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Cock Sucking – Back To The Basics, Part 5

So Far, You’ve Used Your Cock Sucking Skills And You’ve Been In Control

Cock Sucking for Ms Christine

An Alpha Male is always in charge!

In the four cock sucking lessons before this, you’ve kind of been in control of the situation, haven’t you?  Fondling him on the couch then deciding you want to bob on the knob, or giving him some unexpected road head.  Taking the initiative and sucking him off unasked.  Being in charge must be so different for a submissive cock slut like you.  Things are about to change.

Your Head In His Hands

I want you to put your head in his hands.  Allow your man to take control and dictate things. I want you to beg your man to hold your head while you keep your arms down by your side.  Better yet, get out those wrist cuffs and let him tie your hands behind your back.  The whole point is that you want him to know your mouth is just a hole for him to use and satisfy his lust.

He Is In Control Of The Cock Sucking Session

When he  puts a hand on either side of your head, or wraps one in your hair and takes a tight grip, he’s in control.  He gets to dictate how fast you suck his dick and how deep you take it. All of this is perfect if you enjoy your man being in total control…  and I know just how much my cocksucking faggot sluts love to give control to someone more powerful than them.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a man with a real dick, or a Mistress with a strap-on.  I know how much you crave to be taken and ravished! And that’s why we’re here!!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Cock Sucking – Back To The Basics, Part 4

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Talk Dirty To Him

You know you love it…let him know too!

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Cock Sucking – Back To The Basics, Part 3

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Animalistic And Insatiable Cock Sucking

Suck it like you’re starving for it!

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Cock Sucking – Back To The Basics, Part 2

In my last post, I promised you some ways you can take the initiative when you’re being a cock sucking rockstar, right? Well, here they are!

Cock Sucking Initiative: BJ Surprise

Never forget, knowing how to please a cock is most important!

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Cock Sucking – Back To The Basics, Part 1

Even Advanced Cock Sucking Pet Need A Review

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Domination By Cock

I Am Domination…Of The Cock – I Own It!

I have lots of ways, and tools, for Dominating you…

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I Need A Blow Job First

Don’t You Like Foreplay?

Blow Me! 😉 lol…

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Let’s Suck Cock Together

C’mon Faggot, You Know You Want To Suck Cock With Me

Let’s share something really special!

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Masturbation May Madness

Lots Of Bi-Boi Play & Masturbation

There really is something for everyone here!

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Ass Play: Inflatable Masturbation

You’ll Need And Inflatable Butt Plug Or Dildo

What a great way stretch yourself…

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