Unless You Try You Must Be Denied!

Suck Cock for Ms Christine

You need a real taste!

You Have To Suck Cock To Cum

Ms. Christine is a rapping machine (lol… not really)!  And this week’s rap is “Until You Try, You Must Be Denied!”  If you’re a cocksucking faggot, this should be easy for you, just find a willing cock, and when it shoots in your mouth, you can cum too.  If you’re cock curious, it seems to me this would be an excellent incentive.  You see, as long as you deny your true nature, I’m going to deny you permission to shoot that load!

It Doesn’t Have To Be Real

For the cock curious, I’ll make it easy.  You can try self sucking.  Or I’ll be very pleased if you find a real cock to suck.  IF you can’t do either, I’ll let you suck a dildo.  The key to this whole challenge is you can’t cum until that cock – real or fake – does.  And you can’t cum unless you have a mouthful of cum.  So, if it’s a dildo, it’s going to need to be a squirting one!

Where’s The Cum Coming From?

If you’re sucking a real cock, you know where it’s coming from.  If you’re self sucking, I’ll bend the rules a bit, and you can cum AND fill your mouth with jizz.  IF it’s a dildo though, you’ll either need to save some cum (yours or another man’s) or you’ll need to head over to Coached To Eat Cum and read my post on how to make fake cum.  Either way, I want you to make up or collect a batch big enough to fill that dildo – a huge load for you!  The average guy takes 7 minutes to orgasm from a blowjob, so suck that dildo for at least that long before you fill your mouth with that creamy load.  Oh, and make sure you catch all your spooge in your hand – I want you to drink up all that spunk too!


Cuckolds Need To Tease


Let’s put all that practice to work…

Don’t Let Him Cum

I wrote about being a teasing cocksucker a few weeks ago.  When you tease a cock, you bring it to the edge over and over again.  That’s great if you’re just looking to have that cock get off really . . . → Read More: Cuckolds Need To Tease


Anal Play And Bondage


Plugged when I want you to be!

Two of My Favorite Things

Sometimes, I like to combine my love of anal play with my love of bondage.  That might mean I tie you down to my combination spanking/anal play bench, so you just have to take the buggering I’m about . . . → Read More: Anal Play And Bondage


Until It Spits You Must Not Quit!


Eat it or wear it… what’s it gonna be?

My Blog Readers Are The Best!

That piece of wisdom comes from one of my favorite followers, jemmie. So listen up bi-bois and cocksucking sissies.  She left that comment on my post about how you should be a teasing cocksucker.  I . . . → Read More: Until It Spits You Must Not Quit!


There’s A Sissy Faggot On Every Street Corner In My Neighborhood


Wont you suck it… for me? ;)

Or So One Of My Sissy Sluts Tells Me

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Competing Cuckolds


I love to watch you play with others…

Two Special Lovers

I have quite the Little Black Book.  Okay, it’s not small, it should actually be called a FUCKING BIG BLACK ENCYCLOPEDIA – I mean like the whole set.  I have volumes!  I have a couple of books with all . . . → Read More: Competing Cuckolds


3 Reasons I Like Cocksuckers


Really, there are so many reasons…

You’ve Shared A Very Special Fantasy

When I have a guy tell me his fantasy of sucking cock, I feel special.  I’m sure he’s shared it with other Mistresses, maybe even with his wife or significant other if she a Cuckoldress or especially kinky.  . . . → Read More: 3 Reasons I Like Cocksuckers


Cocksucker Pays Off A Bet


Time to pay, slut!

No One Sucks Cock Better Than Ms. Christine!

Which, if you read about the ‘suck-off” I had with one of my knob gobbling pets, you already know!  He thought he could give a better blow-job than me – and he was sadly mistaken. So the time . . . → Read More: Cocksucker Pays Off A Bet


Why You Should Be A Teasing Cocksucker


Tease that cock with your mouth!

You Like To Be Teased

You know you do!  Even when you’re sucking cock, you’ve got your other hand on your cock, stroking.  It gets you so hot to have a cock in your mouth, that you’re edging almost immediately, but I won’t let . . . → Read More: Why You Should Be A Teasing Cocksucker


Married Cum Sluts


It doesn’t get any yummier!

Shared Cum Eating

I love being a Cum Mistress.  Sharing your fantasies and your cum eating adventures turns me on.  Taking the cum curious and giving them that first taste of nut butter and watching them become cum craving sluts is a wonderful part to . . . → Read More: Married Cum Sluts