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My StrapOn Says I Can Fuck Who I Want

…And My StrapOn And I Choose You

StrapOn Ms Christine

…and it’s all for you my dear!

Yes, yes… I remember that you are the one who originally said it – but my StrapOn cock says so too! And when you told me I could fuck anyone I wanted, I don’t recall their being any conditions put on that!  In fact, I remember it plain as day.  You said, “honey, you can fuck anyone you want.”  And I said that that sounded like a great idea, and that was the end of our conversation.  So, I’m not sure why you seemed so surprised when I told you to go up to our bedroom, get naked for me, and then I walked through the door stroking this big, black cock strapped around my hips!  I decided who I want to fuck…and it’s you!

Bend Over For My StrapOn

That’s it, be a good little slut and bend over the foot of the bed.  I think you’re excited by what’s about to happen.  I mean, that cock is rock hard – just like mine!  Now reach back and spread your ass cheeks so I can see that cherry I’m about to pop!  I’ll just squirt a little lube down that crack.  Now, can you feel my girl cock sliding down the crack of your ass?  Pushing right up against your asshole?  Take a deep breath because HERE…IT…COMES!

Cum Like A Bitch

As I thrust in and out of your tight bottom, thrusting faster and faster, I can see your cock twitching and leaking pre-cum.  I hear your grunts and moans.  Are you getting close?  Is being fucked in the ass really going to get you off?  Are you going to cum like a bitch, with a cock deep inside you?  I think you are!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Do You Have Dick Cravings?

A Dick Sucker’s Dream

You must feed your cravings!

I can’t believe you don’t crave cock.  We’ve discussed your cocksucking fantasies for ages now, and you’ve blown a few guys here and there, but it’s not the all-consuming need you’d thought it’d be.  Maybe it’s the guys?  Do they have small . . . → Read More: Do You Have Dick Cravings?

Strap-On: 4 Reasons I Love It!

As a Strap-on Femdom, I want to introduce all my pets to the joy and pleasure of anal play.  But, beyond introducing you to how good it can feel to have a silicone cock sliding in and out of your ass, there’s some other reasons I love strap-on play.

Strap-On Is About . . . → Read More: Strap-On: 4 Reasons I Love It!

Cock Sucking Zen

Cock Sucking Practice Makes A Perfect Cocksucker

You can find true happiness in sucking cock!

I know that not all my cock sucking pets have the easy availability of a real cock to suck.  That’s why I think it’s very important to have a dildo or two for regular cock sucking . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking Zen

Anal For Valentine’s Day

Be Careful With Your Fantasies

Happy Valentine’s Day pet…now bend over!

Remember that night a few months ago?  Your wife had teased and edged you for hours, stroking that hard cock, leaving you hanging.  And she asked you what your fantasy was.  The one thing you wanted to do with her.  . . . → Read More: Anal For Valentine’s Day

A Blow Job Buddy

I’m Not Talking About A Dick To Suck

Everyone needs a buddy…

Is that what you thought I meant by “blow buddy”?  Some man who is just so in love with your oral talents that if you call and say, “I need a cock to suck!” he’ll drop everything and be . . . → Read More: A Blow Job Buddy


What Is A Sissygasm?

If you want to cum sissy, you’ll do it this way…

Some Feminization Mistresses, and/or Cock Sucking Coaches, would consider it a sissygasm any time your sissy clit squirts out some juice.  Even if that sissy stick squirts when it’s being rubbed, like any clit should be, then . . . → Read More: Sissygasms

BiSexual Fantasies

BiSexual Porn Stash Discovered

They are just fantasies… right?

So my cocksucking faggot, your wife logged on to your computer today so she could buy herself a hot new dress, and what did she find? Your stash of faggot, guy-on-guy cocksucking, gay boi porn bookmarks! There were so many of them . . . → Read More: BiSexual Fantasies

Strap-On Cock Sucking

We Strap-On Femdoms Are Imaginative

It’s a perfect way to practice your skills!

Sucking a strap-on cock is both a psychological and physical art.  For you, my cocksucking faggot, it’s mostly physical.  But for those of us training you, it’s much more psychological.  Let’s face it, as far as our silicone dicks . . . → Read More: Strap-On Cock Sucking

Pegging – More Thoughts!

Pegging is The Most Intimate Form of Dominance

I’m sooo ready to take you pet!

Pegging…or penetrating a man’s ass can bring up a lot of different experiences and feelings.  It’s definitely a power play/exchange, so there are feelings of dominance and submission.  Men aren’t supposed to be penetrated (who says?), . . . → Read More: Pegging – More Thoughts!