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New Year’s Eve Butt Slut

How about some New Year’s Eve Fireworks with your Anal Play?

Sliding Down The Pole

I was just thinking about New Year’s Eve in Times Square.  You know how every year that have the big ball that slowly falls to Earth, counting down the last of the old year and bringing in . . . → Read More: New Year’s Eve Butt Slut

A Twist on Cuckold Cocksucking

All my cuckolds suck cock!

You Love My Bull’s Cock

Oh, I know you do.  As soon as he and I pop through the door, there you are, on your knees, waiting for him to bury that cock deep in your throat.  You so enjoy being our fluffer, sucking and licking that . . . → Read More: A Twist on Cuckold Cocksucking

Another Cocksucker Loses A Bet

Pay up loser!

A Blow Job Bet

You know about the last faggot cocksucker who bet me, right?  He thought he could give a better blow job than me – and we all know how wrong he was.  Of course, after paying off his bet by sucking off a 10 cock circle . . . → Read More: Another Cocksucker Loses A Bet

Some Kinky Cock Sucking

You’re a Cocksucker – Isn’t That Kinky Enough For You?

It’s about HOW you suck cock for Me!

You are a male, sucking a cock – isn’t that kinky enough for you?  Guys aren’t supposed to give blow jobs – they’re supposed to get them!  Of course, you have the twin dilemmas . . . → Read More: Some Kinky Cock Sucking

Extreme Strap-on Training

It’s Strap-On playtime!

For Experienced Butt Sluts Only

You come to me an experienced butt slut.  You do not just take it softly, sensually, or slowly into your ass pussy but love to have your ass pounded like there’s no tomorrow!  You crave it!  You need it!  You are obsessed with butt . . . → Read More: Extreme Strap-on Training

Advanced Deep Throat Techniques

I want that cock in your throat!

Stroke His Cock With Your Throat

If you haven’t mastered your gag reflex yet, don’t try this!  It’ll just make a very unappetizing mess, and you’re not going to get what you want – a big load of cum!  If you can control that gag . . . → Read More: Advanced Deep Throat Techniques

Making Cocksucking Fun

Knob gobbling should never be a chore, so make sure you always keep your cock sucking fun!

Cock sucking can be suck fun…

Anticipation is Key

If you watch porn – and I know you do! – you probably think the best way to suck cock is just pop it in your . . . → Read More: Making Cocksucking Fun

Coached Cock Sucking

I’ll be your cocksucking drill sergeant!

I’m All About Teaching You To Suck Cock

Before I became a cockteasing Femdom MILF, I never realized how many men have a fantasy about sucking cock.  For some of you, it’s just a fantasy, and you’d never do it for real.  Some would go as . . . → Read More: Coached Cock Sucking