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What are You Thankful for Cocksucker?

What a thankful pet you are…

Thankful for Cock What are you thankful for today, you cocksucking faggot?  Are you ready to drop to your knees and…well, you won’t be praying down there, now will you?  Not unless you’re praying for more cock to appear!  But you know that on your knees is where . . . → Read More: What are You Thankful for Cocksucker?

Catch it all Sissy

oh my… a cum covered sissy!

Nothing Better than a Cum Covered Sissy When my sissy pets are all dressed up in their lacy lingerie, on their knees worshiping a throbbing hard cock, there’s no better way to finish up the festivities that to watch them get a face full of cum! A cum . . . → Read More: Catch it all Sissy

Taking a Sissy

It’s time for you to be MY bitch!

Lube it Up Did you read about my Butt Slut Positions?  One of those was the classic doggy-style, ass up, head down.  This is one of my favorite positions to take a sissy ass pussy in.  I love having them drop to their knees in . . . → Read More: Taking a Sissy

Why You Need To Suck Cock

…because I say so? lol…

Because You’re A Slut Oh, you are, aren’t you?  And sluts suck cock.  They get down on their knees, reach up, unzip those jeans – maybe with their teeth if they’re really slutty! – fish that hard cock out of there and start to lick and suckle on . . . → Read More: Why You Need To Suck Cock

Why You Crave Cock

…maybe because I want you to…

Your Cock or Someone Else’s

It doesn’t really matter.  You just know you need cock.  Whether you practice autofellatio or spend your Saturday nights at the glory hole, nothing makes you happier then when there is a cock in your mouth.  For some cocksuckers, it’s in the . . . → Read More: Why You Crave Cock

How to Get a Full Load of Cum

I could milk you daily – for my entertainment!

You Want it All

You’re a cum junkie, and when you suck cock, you want to drain those balls, don’t you?  You want every last drop of cum and you want to know my tricks to making sure you get a full, complete . . . → Read More: How to Get a Full Load of Cum

Three Butt Slut Positions

How Can I Fuck You?

There are so many positions to put you in to pound your ass pussy with my Big Black Cock.  Here are three of my favorites…

Time for your riding lesson!

Doggy Style

Oh, the classic.  Having you on your hands and knees, ass up and head . . . → Read More: Three Butt Slut Positions

Can You Self Suck?

If only you could get that head in your own mouth, lol…

You Want to Suck Cock

…but not someone else’s.  Yes, there are a lot of you cocksucking faggots here on the site, but I also have pets who have a desire to suck cock, but are afraid – or just . . . → Read More: Can You Self Suck?