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Let’s Suck Cock Together

C’mon Faggot, You Know You Want To Suck Cock With Me

Let’s share something really special!

And I’ll tell you something, I want to suck cock with you too!  When you brought that big strapping man over, I was like “Damn!  That faggot has a good eye!”  And then, when we . . . → Read More: Let’s Suck Cock Together

Masturbation May Madness

Lots Of Bi-Boi Play & Masturbation

There really is something for everyone here!

Yes, of course masturbation! This blog isn’t just about cock sucking and cherry popping!  The whole idea of Straight Men Sucking Cock is that inside, there’s a bi-boi waiting to get out!  Since it is Masturbation May, I . . . → Read More: Masturbation May Madness

Ass Play: Inflatable Masturbation

You’ll Need And Inflatable Butt Plug Or Dildo

What a great way stretch yourself…

Inflatable butt plugs and dildos are wonderful training tools for ass play.  You’re going to need one for this assignment.  Pick out one that is easily inserted.  The whole point behind inflatables is that they go in . . . → Read More: Ass Play: Inflatable Masturbation

A Cock Sucker And Masturbation May Fun

I Think You Already Know Cock Sucker

Masturbation May is for you too cock sucker!

You already know how you’re going to be spending Masturbation May, don’t you my faggot cock sucker?  That’s right, on your knees with dick stuffed down your throat!  That’s not all of it though.  I know . . . → Read More: A Cock Sucker And Masturbation May Fun