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Gay New Year Resolutions for 2008

Faggy Resolutions For 2008

1. Buy a subscription to Playgirl magazine.

2. Repaint your living room “frosted berry cc-8” from Benjamin Moore. If you don’t like that color you can go with “prairie lily cc-98. “

3. Start collecting Barbie dolls or some other girly things.

4. Never masturbate . . . → Read More: Gay New Year Resolutions for 2008

Forced-Bi Phone Sex

First for some exciting news: my little fag toys can go to here and vote for me for Mistress of the year. Run along now and get that done for me.

Now I know some of you have been reading and squirming in your seats, beating off to the fag humiliation stories I write . . . → Read More: Forced-Bi Phone Sex

His/Her First Blow-Job

Electric shock is what he felt when I placed him on his knees and whispered sweetly in his ear that he was going to be my good little cocksucker tonight. Up until now it had only been my big, black strap-on that he’d taken. Everything was changing so quickly for him now: springing . . . → Read More: His/Her First Blow-Job

Dear Faggot

This week’s assignment is to subject your self to ridicule and embarrassment. It will verge on exposing you as a gay boi to those around you. Also it will allow the experience of going to fag infested location. I believe this will be a great experience for you especially if you have not dared . . . → Read More: Dear Faggot

How to Play with Yourself

When I’m not around to take calls I still expect you to be working hard to be as gay as possible. Of course it’s not just about the anal play but also knowing that you are to be used as toy for a “real man’s” pleasure. Your attitude is very important because you need . . . → Read More: How to Play with Yourself