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The Nut Gobbler

Learn to worship those balls

It’s A Set!

That’s right.  It’s a cock AND balls, you cock sucking faggot!  Why do you always get so hung up on the cock?  You lust for it, you crave it, you drool over it.  You think day and night about running your tongue up the shaft, . . . → Read More: The Nut Gobbler

Why I Don’t Make You Eat Cum Every Time

Will I have you eat cum… this time?


No, I’m not sensitive to your needs, your feelings.  I mean, I am – I know what makes you tick, what makes you hot and horny, what humiliates you – but that’s not what I’m talking about.  What I’m talking about is sensitizing . . . → Read More: Why I Don’t Make You Eat Cum Every Time

Two Types Of Cum Eaters

Which kind of cum eater are you?

Why Do You Eat Cum?

As a Cum Eating Coach – I coach you to eat cum, I’m not a Coach who eats cum…okay, I do like a little taste of that sweet cream, but we’re talking about you, not me! – I have found that . . . → Read More: Two Types Of Cum Eaters

Deep Throating 101

You’ll learn to swallow the whole cock…

You Want the Whole Cock

Oh you do, my cock sucking pet.  You want that whole, big, thick, throbbing cock deep inside your mouth and down your throat.  It’s so difficult though, isn’t it?  I mean, those guys do love it when you gag and slobber . . . → Read More: Deep Throating 101

And Then From Bitch To A Whore

You’ve become my slut, you’ve become my bitch, now it’s time to become Ms. Christine’s whore!

And now you’re a whore…

What Makes A Slut Different From A Whore?

Simply this.  Sluts have sex for themselves.  Whores do it for someone else.  So, since you are such a well-trained, slutty bitch . . . → Read More: And Then From Bitch To A Whore

My Featured Mistress Day Is Coming Up

Come celebrate with me and get your free 10 minutes

It’s a Free For All

Okay, not all of you.  But if you’ve been a caller to LDW in the past, you can call me this Friday, and you’ll get a free 10 minutes!  What a wonderful way to start your weekend, don’t you . . . → Read More: My Featured Mistress Day Is Coming Up

A Slut Becomes a Bitch

How did you become a slut?  Find out at Starting with a Slut

And now my bitch…

So now you want to be my bitch?

It’s no wonder.  I haven’t let you cum in weeks – but I’ve taken great joy in teasing and edging you every single day.  Those balls must be . . . → Read More: A Slut Becomes a Bitch

Showers Of Cum

You need that cum, don’t you?

April Showers, Right?

April showers bring May flowers, so if you’re going to flower as a cum slut, you’ll need to be showered – in cum!  So I’ve gotten all my best big black bulls together for a very special circle jerk.  They are the heaviest cummers . . . → Read More: Showers Of Cum

More Blow Job Training

Be the best cocksucker that you can be…

You Get Distracted When You Suck

If I’m ever going to turn you into a real cocksucker, we need to take care of your wandering eye.  You see, I’ve noticed when you suck on my dildo, you’re always staring up at my bountiful breasts, or . . . → Read More: More Blow Job Training