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Starting The New Year With A Bang!

Happy New Year Pet!

Oh, There Will Be Fire Works

I promise you that, my pet.  Fireworks for you, for me…and for my Bull.  He’s waiting in the other room.  He’s a young one, and do you know why I picked him out for our New Year’s Eve bash?  Because he can cum . . . → Read More: Starting The New Year With A Bang!

Christmas Cum Eating

Merry Christmas Pets!

Christmas isn’t all about Presents

Christmas is also about getting together and eating lots and lots of food!  Christmas cookies, cakes, pies, even eggnog.  And there are so many ways that you, my little cum eating pets, can have your cake – and eat your cum too!

Frosting on . . . → Read More: Christmas Cum Eating

Enthusiastic Cocksucking

I want you to love sucking cock!

Suck Cock Like You Love It

That’s right, bi pets.  If you want to be an expert cocksucker, if you want dicks knocking down your door for your special oral service, you need to really like sucking cock.  Really, on those rare occasions a girl sucks . . . → Read More: Enthusiastic Cocksucking

Three Types Of Bi Porn


Don’t you love watching Bi Porn?

Does Bi Porn just get you in the mood to do all those nasty things you see on the screen?  I love watching bi porn, because it just gives me so many ideas!

Bisexual Porn

Bisexual Porn has guys servicing other guys, but often there’s a woman . . . → Read More: Three Types Of Bi Porn

Poppin’ An Anal Cherry, Part 2

Training starts now!

The Anal Training Program

Ms. Delia wrote an amazing anal training program about a year ago, and I really like using it.  So, after you’ve told me how much you want to be my bitch, and I’ve played with your ass and I can easily get two – or maybe . . . → Read More: Poppin’ An Anal Cherry, Part 2

Poppin’ An Anal Cherry, Part 1

Are you ready for this?

A Virgin Ass

I’ll bet when you were a young man, you really enjoyed deflowering virgin women.  That college girlfriend who had spent her entire life in a convent and was finally turned loose on the world?  It’s great being their first isn’t it?  I mean, she probably . . . → Read More: Poppin’ An Anal Cherry, Part 1

Three More Types of Bi Bois

Make sure you read Three Types of Bi Bois, first…as this is a sequel.  I want to help you figure out where you fall.

Which Type of Bi Boi Are You?

The Bi Boi Faggot Slut

You are a cum hungry cock whore, aren’t you!  The Bi Boi probably shades toward a preference for . . . → Read More: Three More Types of Bi Bois

Three Types of Bi Bois

Which type of Bi Boi are you?

As a phone sex Mistress, if there’s one thing I’ve discovered, it is that none of y’all fits into any one box.  Sure, I can label you as a submissive, a slut, a sissy, a cuckold, but those are such general labels.  Even among my bi . . . → Read More: Three Types of Bi Bois