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Masturbation May Madness

Lots Of Bi-Boi Play & Masturbation

Masturbation with Ms Christine

There really is something for everyone here!

Yes, of course masturbation! This blog isn’t just about cock sucking and cherry popping!  The whole idea of Straight Men Sucking Cock is that inside, there’s a bi-boi waiting to get out!  Since it is Masturbation May, I decided to get 16 of my hottest bi-sluts together and have a jerk off contest!  Kind of like March Madness…but let’s call it Masturbation May Madness!

Seeding The Bi-Bois

Ohhh, that’s  a bit of a pun there, isn’t it?  Well, anyway, I put all my bi-bois in 4 brackets – Pud Pullers, Jerk-off Sluts, Ball Squeezers and Cock Strokers – seeded 1 to 4.  Of course, the bois seeded #4 were all Two Pump Chumps and I knew they wouldn’t last long against the #1 seeds.  I had them all get naked, then set-up the first contest on the floor, lying head to cock and told them to start jerking each other off!  First one to cum loses and gets hog tied in the corner.  Of course, at the end, there was my winner covered in cum.  No washing off!  Rest up and get ready for the next round!

The Winner’s Prize

Before I knew it – I mean, these guys couldn’t last more than 7 minutes with another guy yanking their crank – we were down to the Final 4. And then the Championship Round.  The #1 Jerk-Off Slut versus the #3 Cock Stroker (I was amazed he made it through!)  Neither wanted to lose in this ultimate circle jerk, and it went on forever!  I changed up the rules and said, “finger each other’s asses!”  That was all it took and that #1 Jerk-of Slut was spurting a huge load of cum all over the winner’s chest, neck and face.  Oh, what’s the winner get?  He got to suck off all the losers!  Honestly, I don’t know if that was humiliating for him. Or if he thought it was actually a prize (C’mon, you didn’t think there wasn’t going to be any cocksucking here, did you?)

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Ass Play: Inflatable Masturbation

You’ll Need And Inflatable Butt Plug Or Dildo

What a great way stretch yourself…

Inflatable butt plugs and dildos are wonderful training tools for ass play.  You’re going to need one for this assignment.  Pick out one that is easily inserted.  The whole point behind inflatables is that they go in . . . → Read More: Ass Play: Inflatable Masturbation

A Cock Sucker And Masturbation May Fun

I Think You Already Know Cock Sucker

Masturbation May is for you too cock sucker!

You already know how you’re going to be spending Masturbation May, don’t you my faggot cock sucker?  That’s right, on your knees with dick stuffed down your throat!  That’s not all of it though.  I know . . . → Read More: A Cock Sucker And Masturbation May Fun

Punishment Pegging

You’ve Been Misbehaving

It’s time for you to learn a lesson…

I don’t know what’s gotten into you, my pegging bitch.  You haven’t been very attentive to my needs lately. In fact, the last time I got you face down and ass up, you seemed very resistant to having my cock . . . → Read More: Punishment Pegging

Cock Sucker Cums When The Bull Cums

Cockteasing Goals For Her Cock Sucker

How many loads can you suck out?

Yes, I do enjoy cock teasing my cock sucker pets at times. And when I tease, edge and delay any of my pet’s orgasms, I usually set some kind of goal for them. One they need to meet before . . . → Read More: Cock Sucker Cums When The Bull Cums

Are You Dickmatized?

Another Term for Cock Addiction

You can’t take your eyes…or your mouth off of it, can you?

Those of you who read my blog regularly and peruse the comments section know that one of the frequent contributors is my Cock Sucking CrossDressing Sissy Faggot. Or CSCDSF for short (‘cause that is a . . . → Read More: Are You Dickmatized?

Pegging – Ravished And Taken

Pegging Means You’re Desired

Let the pegging fun begin!

Desired by Me, your pegging Mistress and my strap-on cock anyway. Indeed, the very cock that’s about to penetrate you…impale you…fuck you.  It feels good to be desired, doesn’t it?  To be the object of desire, to see the urgent need in your . . . → Read More: Pegging – Ravished And Taken

Stop Saying You’re Not Gay

lol…You Crave Cock, Doesn’t That Make You Gay?

You’re gay because I say you are…

Well maybe not, but it doesn’t matter and I don’t care how many times you tell me you’re not gay. Your opinion is completely worthless.  Why do you think I’ve been training you with my strap . . . → Read More: Stop Saying You’re Not Gay

My StrapOn Says I Can Fuck Who I Want

…And My StrapOn And I Choose You

…and it’s all for you my dear!

Yes, yes… I remember that you are the one who originally said it – but my StrapOn cock says so too! And when you told me I could fuck anyone I wanted, I don’t recall their being . . . → Read More: My StrapOn Says I Can Fuck Who I Want

Do You Have Dick Cravings?

A Dick Sucker’s Dream

You must feed your cravings!

I can’t believe you don’t crave cock.  We’ve discussed your cocksucking fantasies for ages now, and you’ve blown a few guys here and there, but it’s not the all-consuming need you’d thought it’d be.  Maybe it’s the guys?  Do they have small . . . → Read More: Do You Have Dick Cravings?