Strap-On Playtime

While strap-on play is not for everyone…

Strap-On Play with Ms. Christine

You’ve met my Marcus haven’t you?

I do think it’s a key part of the Domme/sub relationship. That’s not to say that to be my pet, you need to be a butt slut.  I’m just saying it certainly adds to the D/s dynamic!  I mean even in a vanilla heterosexual relationship, anal sex is an especially naughty, taboo activity.  But, reverse the roles, and give the woman the cock and make the man the receiver and it’s even nastier… kinkier…dirtier.  To give up something so personal – your ass – to your Domme,  is a very submissive act… don’t you think?

Strap-On Play Takes Trust

There’s a lot of trust on both sides of the dynamic when you engage in strap-on play.  The sub has to trust that the Domme is taking his safety seriously, and the Domme has to trust that her soon-to-be bitch isn’t going to freak out.  That’s why I never take a sub’s ass on the first play date. All those “Anal Virgin Gets Strap-on Fucked” porn! It’s is just acting. Believe me, that guy has had his ass filled many a time!  You can’t take a 12-inch long, 2 ½ -inch wide dildo on the first date! If you’re an anal virgin, it’s something we work up to – with fingers, butt plugs and increasingly larger dildos.  Anal play can be uncomfortable – both physically and mentally –  in the beginning, but it shouldn’t be painful.

The Wonders Of The Ass

Strap-On time with Marcus

Marcus… waiting for you ;)

Even with the humiliation, even with the embarrassment, I always want anal play, strap-on or otherwise, to be pleasurable.  In fact, for some men, that’s the humiliating part –their cock gets hard and leaks rivers of pre-cum despite the fact that they are the ones getting fucked!  Many men have no idea of the sensitive parts within their ass, the areas I can hit with my strap-on, from just stretching the ring of muscles, to a few inches inside where the prostate rests, to deep down inside of you.  And I guarantee that when I do finally grant you permission to cum, it will be like no other orgasm you’ve ever experienced!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


Cock Sucker – I Love To Watch


I do love to watch 😉

I Think it’s Why I Like Gay Porn

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Butt Plug – Why Not An Inflatable?

Tweet Training With An Inflatable Butt Plug

Training with a butt plug is crucial for proper anal play!

One of the most difficult parts of anal play – whether you’re using a butt plug or getting drilled by a strap-on – is getting the widest part of the toy inside . . . → Read More: Butt Plug – Why Not An Inflatable?


Patience My Cocksucker!

Tweet I Know You Want That Cum Cocksucker

Good things cum to those who wait… 😉

StephanieCDCNJ – a regular subscriber to this blog and a cocksucking pet – left a comment on my post about Cocksucking How To’s.  She said she wished she’d read that post the night before, because . . . → Read More: Patience My Cocksucker!


Ass Play: Do You Take It?


Are you ready for that next step?

…Up The Ass I Mean

You’re quite the cocksucker for sure, sometimes though, that just isn’t enough.  Some men just can’t cum from having their dicks licked, no matter how good a cocksucker you are.  It’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just . . . → Read More: Ass Play: Do You Take It?


Cock Sucking: A How To


Cock Sucking isn’t just about opening your mouth and swallowing that rod. And they say there’s no such thing as a “bad” blowjob, but tell me my faggot cocksucker…do you just want to give a blowjob?  Or do you want to give a great blowjob?

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The Prostate Massage

Tweet Orgasm Control Through Prostate Massage

I have an ass play game you wont soon forget!

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Self Sucking For The First Time


Let’s make you the self sucking pet you long to be!

Why Self Suck?

For my self-sucking cocksuckers, there’s generally two reasons.  First off, they can’t get anyone else to suck their pathetic penis, so they figure self-help is the best option!  Oh, they know they aren’t going to . . . → Read More: Self Sucking For The First Time


Anal Play: Making Your Cherry Popping Enjoyable


Anal Play, Mistress guidance, and I’ll take your cherry too… 😉

First Time Anal Jitters

The first time you’re anally invaded – whether it’s by my strap-on or a real cock – can be stressful and full of anxiety.  That can cause problems, because when you’re anxious, everything tenses . . . → Read More: Anal Play: Making Your Cherry Popping Enjoyable


Could You Take A Mile of Cock?


How much cock can you handle?

How Much Cock Can You Take?

I’m not asking you to take a mile long cock.  Even a Size Queen would balk at that!  No, I’m wondering how much, how many cocks you could take.  Could you take a mile worth of cock?  . . . → Read More: Could You Take A Mile of Cock?