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Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step One

Cock is an addition for you… you must first admit it!

Admit You Are Powerless Over Cock

Your first step is to get up in front of the group, and admit your obsession with cock.  I want you to stand up, and in front of everyone say “Hi, I’m (state your name) and . . . → Read More: Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step One

Cocksuckers Anonymous

Hi, I’m Joe, and I suck cock.”  “Hi, Joe”

DISCLAIMER:  I am in NO WAY diminishing the good things that come out of real 12-step programs.  Take this in the fun way it’s intended.  And if you can’t?  Don’t read any farther!

Your 12 Step Program awaits…

A 12-Step Program For Cocksuckers

. . . → Read More: Cocksuckers Anonymous

Public Anal Play

That ass will be mine!

Play In Public

Many of my butt sluts like to play in public.  I’m not talking about going to a BDSM club or a play party.  They want to do something  involving anal play while they’re out and about doing normal everyday things.  Or, they’re following an anal training . . . → Read More: Public Anal Play

A Bi Boi Fantasy

A happy bi boi – in the making!

A Future Happy Bi Boi

One of my bi bois who I’ve known personally for a long time, has decided to exploring his bisexual fantasies.  We’ve talked about how desperate he was to suck cock, to have a Bull pop his anal cherry.  He complains about . . . → Read More: A Bi Boi Fantasy

Coerced Bi Play

You’ll do it for me, want you? 😉

Am I Gay?

I have many subs who call me and tell me that they would never do anything with another man.  I take that as a challenge.  Sucking cock, or taking a cock up your ass doesn’t make you gay.  It makes you bi-sexual . . . → Read More: Coerced Bi Play

2 Cuckolds

On the job – cuckold training… lol

Training A Cuckold

Most of my girlfriends know that I am a Femdom, and one them, recently told me that she wants to try cuckolding.  Jane knows that I have some expertise in cuckolding, and she told me about how her husband just wasn’t doing it . . . → Read More: 2 Cuckolds

Cocksucker Gangbang

Guy On Guy

I love guy-on-guy action.  Most of my personal porn collection is gay porn.  There’s nothing that gets me more turned-on than watching guys suck and fuck each other.  I don’t even need my Hitachi when I’m watching that (now mind you, I said I didn’t need it…doesn’t mean it isn’t buzzing away while . . . → Read More: Cocksucker Gangbang