Anal Play: A Butt Slut’s Training

A Butt Slut’s Request

Anal Play with  Ms Christine

It’s playtime butt slut!

I got a very respectful email from one of my anal play sluts, and he had a very special request of his Strap-on Domme:

Ms. Christine, I want to cum like a real bitch wouldfrom just having something in my ass.   Please lock me in chastity so that my cock can never be touched or stroked, and then teach me to cum from anal stimulation alone.  Every day I will bend over, get on my hands and knees, or assume some other very submissive position and offer up my ass to you, my Strap-On Mistress. 

I Will Train You With Anal Play

What a very interesting request.  I mean, I do have a few butt sluts who can orgasm just from being butt fucked, but they came to me that way.  I’ve taught men to cum from anal play only, but I usually use a technique like the pain and pleasure technique. You can read more about that in my post, “Can You Cum From Spanking,” which you can find tomorrow on Mistress Phone Sex Calls.  Oh, but this would be so much more fun, essentially training you with denial!

Fucked Until You Cum

Imagine it, my anal play pet.  Your Mistress taking your ass every day with a strap on!  You have no idea how much that would excite me.  I think you would soon regret it, but I’m also sure you would beg me to keep that cock locked up anyway, and to fuck you with my big black cock every day until I cum, over and over again. I’d just keep doing it for as long as it takes. Until you finally give it up, bitch, until you finally cum, all that spunk leaking out around the cage, while my dildo is buried deep in your ass.

How Long Would It Take To Train That Ass?

Honestly my little anal play bitch, I have no idea how long it will take. I am sure it will be weeks, could possibly be well over a month, maybe even longer.  But do I really care?  Imagine how many orgasms I’ll be having as I ram my cock into your ass over and over again!  After all, once you’ve asked me to fuck you until you cum, the choice is no longer yours…

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


CockSucking: No Facials For You


It’s really all about the cocksucking – the ending is optional!

Facials Aren’t Just Humiliation

Okay, facials ARE about humiliation most of the time, but a lot of my cocksucking, cumeating faggots don’t like facials, and it has nothing to do with the humiliation factor.  They don’t like them . . . → Read More: CockSucking: No Facials For You


Cock Sucking: Becoming A Bottom Bitch

Tweet Sissy’s Must Learn The Art Of Cock Sucking

You’ll be my bottom bitch in no time!

I don’t think you can overstate the benefits of cock sucking when you are training a sissy. Sucking a cock makes her realize she is not a real man, that her true purpose is . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking: Becoming A Bottom Bitch


Please Your Mistress: She’s Your Queen…


You do want to please your Mistress, don’t you?

And You’re Her Bitch!

Do you know what bitches are good for? To be used and abused for your Queen’s enjoyment – to please your Mistress! And that’s all you want, don’t you, her to be happy, to be amused, to . . . → Read More: Please Your Mistress: She’s Your Queen…


Strap-On Playtime

Tweet While strap-on play is not for everyone…

You’ve met my Marcus haven’t you?

I do think it’s a key part of the Domme/sub relationship. That’s not to say that to be my pet, you need to be a butt slut.  I’m just saying it certainly adds to the D/s dynamic!  . . . → Read More: Strap-On Playtime


Cock Sucker – I Love To Watch


I do love to watch 😉

I Think it’s Why I Like Gay Porn

I’ve written it before, but it bears repeating.  There is nothing like watching and teaching a guy to be a cock sucker!  Thank God for Gay Porn!  I can just call up my favorite site . . . → Read More: Cock Sucker – I Love To Watch


Butt Plug – Why Not An Inflatable?

Tweet Training With An Inflatable Butt Plug

Training with a butt plug is crucial for proper anal play!

One of the most difficult parts of anal play – whether you’re using a butt plug or getting drilled by a strap-on – is getting the widest part of the toy inside . . . → Read More: Butt Plug – Why Not An Inflatable?


Patience My Cocksucker!

Tweet I Know You Want That Cum Cocksucker

Good things cum to those who wait… 😉

StephanieCDCNJ – a regular subscriber to this blog and a cocksucking pet – left a comment on my post about Cocksucking How To’s.  She said she wished she’d read that post the night before, because . . . → Read More: Patience My Cocksucker!


Ass Play: Do You Take It?


Are you ready for that next step?

…Up The Ass I Mean

You’re quite the cocksucker for sure, sometimes though, that just isn’t enough.  Some men just can’t cum from having their dicks licked, no matter how good a cocksucker you are.  It’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just . . . → Read More: Ass Play: Do You Take It?


Cock Sucking: A How To


Cock Sucking isn’t just about opening your mouth and swallowing that rod. And they say there’s no such thing as a “bad” blowjob, but tell me my faggot cocksucker…do you just want to give a blowjob?  Or do you want to give a great blowjob?

Wanta learn cock sucking the right . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking: A How To