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Picking Out A Dildo – Part 2

Do you practice sucking on a dildo?

So We Know Why You Want To Use It

We discussed that in Picking Out A Dildo – Part 1, and I gave you some tips so you could pick out the proper type for what you want to use it for.  But, even though you . . . → Read More: Picking Out A Dildo – Part 2

Picking Out A Dildo – Part 1

Which dildo is right for you?

So Many Dildos, So Little Time

There are so many dildos out there that the choices can be overwhelming.  How do you pick one that’s right for you?  There are different materials, different sizes, different shapes.  So, how about I share with you my expertise as a . . . → Read More: Picking Out A Dildo – Part 1

My Surprised Cum Eater

Have I got a surprise for you…

You Love Sucking My Cock

You do, don’t you?  You certainly seem to get into your work whenever I slip into my strap-on, have you kneel in front of it and lick and slurp at it.  You take it as deep in your mouth as . . . → Read More: My Surprised Cum Eater

A Cuckold Tale – Part 2

A Cuckold Tale – Part 1 is over on my Mistress Phone Sex Calls blog, so be sure to start there!

My stud can last and last…

You’re Ready For My Bull

Oh, all that teasing has left you so hot – your cock is all throbbing and dripping, and that head is swollen . . . → Read More: A Cuckold Tale – Part 2

Anal Play You Will Love

Anal Play is Funtime

Bottom Fun

Now, not only is this blog about straight guys sucking cock, it’s about bi-sexual play.  And one of the things I find most interesting is anal play.  I like introducing guys to the pleasure their ass can bring them with a strap-on, and a lot of them . . . → Read More: Anal Play You Will Love

Cream Pie Cum Eating

Are you ready for a sweet cream pie?

Don’t Like Straight Cum?

Are you a wannabe cum slut?  You really want to eat cum.  I mean, the idea is so hot, isn’t it?  It makes your cock hard, and the more you think about it, the more your pre-cum drips from your tip.  . . . → Read More: Cream Pie Cum Eating

What Makes You Want to Suck Cock?

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

The question is, will you actually admit it?  What makes you want to suck cock?  Let’s face it, most guys are at least curious about sucking their own – just like everyone of us women had that “experimental” bi-sexual phase in college – but few of them actually take . . . → Read More: What Makes You Want to Suck Cock?

I Have 3 Reasons To Peg You

I love pegging – taking a guy with my strap-on.  There are lots of reasons, lots of things that make it fun, but here are my top three.

Don’t worry, I’ll hit the spot!

It’s Very Powerful

It starts when I pull that strap-on out.  I like to have my victi-… er, I . . . → Read More: I Have 3 Reasons To Peg You