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Where To Find Cock

Let’s find you some cock!

It Shouldn’t Be Hard To Find Cock

You are such a cock craving slut.  I know, you started out tentatively licking and tasting your pre-cum, but that wasn’t enough.  Then you needed to taste your own cum – and you couldn’t just eat it out of your hand, could you?  . . . → Read More: Where To Find Cock

Cocksucking Seduction

It’s time to suck!

Seducing the Cocksucker

Oh?  Did you think this was going to be a post about seducing you by giving you a blow job?  Well, first you need to ask yourself if your cock is even worthy of being sucked by a sexy, beautiful woman like me – and . . . → Read More: Cocksucking Seduction

Popping The Cherry

Come be my ass slut!

I Love Virgins

They’re so rare sometimes. And it’s so hot to have a new sub come to me who’s never had a cock in his ass who so desperately wants to have his cherry popped.  C’mon, admit it guys, you enjoy all those virgins you’ve deflowered, so why . . . → Read More: Popping The Cherry

Strap-On FemDomme

I’ll make you my bitch!

What You Need

Do you need a Strap-On Mistress who really knows how to make your ass feel all nice and tingly?  One who knows her way around your nether regions, who can hit all those spots and make you cum like you never have before?  Well, you’ve found . . . → Read More: Strap-On FemDomme

Ass Slut Resolutions

Are you a Flaming Faggot?  Well, you’d better check out Cocksucker Resolutions and Cum Eater’s Resolutions as well! It is always best to be prepared, right?

Eventually… that ass will need to be stuffed!

You Want that Ass Filled

You are an Ass Slut, aren’t you?  Nothing makes you feel better than to have that ass pussy . . . → Read More: Ass Slut Resolutions

You Want to Eat Cum in 2014

You’ll need to get the cum from somewhere – maybe another cock?  Check out Cocksucker’s Resolutions…

You’ll become a connoisseur of cum!

Cum Eaters Resolutions

You want to eat cum for Ms. Christine, don’t you?  Of course you do.  You know how much it would please your Mistress to watch you clean up your own . . . → Read More: You Want to Eat Cum in 2014

Gay Merit Badges, Part 5

Make sure you check out the entire list of Gay Merit Badges…

Did you think that cucks weren’t really gay? lol…


You came here, and I’m sure you’ve already earned this Gay Merit Badge.  All you need to have done is suck a cock – a real cock.  Not a dildo, not . . . → Read More: Gay Merit Badges, Part 5

Cocksucker Resolutions

Resolve to be the best cocksucker!

To a Better Cocksucking Year

Are you a faggot cocksucker?  Well, you’re reading this blog, so of course you are!  You love sucking cock, feeling it stretch your jaw and fill your mouth, shooting a nice creamy load into your belly.  How can you make your cocksucking better in . . . → Read More: Cocksucker Resolutions