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Four Anal Play Rules

Relax… Anal Play Should Be Fun

Rules to live by and be penetrated by…

Anal play can give you so much pleasure!  When we have some anal fun, I really want you to leave a confirmed butt slut.  How’s that going to happen if it’s painful, or you don’t have fun?  Starting . . . → Read More: Four Anal Play Rules

Had Enough Cock Sucking Today?

Trick Question, You Can Never Get Enough Cock Sucking!

Can you ever really get enough?

Whether you’re a cock sucking slut or a cock whore, you know you can never suck enough cock, don’t you?  Why, if it was at all possible, you know you’d love to go through life with . . . → Read More: Had Enough Cock Sucking Today?

Just Because You’re Cock Locked

…Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Masturbate

All locked up and needy…

If you’re cock locked and you can’t jerk it, then I guess we’ll need to find some other way to masturbate, huh?  And, if you’re reading this blog, I’m sure you know what that means, don’t you butt sluts? That’s right, anal . . . → Read More: Just Because You’re Cock Locked

Cocksucking Tool – Do It Yourself

Don’t Have A Dildo?

It’s a good place to start…

Before I ever let any of my cocksucking trainees lose on a real, live cock, I like to make sure they’ve been trained on how to smoke a pole with a dildo.  Those of you who have been around a while . . . → Read More: Cocksucking Tool – Do It Yourself