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Pegging Humiliation, Part 2

I told you pegging sluts I had more ideas!  And make sure you check out Part 1!

If You Have The Pegging Strap-On…Let’s Use It!

Pegging with Ms. Christine

I have more pegging and humiliation for you…!

Once I’ve put my strap-on harness on, and he’s naked, it’s pretty clear what’s coming. But there’s no need to hurry.  I love building the anticipation in him that he is there to be humiliated.   You all know how I love to order you around. I might even spank, paddle or flog that ass, telling you it needs to be ready for my big, black cock!  I always like to add to the humiliation a bit, by having him lube my dick up – with his mouth!  There’s nothing like having him really get acquainted with the cock that’s about to fuck him!

Speaking of Sucking Cock

It’s fun sometimes to have him suck cock while he’s getting fucked.  Doesn’t necessarily have to be spit roasting. Although attaching a suction cup dildo to something at mouth height and watching him deep throat it every time I drive balls deep into him – pushing him onto that second dick does get me all tingly!  Sometimes, just gagging him with a penis gag is enough!  And of course, what happens when you suck a cock really well?  It cums!  So even more humiliating?  I jerk him off, have him cum in my hand then he gets to lick it all up while I continue pounding his butt hole!

Adding An Audience For Your Pegging!

It’s one thing to take a guy’s ass when it’s just me and him. It’s a whole other level of humiliation when I invite some of my girlfriends over to watch!  Imagine the embarrassment of having your legs held back by one of my girlfriends while she Queens you. And while I thrust in and out of your horny hole.  Of course, I think the ultimate humiliation is to have one of my Femdom  girlfriends bring over her own butt slut and make the two of you suck each other off while we fuck you!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Pegging Humiliation, Part 1

Does Pegging Have To Be Humiliating?

Do you like it, dripping in humiliation?

Maybe not, but for many men, pegging is so much hotter when it’s dripping in humiliation! It’s true that some of my pets aren’t into the humiliating aspects of pegging – they’re in it for the pleasure and . . . → Read More: Pegging Humiliation, Part 1

Bi-Sexual Men: I Love To Watch

It Turns Me On Watching Bi-Sexual Men Turn Each Other On

You know I love to watch!

Watching two guys get each other hot and bothered, hard and horny really gets my panties damp.  Coercing a man into bi-sexual play, whether it’s because I’m teasing him and he’s willing to do anything . . . → Read More: Bi-Sexual Men: I Love To Watch

CockSucker Wonders…Now What?

He Came CockSucker, So, Are You Done?

Don’t worry, it’ll get hard again…

That’s kind of an interesting question for you cocksucker, isn’t it?  You’ve done exactly what you wanted to do, you sucked a nice juicy cock and it nutted off right in your mouth…or all over you, depends on . . . → Read More: CockSucker Wonders…Now What?

Strapon Blowjob Training

StrapOn Blow Job Humiliation

It’s time for your lesson my pet!

All you wannabe faggot cocksuckers – strapon cock or otherwise – know that I like to start your knob gobbling training by having you practice on a dildo.  Sometimes, it’s just you and that fake cock, other times, I have you . . . → Read More: Strapon Blowjob Training

Anal Orgasms For You

If You’re Going to Take It Like A Woman

you’ll love cumming from anal penetration!

You know how I know you’re a anal slut?  As soon as I stride into the room, as soon as I stroll through the door and you see that big, black cock jutting from my waist, . . . → Read More: Anal Orgasms For You

Sucking Cock Earns An Orgasm

It Starts With Sucking Cock

Will you earn that orgasm you so crave?

That’s right, slut, you need to earn your orgasm today by sucking cock for me.  I’ve got a little point system set up, and every point earns you a stroke.  Oh, you though I was just going to . . . → Read More: Sucking Cock Earns An Orgasm

Cock Sucker Do You Want It In The Ass?

You’ll Have To Suck It First Cock Sucker!

It’s what you must do…

Come on butt slut, every cock deserves some cock sucker foreplay, even if it is my big black cock.  I’m just trying to get you ready for a real one.  Sometimes, as sexy and slutty as you are, guys just aren’t . . . → Read More: Cock Sucker Do You Want It In The Ass?

Turning You Into A Cock Sucking Slut

Think You Won’t Be A Cock Sucking Slut For Me?

I’ll turn you… you’ll see!

Oh my!  If I had a dollar for every guy who told me I wouldn’t be able to get them to be a cock sucking slut for me…well, I’d be rich! You all want to suck cock…it’s . . . → Read More: Turning You Into A Cock Sucking Slut

Cuckold Cock Sucker

Is it Really Cuckolding If Your Hot Wife Isn’t There?

Yes, you’re a cocksucker, but what about a fluffer?

Usually when you cocksucking cuckolds get a pole to smoke, it’s because you’re fluffing it for your hot wife.  But there you are, sitting at home one night, all alone.  Your poor . . . → Read More: Cuckold Cock Sucker