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Pegging Is Important

What Is It About Strap-Ons?

Pegging with Ms Christine

I know you’ll love it…

Strap ons, anal play, pegging – they’re all staples of a Femdom.  Do you ever wonder why?  I mean there are vanilla couples who use strap-ons, and the man enjoys pegging, without it having to include domination.  And lesbians – well, they use strap-ons in a loving, caring way.  So why is it such a cornerstone in Femdom play?  Because, it’s not just about the power exchange?

Pegging Humiliation

First of all, humiliation is definitely a part of pegging.  Like when your Mistress says, “head down and ass up, butt slut!” there’s tons of humiliation going on there.  Because being penetrated is not considered to be a normal sexual activity for the male. Have a strong, sexy Femdom use her strap-on, a big black cock, to give you a buggering is quite humiliating.  Doubly so once you finally admit that you actually enjoy it! 

Emasculating Him With Pegging

You are being emasculated.  As a man, pleasure for a woman is supposed to come from your cock – and now, not only are you not giving her that pleasure, she’s giving you pleasure through your ass! When she uses you as a fuck puppet, your masculinity is stripped away from you.  Your cock becomes a useless piece of meat!  She shows you your true place in this relationship, one that is degrading, embarrassing and humiliating.  And if you cum like a bitch, being fucked without ever having that dick touched?  Well, then she knows you’re no longer a man.  But then, she never really thought that you were, now did she?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Strap-On Slut: How Do You Want It?

I’ll Let You Choose My Strap-On Addict

You know you want it…

I saw your eyes light up as soon as I stepped into the room, and your gaze landed on my big, black strap-on cock.  You are such a cock slut! Aren’t you? You crave it, and I know how . . . → Read More: Strap-On Slut: How Do You Want It?

Strap-On Fear

Are You Afraid Of My Big Black Strap-on?

Don’t be scared… 😉

You don’t have to be afraid of my strap-on dildo.  We’ve been working on stretching out your ass, getting it ready for my big black cock.  We started with fingers, then slid ever bigger butt plugs in there.  I . . . → Read More: Strap-On Fear

Cock Sucking Graduation

You’ve Been Cock Sucking Curious For A While

How far you’ve come as a cocksucker!

You’ve been calling me for a while now, and telling me all about your cock sucking fantasies.  First it was purely random cock, just dicks you made up in your head.  You would be down on . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking Graduation

Pegging Races

Submissive Olympics

Let the races begin!

I went to a fetish party a few weeks ago.  It was during the Olympics, and they decided to have a slave Olympics.  Unfortunately, I went on my own, without any of my subs. So I didn’t have anyone to compete for me.  There were . . . → Read More: Pegging Races

Sucking Cock – 3 More Rules

Sucking Cock – Big Black Cock

Rules can be a good thing…

If you’re going to be one of my top notch faggots who loves sucking cock, you’re going to have to start prioritizing the cock you suck.  Your little black book should have plenty of big, black cock if possible!  . . . → Read More: Sucking Cock – 3 More Rules

Sucking Cock – 3 Rules

Act Like You Want To Be Sucking Cock

Let’s talk about the rules…

I know, I know, your love of sucking cock is kind of obvious, huh?  And knowing you faggot cocksuckers, it’s probably something I never even had to say.  You love sucking cock!  And I know – because I trained . . . → Read More: Sucking Cock – 3 Rules

Cock Sucking Porn

I know you all have cock sucking fantasies.  And I’m sure you watch blowjob porn.  What I want to know is this.  Which of those cocksucking sluts do you wish you were?

The Double Cock Sucking Slut

Is that the porn that makes you hard?

Are you such a . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking Porn

A Chastity Break…

You Want Sex?

Do you think you deserve a break?

And then you see me, sometimes your Strap-on Mistress and others… your Chastity Mistress, strutting toward you, my big black cock dangling from my waist!  I’m sorry, chastity pet (not sorry!), what did you expect?  When you told me that you . . . → Read More: A Chastity Break…

Dildo That Is So Life Like

Why Does The Dildo Have To Be So Big?

A dildo is always better when it’s life like!

Well, there’s really only one reason.  I’ve been talking to one of my big bull lovers (with his very own BBC) about you, butt slut.  I’ve told him how well you’ve taken to . . . → Read More: Dildo That Is So Life Like