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Hot Cock Sucking Calls

Yep…this is really one of my callers….

Phone Sex Cock Sucking Fun!

A Long Cock Sucking Call

I recently had a call with one of my faggot cocksuckers – and it was hot!  It wasn’t so much the fact that he had me guide his fantasy of sucking cock, so much . . . → Read More: Hot Cock Sucking Calls

Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 9

Cocksucking Assignment – who’s in?

Have You Made Your List?

Last week, you made two lists, didn’t you cock jockey?  One of cocks you’d like to suck, and one of cocks you’ve already had in your mouth.  Now, I’m hoping you’ve kept them updated, because you were supposed to take those names . . . → Read More: Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 9

3 Cocksucking Positions

Which position is right for you?

On Your Knees

This is the classic, on your knees, that big, thick rod popping out of his pants, bouncing off your chin.  When I train you to become a cocksucking faggot by sucking on my dildo, this is where we start.  Perfect for back alley . . . → Read More: 3 Cocksucking Positions

Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 8

Which is the cock of your dreams?

Make A List

Actually, I want you faggot cocksuckers to make 2 lists.  One list is that of all the cocks you want to suck, if you just had the chance.  Don’t limit yourself.  You know you’d love to get on your knees in front of James . . . → Read More: Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 8

Milking Masturbation

You’re ass is always stuffed!

If You’re a Butt Slut

You really need to try this during Masturbation May – if you haven’t already.  You already know how powerful your orgasms are when there’s a dildo or a cock banging up against your P-spot.  They’re stronger, longer and you shoot so far, . . . → Read More: Milking Masturbation

Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 7

Be all that you can be, cocksucker!

Step 7 – Ask a Higher Power to Make You a Better Cocksucker

Who would that higher power be?  Well, me of course.  If you’ve trolled through this site, you know that I’ve given you tons of tips on how to keep the “tip” happy!  I’ve talked . . . → Read More: Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 7

Masturbation May For Cocksuckers

Edging and sucking… for the multi-tasker!

A Special Challenge For My Knob Gobblers

If you’ve checked in over at Mistress Phone Sex (and why haven’t you?  I talk about cocksuckers there too!) you know I’ve posted a Masturbation May Stroking Challenge.  Some of you may have already started, stroking and edging 31 . . . → Read More: Masturbation May For Cocksuckers

Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 6

Humiliating cocksuckers is fun!

Step 6 doesn’t really work….

In a 12-step program, Step 6 is that you’re supposed to accept that a Higher Power can remove these defects in you character.  I really can’t spin that.  I don’t think sucking cock is a defect in your character.  It’s part of who you . . . → Read More: Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 6