Sissy Strap-On Fun

Sissy for Mistress Christine

Ready for your sissy bitch training?

Open Up Your Sissy Pussy

You’ve been begging to be fucked, haven’t you sissy?  Every time you come to me, you beg to be my bitch.  Well, tonight’s the night.  We’ve spent weeks opening up that sissy pussy with bigger and bigger butt plugs, and now I think it’s finally wide enough to take my strap-on.  Kneel before me, and slide the harness up my long lean legs and snug it around my hips.  Oh, you really want it, don’t you?  I can see you licking your lips as I slip my Big Black Cock onto that harness.

Get It Ready

Come on sissy, you know I like some foreplay!  I don’t just want to shove it in your ass.  Give me a sloppy, wet blowjob – it might be all the lube you get!  We put a nice, thick coating of Cocksucker Red lipstick on – and expect to see it smeared all the way down my cock!  Don’t forget the balls!  This will only help you the first time you take a real cock up your tight hole – the more excited you get it now, the faster it will nut off inside you!

Ready For Your Fucking?

Head down and ass up, sissy!  I love this part, pulling your skirt up around your waist.  Should I just pull your panties to the side?  Slide them down to your knees?  I know, I’ll just rip them off!  Now, reach back and spread your cheeks, so I can see your virgin rosebud.  Can you feel my cock right up against your hole?  Take a deep breath now – and I’ll move forward, slowly impaling you on my cock. I love the way you moan until my hips are pressed right up against your ass.  I’m going to start fucking you now…and I won’t stop until that sissy clit squirts and you cum like the sissy bitch you’ve become!

Your Phone Sex Mistress


Training Banana


It’s time to learn sucking technique!


Yeah, you read the title, and your brow furrowed up, and you went WTF?  Suck a banana?  Yes, I want you to suck a banana.  That’s how I’m going to start training you in how to suck cock.  It can be so much . . . → Read More: Training Banana


You Don’t Think You’re Addicted To Cock?


I think you ARE addicted to cock!

A Comment From One Of My Readers

So one of my very special pets left a comment on my post about Dreaming About Sucking Cock.  It was all about how he loves “being on my knees in front of a big fat cock.”  How he . . . → Read More: You Don’t Think You’re Addicted To Cock?


Seaman Seeks Semen


Ready for a studly treat?

Lost At Sea

Being a sailor is still mostly a man’s job.  Yes, there are some women in that line of work, but let’s face it, they are a small minority.  I have one caller that I hear from every few months, when he gets . . . → Read More: Seaman Seeks Semen


Where Should That Real Cock Go?


Where do you want that big cock, slut?

I Have A Big, Black Cock

Actually, Ms. Christine has two big black cocks for you!  One is strapped onto to me, sticking proudly out from my strap-on harness.  The other is hard and attached to my big, black stud.  You’re going . . . → Read More: Where Should That Real Cock Go?


Dreaming About Sucking Cock


Let’s talk about making your cock sucking dreams come true!

Do You Dream About Sucking Cock?

I know you do.  Ever since you woke up this morning, the desire for that big hard cock in your mouth has been driving you crazy. You know you want to get down on . . . → Read More: Dreaming About Sucking Cock


Sucking A Small Cock


Consider it a practice cock… to hone your suck skills!

Pindicks Deserve Blow Jobs Too

I’ve given you lots of tips on how to suck a big cock.  You need to know how to do that.  First, because as my cuckold cocksucker, you know Ms. Christine don’t bring home pindicks!  . . . → Read More: Sucking A Small Cock


Cocksucking Trick or Treat


It’s all just Tricks or Treats! lol…

My Halloween Party

Oh, my special pet, aren’t you so happy I invited you to my Halloween Party?  You’re the only submissive pet here, and look at all the pretty ladies.  Five of us in all – and I’m the only one you’ve . . . → Read More: Cocksucking Trick or Treat


The Power Of Turning You Gay


Wanta be a bi-slut for Me!

I Have Control Of Your Cock

Having control of your cock – when you stroke it, how you stroke, if you’re allowed to cum – is such a turn-on for me.  You were a chronic masturbator, and you just couldn’t keep that dick out . . . → Read More: The Power Of Turning You Gay


Anal Play For The Foot Slut


You get my feet and I’ll have your ass!

You’ve Had Fingers In Your Ass

Hell, my fingers have been in your ass!  Opening you up, massaging that prostate, getting you ready for my Big Black Cock.  For all I know, you’re fingering yourself as you read this.  Or maybe . . . → Read More: Anal Play For The Foot Slut