Stroking & Sucking

Suck Cock for Ms Christine

Go ahead… stroke him too…

You Have To Learn To Multitask

If you are going to be a top cocksucker, you’re going to have to learn how to multitask.  Sure, you can get naked, get down on your knees and wrap your lips around that throbbing cock and start sucking licking and bobbing away.  But that’s not providing the most pleasure to your Bull of a man.  You need to be doing more than just sucking.

You Need To Stroke

Get your hands off your own dicklet, faggot!  You are serving that prick in your mouth, your pleasure can wait.  You need to be stroking that cock while you’re pleasing it with your mouth.  Put your hand right in front of your mouth and jerk it while you bob up and down on that knob.  When you need to catch your breath, and you lick all over that shiny cock head, and lick along that shaft, keep your target interested by stroking him as well.

A Triple Threat

Want to get really advanced?  You’re swallowing that dick, and with one hand, you’re jerking that shaft as well.  Now, take your free hand, slide it down underneath his cock and start fondling, massaging and gently squeezing those balls. Remember, it is a 3-peice set – cock AND balls!  You know how you can feel that shaft and head swell right before he nuts off in your mouth?  Now, you’ll also know it’s coming because his balls will start to get tight.  Anticipation….it’s just another way to tease you! hehe…

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


Watching You Suck Cock


I wanta watch you polish that knob!

I Am A Cocksucking Voyeur

I’ve said it before –last post as a matter of fact.  There is nothing that gets me as hot and wet as watching a guy suck cock.  There’s just something about it.  The taboo, the submissiveness, the just…I . . . → Read More: Watching You Suck Cock


Faggot Cocksucker


Are you a faggot cocksucker?

The Ultimate Cock Slut

Last week, I told you about the difference between the cock slut and the cock whore. Cock sluts do it because they love it – and who loves to suck cock more than a cocksucking faggot!  Truly, they are the ultimate in . . . → Read More: Faggot Cocksucker


An Anal Play Lesson


You think you can’t cum from ass play? lol…think again!

How A Butt Slut Gets Fucked

If guys aren’t calling me to suck cock, they want me to fuck them up the ass!  When I can be there with you, it’s great.  I have you slide that strap-on harness up . . . → Read More: An Anal Play Lesson


Cock Sluts Vs. Cock Whores


Which sort of cock lover are you?

Is There Really A Difference

Of course there is – at least to me.  I mean, both cock sluts and cock whore bob on the knob.  The difference is in their reasons for doing it – or should I say, the reasons they . . . → Read More: Cock Sluts Vs. Cock Whores


Am I Gay?


Feeling coerced?

Maybe My Bulls Think I’m Turning Them Gay

My last post on Strap-on Cuckolding  had some of my readers commenting that maybe some of my Bulls thought that taking another guy’s ass made them gay.  Well, my answer would be, how does that make them gay?  They’re doing . . . → Read More: Am I Gay?


Strap-On Cuckolding


Oh… you’re getting fucked! lol… one way or another…

The Full Service Cuckold

Just like there is a wide variety of cocksuckers, there is a wide variety of cuckolds.  There’s the voyeur cuckold who just likes to watch while I get taken to Pound Town, or the cuckold who participates . . . → Read More: Strap-On Cuckolding


What Kind of Cocksucker Are You?


I talk to a lot of cocksuckers.  Every one of them is different.  Some are just cock curious, some have just sucked their first cock, some have smoked more poles than me!  There are so many different types of cocksuckers.  So, what kind of cocksucker are you?

I love all . . . → Read More: What Kind of Cocksucker Are You?


Unless You Try You Must Be Denied!


You need a real taste!

You Have To Suck Cock To Cum

Ms. Christine is a rapping machine (lol… not really)!  And this week’s rap is “Until You Try, You Must Be Denied!”  If you’re a cocksucking faggot, this should be easy for you, just find a willing cock, and . . . → Read More: Unless You Try You Must Be Denied!


Cuckolds Need To Tease


Let’s put all that practice to work…

Don’t Let Him Cum

I wrote about being a teasing cocksucker a few weeks ago.  When you tease a cock, you bring it to the edge over and over again.  That’s great if you’re just looking to have that cock get off really . . . → Read More: Cuckolds Need To Tease