Being A Bottom, Part 1

Cock Sucking bottom for Mistress Christine

Are you this version of bottom bitch?

You Are A Bottom

Let’s face it, it’s not easy being a cocksucker. You need another man’s dick for sexual pleasure and satisfaction more than he needs his own. You need to suck it, to worship it.  You need to be used.    You’re at the bottom of the male sexual hierarchy. There’s Sexually Superior Women like me – who have no problem finding the cock we need – there’s men who need no cock but their own – although they certainly need cock control – and then there are bottoms like you.  Men who need another man’s cock to be fulfilled.

Humiliated Bottom

Of course the cocksucker’s sexual superiors make fun of him—after all, we are using you for our pleasure—we call you names like cocksucker, faggot, sissy slut, we make you beg for what you need and  laugh at you as you plead to be allowed to suck cock. There you are, on your knees, waiting for the cock to pop out at you, just so you can have a taste.

You Will Never Be Sexually Equal to The Cocks You Suck

As a cocksucking bottom, it doesn’t matter who you service.  Your best friends, the guys at the gym, your boss, your Hot Wife’s Bull.  Oh, you may be friends, you may even hang out with them, watch a football game at the local bar.  Down deep though, you’ll both know that you are sexually inferior to him…a cocksucking faggot.

In my next post, I’ll tell you how, despite the fact that you are sexually inferior, you can still be a happy cocksucker…

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


Taking Out The Bi Bitch

Tweet You Didn’t Know What To Expect

It’s an outing… and I’ll fill both your ends ;)

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Safe Ways To Explore Your Cocksucking Fantasy

Tweet You Want To Explore Your Cocksucking Fantasies Safely

Safety first when going from fantasy to reality!

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How Do You Take It Up The Ass?


There are so many butt slut positions I can put you in.  What I’ve found is that the way you like to take my strap-on says a lot about you.

Ass Up Head Down

Bend over slut!

If you like to take it with your head down and your . . . → Read More: How Do You Take It Up The Ass?


Outing A Cock Slut

Tweet How Will You Find Cock If You Stay In The Closet

You know you’ll be exposed… eventually!

You are a cock craving whore.  The fact that no one knows is a problem though, isn’t it?  I mean, if you keep your cock craving secret, how will anyone know?  Sure, . . . → Read More: Outing A Cock Slut


The Cock Whore Gangbang

Tweet What Is A Cock Whore Gangbang?

Does the thought of a Gangbang, make you squirm?

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Big Bull Sucks Tiny Cock


Want to know how this Bull ended up in this predicament?  Read Big Bull Humiliation over at Mistress Phone Sex!

I can humiliate any man… and any cock!

The Dick Gets Dick

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Cocksucker Role-play


What is your Cock sucking role-play fantasy?

The Reluctant Cocksucker

I love playing the bitchy Mistress who’s going to have you sucking cock whether you want to or not.  Maybe we role play that I am your wife – and I’m just tired of your begging and pleading with . . . → Read More: Cocksucker Role-play


Tease Yourself With Gay Porn

Tweet I Know What A Cock Whore You Are

You know gay porn get’s you hard!

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Worshiping Cock


Big Cock is meant to be worshipped!

What Really Defines The Cock Whore

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