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Want To Be My Sissy Lesbian Girlfriend?

Ready to be my sissy girl?

I Need A Girlfriend

Okay, I have lots of girlfriends, but I’m short on “sissy” lesbian girlfriends.  I have regular girlfriends, and Mistress girlfriends (I mean they’re Mistresses and girlfriends – I’m Domme through and through, no switching here!)and tranny girlfriends.  But I need an extra, pretty sissy . . . → Read More: Want To Be My Sissy Lesbian Girlfriend?

3 Reasons Cuckolds Suck Cock

Cuckies love to suck!

Fluffing the Bull

Fluffing your hot wife/cheating girlfriend/Cuckoldress’ Bull is your main job as a cocksucking cuckold.  Perhaps your Mistress needs to slip into something more…naked?… and just doesn’t have the time to make sure her Bull’s cock is as hard as it can be, and ready for her . . . → Read More: 3 Reasons Cuckolds Suck Cock

Suck that Cock…

Do it for the cream!

…and get a creamy surprise!

I’ve asked before if cocksucking is just a means to an end?  Do you suck dick because you like the feeling of a warm, hard prick in your mouth?  Or do you suck dick to ultimately get that warm, creamy jizz to fill your . . . → Read More: Suck that Cock…

The Cocksucking Cowboy

Be my special cowboy!

Watching A Cowboy Suck Cock

There is just something about it. And I get to watch a lot of that down here in the South.  It’s so hot to see the very definition of American masculinity get down on his knees and take a cock deep into his throat – with . . . → Read More: The Cocksucking Cowboy

A Cuckold Orgy

This ones for you… and your small penis!

You know what I think we need?

A Cuckold Orgy!  No, it’s not an orgy of cuckolds.  Ugh, how boring would that be for me?  All those small dicked wimps milling about, no big cocks to satisfy me.  And what would a bunch of cuckolds do?  . . . → Read More: A Cuckold Orgy

The Making of a Bitch

You will beg for it!!!

You Need The Right Clothes

No, this isn’t about how I became the truly Dominant Mistress I am.  This is about turning you into my slutty little bitch!  I think first we should get you dressed.  I have such a selection of slutty clothes for you.  As you strip, . . . → Read More: The Making of a Bitch

Cocksucking Humiliation

Are you ready to learn?

Cocksucking Faggot

That’s what you are.  A cocksucking faggot.  You can’t get enough cock, but the well’s running dry.  Do you know why?  Because, from what I’ve heard you…well, I almost said suck at it, but that’s the whole problem.  You aren’t very good at sucking cock.  How . . . → Read More: Cocksucking Humiliation

What Kind of Cocksucker Are You?

As a Phone Sex Mistress, I enjoy it when the fantasy is all about cocksucking.  So tell me, what kind of cocksucker are you?

What kind of cocksucker are you?

The Reluctant Cocksucker

You say you really don’t want to suck cock, because that’s not what men do.  You’re right of course.  . . . → Read More: What Kind of Cocksucker Are You?