Ass Play: Do You Take It?

ass play with  Ms Christine

Are you ready for that next step?

…Up The Ass I Mean

You’re quite the cocksucker for sure, sometimes though, that just isn’t enough.  Some men just can’t cum from having their dicks licked, no matter how good a cocksucker you are.  It’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just that they need a bit more, some different stimulation.  Your mouth is warm and wet, but sometimes, they need warm and tight.  Your ass pussy will be just perfect, don’t you think?  That’s why I’m telling you, if you’re going to be a cocksucker, you need to be ready to take it up the ass!

Prepare For Ass Play

Whenever you’re going out for a night of pole smoking fun, make sure you’re ready if things turn to ass play.  BDSM porn would have you think that saliva works well as a lubricant…it doesn’t.  Yes, sucking his dick and getting it all wet and shiny is certainly hot, but when he can’t get off in your mouth, make sure you have lube ready.  For my sissy cocksuckers, it’s easy to put a tube in your sissy purses, but if you’re just a regular ol’ knob gobbler, you might have to put it in your pocket.  I’d say throw some little packets in your wallet – they can replace that rubber you’ve been carrying around since 1992, but trust me, you’re going to need way more lube than that if you’re about to get a royal screwing!

How To Know When He Needs Ass Play

Well, it’s just like any cocksucking.  When you are deep throating his rod, you’re listening to his moans and his watching his reactions right?  Well, if they’re not, shall we say, progressing, then you’re oral ministrations are not enough.  Now, some guys are shy, some think shoving their dick in another man’s ass is “gay,” so they aren’t going to ask.  So the polite thing to do is offer it up!  Let him know you’ve got a warm, tight hole he can use, then spin around, put your face down and your ass up and spread those cheeks.  Few are the men who are that turned on and are going to turn you down.  When you’re done, you’ll have yet another satisfied customer who I am sure will be back for more!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


Cock Sucking: A How To


Cock Sucking isn’t just about opening your mouth and swallowing that rod. And they say there’s no such thing as a “bad” blowjob, but tell me my faggot cocksucker…do you just want to give a blowjob?  Or do you want to give a great blowjob?

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The Prostate Massage

Tweet Orgasm Control Through Prostate Massage

I have an ass play game you wont soon forget!

What better way to control a butt slut’s orgasms than through prostate massage, right?Because you know, sometimes my cocksuckers and butt sluts get a bit full of themselves.  They think because they’ve become my . . . → Read More: The Prostate Massage


Self Sucking For The First Time


Let’s make you the self sucking pet you long to be!

Why Self Suck?

For my self-sucking cocksuckers, there’s generally two reasons.  First off, they can’t get anyone else to suck their pathetic penis, so they figure self-help is the best option!  Oh, they know they aren’t going to . . . → Read More: Self Sucking For The First Time


Anal Play: Making Your Cherry Popping Enjoyable


Anal Play, Mistress guidance, and I’ll take your cherry too… 😉

First Time Anal Jitters

The first time you’re anally invaded – whether it’s by my strap-on or a real cock – can be stressful and full of anxiety.  That can cause problems, because when you’re anxious, everything tenses . . . → Read More: Anal Play: Making Your Cherry Popping Enjoyable


Could You Take A Mile of Cock?


How much cock can you handle?

How Much Cock Can You Take?

I’m not asking you to take a mile long cock.  Even a Size Queen would balk at that!  No, I’m wondering how much, how many cocks you could take.  Could you take a mile worth of cock?  . . . → Read More: Could You Take A Mile of Cock?


Cocksucking – It’s Not A Job


Sucking Cock should always be fun and should always please!

Cocksucking Is An Adventure

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Taking That First Cock


Will this be your first cock?

Watching A Bi-Boi Get Popped

You all know how much I love gay porn, how I love to watch two guys suck and fuck each other.  It’s even fun when it’s two sissies.  But, it’s the best when I get to watch one . . . → Read More: Taking That First Cock


Cocksucking and Cum Eating

Tweet Cocksucking And Cum Eating Go Hand In Hand

Cum eating is a reward for sucking cock!

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Sucking Off A Submissive

Tweet I’m Not Giving My Pet A Blowjob

He may be my submissive, but it’s still my cock!

I’ll let you, though!  If you’ve been a very good playmate, if you’ve amused me, if you’ve pleased your Mistress, I might just give you a very special reward.  Now my pet . . . → Read More: Sucking Off A Submissive