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Cock Sucking Zen

Cock Sucking Practice Makes A Perfect Cocksucker

Cock Sucking with Ms. Christine

You can find true happiness in sucking cock!

I know that not all my cock sucking pets have the easy availability of a real cock to suck.  That’s why I think it’s very important to have a dildo or two for regular cock sucking practice.  You don’t want to lose your skills during those inevitable dry spells!  I even have some pets who do webcam calls with me so I can watch them practice!  It’s interesting watching them, because it’s almost a Zen of Cock sucking.

A Mouth Full Of Cock

One of the most memorable cock sluts I’ve watched practice on webcam was with a guy who was all alone in his house.  The set-up was quite interesting.  He was naked, and he had the webcam set up so I could see him, down on all four’s in a corner of the room, right next to an uncovered window with the light streaming in.  In front of him was a dildo, and attached to the wall behind him was another.  On knees and elbows, he began to worship and suck the longer one and he was a cock sucking slut any Mistress could be proud of. And at the same time, his ass was bouncing frantically back and forth on the the thicker cock that was attached to the wall.

A Cock Sucking Happy Place

He was just so relaxed and happy.  Quite sensual really. I don’t think he was worried at all about being seen through the window, and exposed as a knob gobbler.  I do know that a sexy nurse lives next door and her bedroom window looks right across to his. But still, he was just a happy little fuck toy, doing what fuck toys do – providing pleasure.  Sure, they were both fake cocks, but he knew he was turning me on. And he also knew that his cock sucking practice session would make his future blowjobs perfect!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Anal For Valentine’s Day

Be Careful With Your Fantasies

Happy Valentine’s Day pet…now bend over!

Remember that night a few months ago?  Your wife had teased and edged you for hours, stroking that hard cock, leaving you hanging.  And she asked you what your fantasy was.  The one thing you wanted to do with her.  . . . → Read More: Anal For Valentine’s Day

A Blow Job Buddy

I’m Not Talking About A Dick To Suck

Everyone needs a buddy…

Is that what you thought I meant by “blow buddy”?  Some man who is just so in love with your oral talents that if you call and say, “I need a cock to suck!” he’ll drop everything and be . . . → Read More: A Blow Job Buddy


What Is A Sissygasm?

If you want to cum sissy, you’ll do it this way…

Some Feminization Mistresses, and/or Cock Sucking Coaches, would consider it a sissygasm any time your sissy clit squirts out some juice.  Even if that sissy stick squirts when it’s being rubbed, like any clit should be, then . . . → Read More: Sissygasms

BiSexual Fantasies

BiSexual Porn Stash Discovered

They are just fantasies… right?

So my cocksucking faggot, your wife logged on to your computer today so she could buy herself a hot new dress, and what did she find? Your stash of faggot, guy-on-guy cocksucking, gay boi porn bookmarks! There were so many of them . . . → Read More: BiSexual Fantasies

Strap-On Cock Sucking

We Strap-On Femdoms Are Imaginative

It’s a perfect way to practice your skills!

Sucking a strap-on cock is both a psychological and physical art.  For you, my cocksucking faggot, it’s mostly physical.  But for those of us training you, it’s much more psychological.  Let’s face it, as far as our silicone dicks . . . → Read More: Strap-On Cock Sucking

Pegging – More Thoughts!

Pegging is The Most Intimate Form of Dominance

I’m sooo ready to take you pet!

Pegging…or penetrating a man’s ass can bring up a lot of different experiences and feelings.  It’s definitely a power play/exchange, so there are feelings of dominance and submission.  Men aren’t supposed to be penetrated (who says?), . . . → Read More: Pegging – More Thoughts!

I Got Dick For Christmas!

Actually, Two Dicks For Christmas

Such a lovely Christmas celebration!!!

I love my callers! Just last night, I got two calls from two different pets, who told me how they got, “dick for Christmas!” Now, if I was just a normal, vanilla lady, that probably would have seemed like a complaint, . . . → Read More: I Got Dick For Christmas!

Pegging – What’s The Point?

Every Man Needs A Good Pegging

Allow me to demonstrate the pleasures of pegging…

Tom Ford agrees with that!  Don’t know who that is?  Well, Tom Ford is a an American fashion designer.  And in a  GQ interview he recently did, he came right out and said every man needs to . . . → Read More: Pegging – What’s The Point?

Strap-On Role Play

There Are No Rules With Strap-On Play

All strap-on play is fun!

Okay, there is one rule, and that is that pegging should be fun and shouldn’t hurt.  Other than that, the rules should be made up by you and the one who is pegging you.  Hence, there are no rules . . . → Read More: Strap-On Role Play