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Pegging Races

Submissive Olympics

Pegging with Ms Christine

Let the races begin!

I went to a fetish party a few weeks ago.  It was during the Olympics, and they decided to have a slave Olympics.  Unfortunately, I went on my own, without any of my subs. So I didn’t have anyone to compete for me.  There were all kinds of events though – a cockring toss, a spanking decathlon (10 different ways of spanking, paddling, cropping, OMG!), cocksucking races.  But, the most interesting for me was the pegging race.

What’s A Pegging Race?

There were two eight foot tables set up facing each other…and arranged on the tables were five different sized dildoes with suction cup bases, all glistening with lube.  Two butt sluts would start at one end, drop onto those fake cocks, give themselves 20 stokes, then move on to the next dildo.  They got bigger and bigger as the slaves moved up that table – their fellow slaves and Dominants egging them on.  The winners got to move on, the losers got chained to the various St. Andrews crosses and spanking benches arrayed around the room – available for anyone to punish them for their failure!

You Should Begin Pegging Training

Don’t you think so, butt slut?  Did I mention the only slave who got to cum at all that night was the gold medal anal whore?  The rest of them not only went home with blazing red asses, they got locked in chastity.  I heard one Mistress telling her slave that he was going to be doing pegging races at home every night – and she wasn’t unlocking him until he beat the winner’s time!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Sucking Cock – 3 More Rules

Sucking Cock – Big Black Cock

Rules can be a good thing…

If you’re going to be one of my top notch faggots who loves sucking cock, you’re going to have to start prioritizing the cock you suck.  Your little black book should have plenty of big, black cock if possible!  . . . → Read More: Sucking Cock – 3 More Rules

Sucking Cock – 3 Rules

Act Like You Want To Be Sucking Cock

Let’s talk about the rules…

I know, I know, your love of sucking cock is kind of obvious, huh?  And knowing you faggot cocksuckers, it’s probably something I never even had to say.  You love sucking cock!  And I know – because I trained . . . → Read More: Sucking Cock – 3 Rules

Cock Sucking Porn

I know you all have cock sucking fantasies.  And I’m sure you watch blowjob porn.  What I want to know is this.  Which of those cocksucking sluts do you wish you were?

The Double Cock Sucking Slut

Is that the porn that makes you hard?

Are you such a . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking Porn

A Chastity Break…

You Want Sex?

Do you think you deserve a break?

And then you see me, sometimes your Strap-on Mistress and others… your Chastity Mistress, strutting toward you, my big black cock dangling from my waist!  I’m sorry, chastity pet (not sorry!), what did you expect?  When you told me that you . . . → Read More: A Chastity Break…

Dildo That Is So Life Like

Why Does The Dildo Have To Be So Big?

A dildo is always better when it’s life like!

Well, there’s really only one reason.  I’ve been talking to one of my big bull lovers (with his very own BBC) about you, butt slut.  I’ve told him how well you’ve taken to . . . → Read More: Dildo That Is So Life Like

Cock Sucking – Do Men Really Know How?

The Difference Between Cock Sucking Men And Woman

Do you really know how?

Now, I’m not talking about the difference between their cock sucking skills.  I got to thinking about this based on a comment made to my post: Strap-on Blow Job Training.  The commenter was amazed at how good most first-time . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking – Do Men Really Know How?

Pegging Humiliation, Part 2

I told you pegging sluts I had more ideas!  And make sure you check out Part 1!

If You Have The Pegging Strap-On…Let’s Use It!

I have more pegging and humiliation for you…!

Once I’ve put my strap-on harness on, and he’s naked, it’s pretty clear what’s coming. But . . . → Read More: Pegging Humiliation, Part 2

Pegging Humiliation, Part 1

Does Pegging Have To Be Humiliating?

Do you like it, dripping in humiliation?

Maybe not, but for many men, pegging is so much hotter when it’s dripping in humiliation! It’s true that some of my pets aren’t into the humiliating aspects of pegging – they’re in it for the pleasure and . . . → Read More: Pegging Humiliation, Part 1

Bi-Sexual Men: I Love To Watch

It Turns Me On Watching Bi-Sexual Men Turn Each Other On

You know I love to watch!

Watching two guys get each other hot and bothered, hard and horny really gets my panties damp.  Coercing a man into bi-sexual play, whether it’s because I’m teasing him and he’s willing to do anything . . . → Read More: Bi-Sexual Men: I Love To Watch