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Strapon Blowjob Training

StrapOn Blow Job Humiliation

StrapOn with Ms. Christine

It’s time for your lesson my pet!

All you wannabe faggot cocksuckers – strapon cock or otherwise – know that I like to start your knob gobbling training by having you practice on a dildo.  Sometimes, it’s just you and that fake cock, other times, I have you perfecting your cocksucking technique on my strap-on.  I think training you to take my big, black cock is just so humiliating!

I Think You’ve Sucked Cock Before

I think that’s one of my favorite, most humiliating things to say to a virgin cocksucker.  “Oh, you do that so well, I’ll bet you’ve sucked cock before haven’t you?”   I love to tease him about how good of a job he’s doing, and how I’m going to train him to deep throat. While he’s sucking away, I’ll tell him that he looks like such a slut and that he should be thinking about a couple of guys he knows when he is gagging on my strapon – and how he wishes it was their cocks he was licking!

Sucking My StrapOn Is All About Preparing You to Give A Real Blow Job

That’s what all your training with my strap-on is leading up to, so of course I’m going to encourage you to really want to give a real blow job…and I want you to give a really good one, you wouldn’t want to embarrass me would you?   I love having my cocksucking faggots on webcam while their  practicing on those fake cocks, watching them as they confess that they really wants to suck cock…and that they love it!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Anal Orgasms For You

If You’re Going to Take It Like A Woman

you’ll love cumming from anal penetration!

You know how I know you’re a anal slut?  As soon as I stride into the room, as soon as I stroll through the door and you see that big, black cock jutting from my waist, . . . → Read More: Anal Orgasms For You

Sucking Cock Earns An Orgasm

It Starts With Sucking Cock

Will you earn that orgasm you so crave?

That’s right, slut, you need to earn your orgasm today by sucking cock for me.  I’ve got a little point system set up, and every point earns you a stroke.  Oh, you though I was just going to . . . → Read More: Sucking Cock Earns An Orgasm

Cock Sucker Do You Want It In The Ass?

You’ll Have To Suck It First Cock Sucker!

It’s what you must do…

Come on butt slut, every cock deserves some cock sucker foreplay, even if it is my big black cock.  I’m just trying to get you ready for a real one.  Sometimes, as sexy and slutty as you are, guys just aren’t . . . → Read More: Cock Sucker Do You Want It In The Ass?

Turning You Into A Cock Sucking Slut

Think You Won’t Be A Cock Sucking Slut For Me?

I’ll turn you… you’ll see!

Oh my!  If I had a dollar for every guy who told me I wouldn’t be able to get them to be a cock sucking slut for me…well, I’d be rich! You all want to suck cock…it’s . . . → Read More: Turning You Into A Cock Sucking Slut

Cuckold Cock Sucker

Is it Really Cuckolding If Your Hot Wife Isn’t There?

Yes, you’re a cocksucker, but what about a fluffer?

Usually when you cocksucking cuckolds get a pole to smoke, it’s because you’re fluffing it for your hot wife.  But there you are, sitting at home one night, all alone.  Your poor . . . → Read More: Cuckold Cock Sucker

Cock Sucker I’m Watching You

Mistress Loves A Cock Sucker Webcam Show

Ready to put on a show for Me?

I’ve written before about how much I love webcam show calls, especially when cock sucker training is involved.  Whether it’s watching your stroke and edge yourself silly, seeing you dressed up in pretty lingerie and doing . . . → Read More: Cock Sucker I’m Watching You

Anal Toys – DIY Style

Ready For Your Anal Pegging Session?

There are so many things we can use!

So you call up your Strap-On Domme, ready to have your anal passage invaded – but you forgot the invader!  Sure, we can use your fingers – and that’s great for a first time butt slut – . . . → Read More: Anal Toys – DIY Style

Cock Sucking Predicamentally

What Do I Mean By Predicament You Ask?

Assume the position!

If you’ve read some of my posts over at Domination Bootcamp, you know that I like subjecting my pets to predicament bondage – putting them in situation where no matter how they move, they’ll be uncomfortable or embarrassed.  I started . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking Predicamentally

Cock Sucking Is The Goal

Every Cocksucker Should Have A Goal

What are you sucking goals?

You shouldn’t just go through life cock sucking all willy nilly!  Yes, being Mistress’ cocksucker can be humiliating at times, but you also know it’s fun.  You love to get down on your knees, unzip his pants and let that cock fall . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking Is The Goal