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Bisexual Sissy Queers

I know there are a lot of sissy queers that stalk this blog and love it. Rubbing their pantied clits vigorously while reading sentence after sentence of cock talk. I can picture it so clearly you dreaming about me taking you with my strap-on dick or better yet making you gag on my boyfriends . . . → Read More: Bisexual Sissy Queers

Jamie's Jizz Juice Recipe

Here’s a sweet drink to make your cum taste sweeter; or, if you have a Master who you have to suck off constantly, this could be for him. It’s a great way to start the morning and very healthy and nutritious.

OK, this is my own personal recipe, so drink this up twice a day, . . . → Read More: Jamie's Jizz Juice Recipe

LDW Group Essay Winners!

I want to thank everyone that submitting their essays for what the like most about our company LDW Group. They were a pleasure to read and very flattering. And you know flattery will get you everywhere! But we voted and only three people could win I wish we could of given prizes to everyone. . . . → Read More: LDW Group Essay Winners!