Anal Play: Making Your Cherry Popping Enjoyable

Anal Play with Ms. Christine

Anal Play, Mistress guidance, and I’ll take your cherry too… ;)

First Time Anal Jitters

The first time you’re anally invaded – whether it’s by my strap-on or a real cock – can be stressful and full of anxiety.  That can cause problems, because when you’re anxious, everything tenses up – including your anal sphincter!  You need that hole nice and relaxed, so it will accept whatever is about to slide deep inside of it.  When I pop your cherry, I don’t want to hear “Well, it hurt at first, but then the feeling of fullness was amazing!”  I want it to be enjoyable from the get go.

Proper Anal Preparation

If you read Femdom porn, it always seems that the Domme just goes right for her biggest, widest strap-on and shoves it in her slave’s ass – no preparation, no working up to it.  I’m here to tell you, that is a recipe for disaster!  It could cause damage – and no one wants to show up at the ER with a dildo stuck in their ass – or it most certainly will make anal play something you NEVER want to try again.  So, I’m going to open you up with fingers and butt plugs first, to make sure that boi pussy is ready for my Big Black Cock.  Hell, you probably won’t even get my BBC for your opening – I’ll use something smaller and with less girth.  Preparation also takes into account what we’ll do to begin you’re cherry popping session – besides, every bitch should get some foreplay!

With Anal Play, Distraction Might Be The Key

For some of my cocksuckers…well, they want to go full faggot and be fucked from both ends!  And what’s more relaxing than having a cock in your mouth, merrily sucking away, when you feel my hands on your hips and feel the head of my cock nestling against your crinkled rosebud – then that feeling of pressure as I slowly, slide it deep inside you?  I know that the guy you’re sucking loves it when you moan around his cock as you feel your ass opening and accepting that dildo into your slut hole for the first time!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


Could You Take A Mile of Cock?


How much cock can you handle?

How Much Cock Can You Take?

I’m not asking you to take a mile long cock.  Even a Size Queen would balk at that!  No, I’m wondering how much, how many cocks you could take.  Could you take a mile worth of cock?  . . . → Read More: Could You Take A Mile of Cock?


Cocksucking – It’s Not A Job


Sucking Cock should always be fun and should always please!

Cocksucking Is An Adventure

If you really want to become a cocksucking expert, you need to stop thinking of it as a job or a chore.  For most of you cock sluts, I know that’s probably not much of . . . → Read More: Cocksucking – It’s Not A Job


Taking That First Cock


Will this be your first cock?

Watching A Bi-Boi Get Popped

You all know how much I love gay porn, how I love to watch two guys suck and fuck each other.  It’s even fun when it’s two sissies.  But, it’s the best when I get to watch one . . . → Read More: Taking That First Cock


Cocksucking and Cum Eating

Tweet Cocksucking And Cum Eating Go Hand In Hand

Cum eating is a reward for sucking cock!

Or cock in mouth!  If you’re going to suck that cock, and you’re going to do a good job at it – and you will to please your Mistress, won’t you? – then . . . → Read More: Cocksucking and Cum Eating


Sucking Off A Submissive

Tweet I’m Not Giving My Pet A Blowjob

He may be my submissive, but it’s still my cock!

I’ll let you, though!  If you’ve been a very good playmate, if you’ve amused me, if you’ve pleased your Mistress, I might just give you a very special reward.  Now my pet . . . → Read More: Sucking Off A Submissive


What’s Kinkier?


What’s your favorite kink?

So, You’re Bi

Last post, I wrote about what I look for in a cocksucking pet. One of the things I left you with was the idea to be kinky and daring, and that got me to wondering.  One of the two activities that most bi-bois . . . → Read More: What’s Kinkier?


What I Look For In A Cocksucker

Tweet A Willingness To Suck Cock

Are you my kinda cocksucker?

That’s kind of obvious, isn’t it?  If you tell me you’ve never even had fantasies of sucking cock, that it’s a hard limit, well, we’re just not going to go there.  But come on now, you know you have . . . → Read More: What I Look For In A Cocksucker


Does Cocksucking Have To Be Humiliating?

Tweet Not All Cocksuckers Need To Be Humiliated

Is it the cock or is it the humiliation that turns you on?

Not every cocksucker is humiliated by sucking dick.  Let’s face it, there are a lot of gay men who just enjoy smoking a pole!  Just like women who love to give . . . → Read More: Does Cocksucking Have To Be Humiliating?


Being A Bottom, Part 2


Last post, I explained why you’re sexually inferior, why you’re a bottom. But, just because you’re at the bottom of the sexual hierarchy, you can still be a happy cocksucker.  Here’s some tips:

Embrace your bottom bitch status!

Accept That You Are A Cocksucker

You know that there is nothing . . . → Read More: Being A Bottom, Part 2