strap-on harness.  The other is hard and attached to my big, black stud.  You’re going . . . → Read More: Where Should That Real Cock Go?