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Strapon Blowjob Training

StrapOn Blow Job Humiliation

It’s time for your lesson my pet!

All you wannabe faggot cocksuckers – strapon cock or otherwise – know that I like to start your knob gobbling training by having you practice on a dildo.  Sometimes, it’s just you and that fake cock, other times, I have you . . . → Read More: Strapon Blowjob Training

Anal Orgasms For You

If You’re Going to Take It Like A Woman

you’ll love cumming from anal penetration!

You know how I know you’re a anal slut?  As soon as I stride into the room, as soon as I stroll through the door and you see that big, black cock jutting from my waist, . . . → Read More: Anal Orgasms For You

Sucking Cock Earns An Orgasm

It Starts With Sucking Cock

Will you earn that orgasm you so crave?

That’s right, slut, you need to earn your orgasm today by sucking cock for me.  I’ve got a little point system set up, and every point earns you a stroke.  Oh, you though I was just going to . . . → Read More: Sucking Cock Earns An Orgasm