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Are You A Cum Connoisseur

Just for the taste of it…right?

Do You Love Cum?

I bet you do!  I’ll bet you are my cum slut pet. Remember the first time I had you suck down your own seed?  How you didn’t want to do it, how hesitant you were?  But now?  Now you’ll take it any way . . . → Read More: Are You A Cum Connoisseur

Chastity For The Cocksucker

Are you following the Cock Reset Series? If so, you’re likely coming from the last installment, a little Foot Tease. And if you want to go back and start at the beginning, check out A Stroker’s Lament.

You think you won’t beg for it?

Making Straight Guys Crave Cock

One of the benefits . . . → Read More: Chastity For The Cocksucker

Prostate Milking

Have you been milked lately?

Did you cum here from Mistress Phone Sex – and my last post in this series of Stroking?  Are you looking for your next cock reset assignment?

Blue Balls

You’ve been teasing and edging for me, and I’ve left you denied.  The begging emails are really getting funny.  . . . → Read More: Prostate Milking

3 Great Reasons To Suck Cock!

There’s always a reason to suck cock!

If you’re a straight or bi-curious guy, you might be asking yourself “Why do I want to suck cock?”

You Want To Taste Cum…

…other than your own.  You were a reluctant cum eater, but just like I told you pet, once you tasted your own, . . . → Read More: 3 Great Reasons To Suck Cock!

3 Myths About Cum Eating

What do you think about cum eating?

Guys Don’t Eat Cum

Au contraire, mon frère (and that, pets, is the limit of my French!).  If guys didn’t eat cum, there would be no Enchantrix Empire, no Coached Cum Eating, no Eat Your Own Cum!  Believe me, guys eat cum, and I’ve got the . . . → Read More: 3 Myths About Cum Eating

Strap-on’s Don’t Make You Gay

Strap-on Mistress Christine

I Wear A Strap-on

Doesn’t make me a lesbian.  I like wearing a strap-on, and using it on you, because of the way it makes me feel.  Powerful, dominant, naughty.    I like all the things I can do with it.  Oh, and here’s a secret.  Not only do I like . . . → Read More: Strap-on’s Don’t Make You Gay

Sissies Sucking Cock

Wanta be my naughty sissy slut?

Or Licking Sissy Clits…

Because, really, sissies don’t have cocks, do they?  Real men have cocks, sissies have sissy clits.  It’s still fun watching two sissies, all dressed in pink frilly negligee pleasuring each other.  They lie next to each other in a sixty-nine position, and slowly . . . → Read More: Sissies Sucking Cock

A Cuckold Story – Part 2

I knew you’d be back for more… But don’t forget to check out Part 1 of this Cuckold Story over at Mistress Phone Sex Calls!

Ready for some Cream Pie?

Your Cuckold Fantasy Begins

So there you are, naked, your small penis locked in a chastity cage, while your hot wife is sitting on . . . → Read More: A Cuckold Story – Part 2