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My StrapOn Presses Your Noise Button

Oh, Such Delicious Sounds…

StrapOn fun with Ms Christine

What will I hear when it touches you….here?

For you, being taken with a my strapon cock is all about the physical sensations, isn’t it?  The feeling of my big, black cock splitting you open and filling you up.  The knob of my dick massaging your prostate, the feeling of my hip slamming into your ass, or my breasts rubbing against your back.  There may be some aural sensation (I said aural, like in speech, not oral, as in…well, you know, don’t you cocksucker!)  You might get off on your Strapon Domme verbally humiliating you, or maybe you like the praise of being told what a great fuck you are.  For me, though, there’s not a lot of physical stimulation, but I sure do enjoy the adorable sounds you make when you’re being pegged!

Does A StrapOn Pegging Make You A Moaner?

Is that it,  do you moan and grunt.  First, as the head of my big, black cock slowly slides into you, open up your back door, spreading it wide?  A long, low moan as it finally pops inside and I begin to bury the entire length of that shaft inside your bottom.  Then the grunts with each thrust.  Are those the sounds you make?

Or Does A StrapOn Pegging Make You A Screamer?

I find most of my anal sissies are screamers.  They want to be fucked like a gurl, and they like to act like one.  Moaners make animalistic, unintelligible sound, but you screamers?  Oh, it’s not just the squeals and the cries.  What really get me off is when you start screaming “Fuck me, Mistress!  Fuck me harder!  It feels so good in my ass!”  That’s when I know I’ve got a bottom bitch, butt slut on the end of my cock!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Sucking Cock For Two Whole Days

You’ve Had Sucking Cock On Your Mind For So Long

Let the challenge begin…

Our discussions involving your fantasies of sucking cock have gone on long enough.  I’ve trained you to be a dick sucking faggot, a blow job Queen, with my big, black dildo.  Now it’s time.  You’re not getting just the . . . → Read More: Sucking Cock For Two Whole Days

Are You A Butt Slut? How To Know For Sure

Are You A Butt Slut Because You Like Being Pegged

How do you really know?

But are you a true butt slut?  That’s the question.  In my opinion – and there’s nothing humble about it – there’s more to being a butt slut than taking cock up your ass.  It has nothing . . . → Read More: Are You A Butt Slut? How To Know For Sure

Advanced Blow Job Positions

Face Fuck

Are you ready to go “pro”?

What submissive blow job loving faggot doesn’t like being face fucked?  Your man will be in a dominant position and will have a lot of control over you, so you need to trust him.  Most sluts get on their knees, then the guy grabs their . . . → Read More: Advanced Blow Job Positions

Intermediate Blow Job Positions

If you haven’t read the first post of this series, Basic Blow Job Positions , what the heck are you waiting for, cock sucker in training? But seriously, even if you think you are too advanced for a beginner’s post, you never know when you’ll learn something new!

The Dirty Movie Blow Job

It’s . . . → Read More: Intermediate Blow Job Positions

Basic Blow Job Positions

The Kneeling Blow Job

Make it more than just a blow job…find your best position…

I know a lot of you cock sluts just love to get on your knees.  It is, without a doubt, a very submissive blow job position.  I know many of you cock jockeys have even gone out . . . → Read More: Basic Blow Job Positions

Cock Sucking – Back To The Basics, Part 5

So Far, You’ve Used Your Cock Sucking Skills And You’ve Been In Control

An Alpha Male is always in charge!

In the four cock sucking lessons before this, you’ve kind of been in control of the situation, haven’t you?  Fondling him on the couch then deciding you want to bob on . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking – Back To The Basics, Part 5

Cock Sucking – Back To The Basics, Part 4

This post is part of a cock sucking training series and you can go back to Part 3 if you need a little refresher of where we are…

Talk Dirty To Him

You know you love it…let him know too!

Men love it when you talk dirty!  I know from experience . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking – Back To The Basics, Part 4

Cock Sucking – Back To The Basics, Part 3

Have you been following along through this Cock Sucking – Back To Basics series? You can find Part 2 here!

Animalistic And Insatiable Cock Sucking

Suck it like you’re starving for it!

Want to know what guys getting their poles smoked really love?  They want their cocksuckers to be really enthusiastic about blowing . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking – Back To The Basics, Part 3

Cock Sucking – Back To The Basics, Part 2

In my last post, I promised you some ways you can take the initiative when you’re being a cock sucking rockstar, right? Well, here they are!

Cock Sucking Initiative: BJ Surprise

Never forget, knowing how to please a cock is most important!

This one works really well if you . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking – Back To The Basics, Part 2