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Lick My Pussy, Pansy Boi

Now you know I love to fuck your ass with my nice, thick strap-on. But sometimes I need more than that—it is appropriate for my queers to be instructed in the art of pussy licking, and I love face sitting: rubbing my hard little clit and wet juicy cunt over a slut’s face. I . . . → Read More: Lick My Pussy, Pansy Boi

Pansy Danny

I hope every one had a Happy Thanksgiving. It’s so much fun to get together with family and friends for a nice big meal. Sitting by the fire sipping some wine and chilling out. That’s not what happened to  my fagots Danny though. He called me for is regular phone sex session and told . . . → Read More: Pansy Danny

Happy Aniversary

Saturday Novemeber 24th is cock control and sissyschool’s Fifth Anniversary. Come visit us at community kink that’s where the party will be during the day there will be trivia question and MsAlly is going to be giving a way some free calls!  Woot woot Ms Ally we love you!. The grand finally is at . . . → Read More: Happy Aniversary

You're My Sucker, Boi

I was just talking to a guy who is into sploshing. Little does he know that my kink is turning men into fags. I had him stick two hotdogs into a condom and then shove them up his ass. He did it willingly—although this is just the beginning of his fag makeover! Next I had him . . . → Read More: You're My Sucker, Boi

Thursday Nights Fag & Fem Chat With Mistress Jamie

Hello my fag & fem boys!  Tonight and every Thursday night is a special time. I do my Fag & Fem chat show on cockradio. Don’t miss out, it’s lots of fun. If you want to hang out with me while I’m doing the show, I’m also parked over at . . . → Read More: Thursday Nights Fag & Fem Chat With Mistress Jamie

Pantied-Assed Bitch

Now that the inner-flaming fag has been released we can dress you up and pimp your ass out! You’re going to be my pantied-assed bitch tonight. Oh yes, tonight you’re going to take some pictures of yourself all dressed up, then you’re going to go to craigslist and make yourself a little ad under . . . → Read More: Pantied-Assed Bitch

Dear Mistress Jamie

Dear Mistress Jamie

I’m not sure if I really am gay, but I do think I might be bisexual. Do you think it’s right for me to develop this fantasy? Or should I try to overcome it? I’m thinking of going to see the church counselor. I feel so ashamed just last night I . . . → Read More: Dear Mistress Jamie

~Seduced By Goddess Jamie~





Faggot, faggot you’re so queer I love whispering into your fairy ear. Dream of cocks both night and day, you can’t wait till a rainy day.

You want some hot stud . . . → Read More: ~Seduced By Goddess Jamie~