Cocksucker Role-play

Sucking Cock with Ms. Christine

What is your Cock sucking role-play fantasy?

The Reluctant Cocksucker


Tease Yourself With Gay Porn

Tweet I Know What A Cock Whore You Are

You know gay porn get’s you hard!

I just spent the last two posts explaining what a cock whore you are, and just how I know that!  You need cock and you worship it!  Now, my preference from here on out . . . → Read More: Tease Yourself With Gay Porn


Worshiping Cock


Big Cock is meant to be worshipped!

What Really Defines The Cock Whore

Last post, I wrote about how you NEED cock. How you think about it all the time, how you are a cock whore.  You know what really defines the cock whore, though?  It’s not constant thoughts of . . . → Read More: Worshiping Cock


You Need Cock


When you really gotta have COCK!

You’re A Cock Whore

They say men think about sex every 7 seconds, but you, my cock whore, you’re not thinking about sex, are you?  No, you’re a cock addict, you’re thinking about cock every 7 seconds!  Thick hard throbbing cock and everything . . . → Read More: You Need Cock


Cocksucking Humiliation


Just the act of having you suck a big, hard throbbing cock is humiliating, but there are so many ways to work humiliation into a cocksucking fantasy!

Do you like the humiliation of being a cocksucker?

Your Sucking Technique…Sucks!

Every cocksucker thinks their blowjob skills are top notch. They . . . → Read More: Cocksucking Humiliation


How To Tell Your Partner You Want to Be Pegged


Whatever your fantasy… let’s discuss it!

Sharing Your Fantasies

Over at Mistress Phone Sex, I’ve been writing a lot about how hot submission is, like cuckolding, CFNM, and Queening.  For me, one of the things that makes any submission hot is when you share your fantasies with me – fantasies that . . . → Read More: How To Tell Your Partner You Want to Be Pegged


More Deep Throat Tips


The deep throat instructor is in!

Don’t Like The Taste Of Cum

Well, too bad.  You should get over it.  Swallowing cum is really the polite thing to do.  However, if you really can’t stand the taste, deep throating is an excellent way to avoid it.  All of your taste . . . → Read More: More Deep Throat Tips


Sissy Cocksucker Can’t Get Enough


Are you a sissy cocksucker?

I Have This One Sissy Slut…

…and she just can’t get enough! Cock that is! I mean, I want her to be a sissy, knob gobbling whore, but sometimes, I just have to put a limit on her. There was this one time. I had her . . . → Read More: Sissy Cocksucker Can’t Get Enough


Let’s Push Some Knob Gobbling Limits


I’m in a very kinky mood today and I think we’re going to push your limits. You read my blog about “What Would You Do To Cum?” and I know you’ve been thinking if you’d actually be so desperate to cum that you’d suck cock.  You have been naughty before, and . . . → Read More: Let’s Push Some Knob Gobbling Limits


Br’er Cocksucker


We both know who you are…

Just Think of me as Br’er Mistress

Do you know the story of Br’er Rabbit?  He gets captured by Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear and tricks them into throwing him in the briar patch – where they can’t catch him and he escapes.  All . . . → Read More: Br’er Cocksucker