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BiSexual Fantasies

BiSexual Porn Stash Discovered

BiSexual with Ms. Christine

They are just fantasies… right?

So my cocksucking faggot, your wife logged on to your computer today so she could buy herself a hot new dress, and what did she find? Your stash of faggot, guy-on-guy cocksucking, gay boi porn bookmarks! There were so many of them – and all so specific. For example, “stud fucks my mouth hard?” So, when you got home, there she was, sitting on the chair, arms crossed, silky nylon leg swinging back and forth.  And she asked, “are you actually a fag?”

Are They Really Just Fantasies

You stammered out a denial, but she just sneered and said, “it seems like you’re pretty desperate to find out what it’s like to suck a cock. You obviously have coerced bisexual fantasies – they are just fantasies right?”  Before you could even answer, she stood up and moved in close to you, “well why don’t we find out if they are just fantasies. You already know I have a few hunky friends – some gay, some just…experimental.”  She laughed evilly again.  “I’ve already called them…all of them.   I’m sure they won’t have a problem fucking your pathetic face until you gag.”  Another evil laugh, as she grabs your cock and realizes you’re getting hard.  “Don’t say anything, this tells me all I need to know.”

Time To Find Out If BiSexual Reality Is Better Than Fantasy

“Up until now, I’ll assume it’s just harmless fantasies – your wanting to be treated like a true fuck-toy. And regardless of how many times you’ve jerked that pathetic penis of yours during those fantasies, in the past, tonight, I’m going to make sure they face fuck you and fill your throat with cum!” she says.  Then she grabs your cock and balls, turns on her heel and starts to walk away, dragging you along with her.  “Come along faggot, I have a great panty and bra set we can get you into!” 

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Strap-On Cock Sucking

We Strap-On Femdoms Are Imaginative

It’s a perfect way to practice your skills!

Sucking a strap-on cock is both a psychological and physical art.  For you, my cocksucking faggot, it’s mostly physical.  But for those of us training you, it’s much more psychological.  Let’s face it, as far as our silicone dicks . . . → Read More: Strap-On Cock Sucking

Pegging – More Thoughts!

Pegging is The Most Intimate Form of Dominance

I’m sooo ready to take you pet!

Pegging…or penetrating a man’s ass can bring up a lot of different experiences and feelings.  It’s definitely a power play/exchange, so there are feelings of dominance and submission.  Men aren’t supposed to be penetrated (who says?), . . . → Read More: Pegging – More Thoughts!

I Got Dick For Christmas!

Actually, Two Dicks For Christmas

Such a lovely Christmas celebration!!!

I love my callers! Just last night, I got two calls from two different pets, who told me how they got, “dick for Christmas!” Now, if I was just a normal, vanilla lady, that probably would have seemed like a complaint, . . . → Read More: I Got Dick For Christmas!

Pegging – What’s The Point?

Every Man Needs A Good Pegging

Allow me to demonstrate the pleasures of pegging…

Tom Ford agrees with that!  Don’t know who that is?  Well, Tom Ford is a an American fashion designer.  And in a  GQ interview he recently did, he came right out and said every man needs to . . . → Read More: Pegging – What’s The Point?

Strap-On Role Play

There Are No Rules With Strap-On Play

All strap-on play is fun!

Okay, there is one rule, and that is that pegging should be fun and shouldn’t hurt.  Other than that, the rules should be made up by you and the one who is pegging you.  Hence, there are no rules . . . → Read More: Strap-On Role Play

Cuckold Jealousy

You Thought You’d Be Jealous Didn’t You Cuckold?

Awwww….. poor cuckie!

When your hot wife first told you she was going to cuckold you, when she agreed that she DID need more cock than you could provide – both in size and in sheer numbers – you thought there might be . . . → Read More: Cuckold Jealousy

Sissy Cock Sucking

Sissy Whore On The Hunt For Cock

All dressed up Sissy…now what?

Oh, sissy, you look so slutty!  Perfect for a sissy whore on a cock hunt.  I’ll bet the guys tonight are going to be falling all over themselves to get to you.  You see, the way you’re dressed, they . . . → Read More: Sissy Cock Sucking

CockSucker It’s Almost Black Friday

It’s Your Favorite Day Of The Year, Right CockSucker?

What does Black Friday mean to you??

Sissies love Halloween.  Strokers just can’t wait for Masturbation May.  But you cocksuckers and butt sluts?  You love Black Friday, don’t you?  Just like everyone else, you’re out there shopping, but not for the same . . . → Read More: CockSucker It’s Almost Black Friday

Bi-Sexual Control

Running The Fuck And The Bi-Sexual Man

you being “Bi” makes controlling you so delicious!

You know what I absolutely love about playing with bi-sexual men?  Men who enjoy sucking cock and being pounded from behind?  I enjoy running the fuck.  I think way too many women are missing out on . . . → Read More: Bi-Sexual Control