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Cuckolds and Cocksucking

Learning the art of fluffing…

Not All Cuckolds Suck Cock

Some cuckolds – and even some cuckoldresses – aren’t into the bi-sex thing.  They may just get off on watching or being watched, maybe some cream pie eating at the end.  Some cuckolds don’t even watch, they just get off on being . . . → Read More: Cuckolds and Cocksucking

Becoming A Butt Slut

Being penetrated is such a submissive thing…

If You’re Not Sucking Cock…

…you’re taking it up the ass!  I’ve got a lot of pets whose fantasy is sucking cock, but having something inside their ass is a close second.  It could be my Big Black Cock, or it might actually be a . . . → Read More: Becoming A Butt Slut

Spreading The Cocksucker Gospel

Spread the word!

You’ve Completed Cocksuckers Anonymous, Now What?

Now that you’ve become one of my star cocksuckers at CA, your job isn’t done.  You see, part of Step 12 is not only coming to complete acceptance that you crave cock in all its glory.  There’s another, very important part to the . . . → Read More: Spreading The Cocksucker Gospel

Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 12

It’s official… you’re a cock whore!

You Really Are A Faggot Cocksucker!

Congratulations faggot!  You made it.  You’ve completed Ms. Christine’s 12-step Cocksucker’s Anonymous Program.  I’m so happy for you, because you can now be the dick hungry knob gobbler you’ve always wanted to be – and I always knew you were!

. . . → Read More: Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 12

A Triple Threat Anal Toy

You need a good butt plug!

My Butt Plugs Always Fall Out

That’s because you’re an ass whore!  Keep sticking bigger and bigger things up there, and no amount of clenching’s going to keep it in.  Even those relatively new to anal play can have a hard time keeping a smaller butt . . . → Read More: A Triple Threat Anal Toy

Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 11

You want it so bad, don’t you?

Give Yourself Over To Cock

Did you figure it out, pet, why you’re so addicted to cock?  Once you’ve figured that out, you can truly turn yourself over and accept the power that cock has over you – and the power you have over cock!  . . . → Read More: Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 11

Spit Roasted For Mistress Christine, Part 2

Check out Part 1 of this tale on Mistress Phone Sex Calls!

That ass will be mine!

A Horny Desperate Bi Boi

I’d arranged to have my She-male friend Crystal over to spit roast one of my bi boi pets.  I locked him up in a chastity cage and told . . . → Read More: Spit Roasted For Mistress Christine, Part 2

Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 10

You will suck for me…

Are You Really Powerless Over Cock

You are so close to the end of our 12-step program, faggot cocksucker!  You’ve come such a long way from that shy, timid cock curious  slut who was afraid to stand up and say “Hi, I’m Jerry, and I’m powerless over . . . → Read More: Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 10