Cocksucking Trick or Treat

Cock Sucking with Ms Christine

It’s all just Tricks or Treats! lol…

My Halloween Party

Oh, my special pet, aren’t you so happy I invited you to my Halloween Party?  You’re the only submissive pet here, and look at all the pretty ladies.  Five of us in all – and I’m the only one you’ve met.  You’re going to be a used and abused slut tonight, but I know you’ll love it!  Oh, I’ve got something to tell you.  Well, you see my Big Black Cock, but 3 of the women here are also packing underneath their costumes.  And one of these ladies is my she-male friend Crystal – and she’s packing her own 8 inches of real cock!

You Won’t Know Who’s Who

That’s part of the Trick or Treat!  I’m going to blindfold you and tie you to my spanking bench, with both of your holes available for use.  As we enjoy ourselves, you’ll just be…available.  You may get a cock in your ass, you may have to smoke a pole, maybe you’ll get spit-roasted.

Will You Get To Cum?

That’s the trick or treat part for you.  We’re going to make this a little game.  You need to guess when it’s Crystal’s cock filling you up!  Do you think you’ll be able to tell?  Will it feel warmer, softer, somehow different from all those rubber and silicone cocks probing you?  You have to tell me before she shoots off inside of you and fills you with jizz.  Then again, I’ll bet some of these ladies came prepared with squirting dildos!  Oh, and some of our boyfriend might be coming by later, so that may not be Crystal’s cock you’re sucking!

Actually, I think this whole night is going to be a treat for you!  Happy Halloween, slut!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


The Power Of Turning You Gay


Wanta be a bi-slut for Me!

I Have Control Of Your Cock

Having control of your cock – when you stroke it, how you stroke, if you’re allowed to cum – is such a turn-on for me.  You were a chronic masturbator, and you just couldn’t keep that dick out . . . → Read More: The Power Of Turning You Gay


Anal Play For The Foot Slut


You get my feet and I’ll have your ass!

You’ve Had Fingers In Your Ass

Hell, my fingers have been in your ass!  Opening you up, massaging that prostate, getting you ready for my Big Black Cock.  For all I know, you’re fingering yourself as you read this.  Or maybe . . . → Read More: Anal Play For The Foot Slut


On Your Knees Slut


You belong on your knees…for me!

It’s A Classic

There are all kinds of positions you can get in to suck cock.  Bent over so you can get spitroasted.  Lying on your belly on the bed, sliding up between his legs.  Even lying on you back, head hanging over the . . . → Read More: On Your Knees Slut


Why Prostate Milking You Ask?


I’ll show you all the wonders of being milked!

For Health Or Pleasure

Well, let’s dispel the whole health myth right now.  If you’re in chastity, if you’re not allowed to cum, you don’t need to be milked to keep healthy.  Your prostate will be fine all by itself.  And . . . → Read More: Why Prostate Milking You Ask?


You Need BBC


There’s nothing quite like a BBC!

I Need BBC!

Of course you do!  Believe me, Ms. Christine understands, I need BBC too! Just like you, sometimes I need a good fucking.  The difference is, I just need it in my pussy.  You need it in the mouth, your ass, or . . . → Read More: You Need BBC


A Cocksucking Kiss


Suck that cock slut!

Getting The Cock Curious To Suck Cock

Getting the cock curious to actually suck cock can be a challenge.  They have the fantasy, but sometimes, they just can’t make the leap.  For some of them, not only do they not want to suck a real cock, . . . → Read More: A Cocksucking Kiss


Knowing When He’s Gonna Blow


Tease that cock with your mouth!

Get Ready For The Cum Shot

One of the comments on my post about Stroking & Sucking was by Jamie Michelle.  Jamie talked about how she learned by experience to tell when her guy was about to shoot his load, and how that was . . . → Read More: Knowing When He’s Gonna Blow


Cock Fetish


Are you craving it yet? Starving for it??

You Know You’ve Got It

You’ve got it bad.  A cock fetish. There’s just not enough dick for you in this world.  You want it all.  Most men try to sneak a peek down women’s blouses or up their skirts.  Not you, . . . → Read More: Cock Fetish


Food Fun For BiSex Sluts


Everything is better with a little cream…

You Don’t Just Like Playing With Cocks…

…you love to play with your food, too.  Are they the two things you absolutely live for in this world – food and sex?  The two go so well together.  I love it when one of . . . → Read More: Food Fun For BiSex Sluts