Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 4

Suck Cock for Ms Christine

Giving the best blow job you can!

You Love Cock

You’ve admitted your love for cock, and you’ve even accepted that you’re powerless over its allure.  Step 4 has to do with searching your heart and coming up with a moral inventory – or in our case, an immoral one!  Think about it you cocksucking faggot.  Think about all the things you do just to find cock to suck.

Where Do You Go

Have you placed personal ads looking for dick?  I know you’ve at least thought about going to the local adult bookstore and getting on your knees in the glory hole out back.  Or, are you the kind of knob gobbler that sticks close to home?  Do you stare at the neighbor when he’s outside mowing his lawn, in tight shorts, his ripped chest and six pack on display?  You could stare for hours at the bulge in his pants, couldn’t you?

What Do You Do

Or maybe you’re a sissy cocksucker?  Do you like dressing up in panties and bra before you lick some dick?  I’ll bet you just might be one of those full femme sissies – skirt, breast forms, wig, made up like a cheap hooker – hoping you’ll pass and he’ll never know it’ a guy sucking him off. Trust me, he’ll know.  If you’re very good though, he won’t care.  Every guy loves a blow job – no matter who’s giving it to him!


Your First Anal Play Lesson


I’m ready to take you my pet!

Prepping the Ass Slut

I get a lot of callers who think that what they read about ass play, or what they see in a porno is reality.  They believe that anal play virgins can just immediately take a 12-inch long, 3-inch wide cock . . . → Read More: Your First Anal Play Lesson


Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 3


You crave that cock, don’t you?

Turn Your Life Over to Cock

You know how desperately you need cock, so why fight it.  Just accept that you have a craving for cock and get on with it!  I know some of you here have never actually sucked a real cock, and . . . → Read More: Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 3


MILF Sunbathing, Part 2


Make sure you check out Part 1 before continuing, for optimal reading pleasure!

…more sexy afternoon fun!

The Cougar Snares Her Prey

I had my neighbor roll over on his back, and told him to stretch his arms out above his head.  I took the suntan oil, and squirted out . . . → Read More: MILF Sunbathing, Part 2


Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 2


Whose got the power?

Put Your Faith In Cock

That’s right, cocksucker, you need to believe in the cock.  You know how much power it holds over you.  How desperately you seek it out, just so you can wrap your lips around it and feel it pulsing in your throat.  Your . . . → Read More: Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 2


Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step One


Cock is an addition for you… you must first admit it!

Admit You Are Powerless Over Cock

Your first step is to get up in front of the group, and admit your obsession with cock.  I want you to stand up, and in front of everyone say “Hi, I’m (state your . . . → Read More: Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step One


Cocksuckers Anonymous


Hi, I’m Joe, and I suck cock.”  “Hi, Joe”

DISCLAIMER:  I am in NO WAY diminishing the good things that come out of real 12-step programs.  Take this in the fun way it’s intended.  And if you can’t?  Don’t read any farther!

Your 12 Step Program awaits…

A 12-Step Program For . . . → Read More: Cocksuckers Anonymous


Public Anal Play


That ass will be mine!

Play In Public

Many of my butt sluts like to play in public.  I’m not talking about going to a BDSM club or a play party.  They want to do something  involving anal play while they’re out and about doing normal everyday things.  Or, they’re following an . . . → Read More: Public Anal Play


A Bi Boi Fantasy


A happy bi boi – in the making!

A Future Happy Bi Boi

One of my bi bois who I’ve known personally for a long time, has decided to exploring his bisexual fantasies.  We’ve talked about how desperate he was to suck cock, to have a Bull pop his anal cherry.  He . . . → Read More: A Bi Boi Fantasy


Coerced Bi Play


You’ll do it for me, want you? ;)

Am I Gay?

I have many subs who call me and tell me that they would never do anything with another man.  I take that as a challenge.  Sucking cock, or taking a cock up your ass doesn’t make you gay.  It makes . . . → Read More: Coerced Bi Play