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4th Annual Sissy School Beauty Pageant

All right girls this is a chance to show off your stuff. There will be five categories but you can submit to all of them but they have to be different pictures. The categories our: Miss Sissy School Glamour, Little Miss Sissy (for the girls), Miss Sissy Baby, Miss Sissy Maid and the famous Miss Sissy Slut. The photos can’t be headless but you can wear sun glasses and/or hats to disguise your face. If you send in multiple submissions make sure you note which picture is for each category. All submissions can be mailed to

This is not the time to be a wall flower; show your sexy self off. Be proud of the girl inside yourself. I want all of my Sissy Callers to participate. So much so that I’m willing to send you a free min recording if I think you’ve put in the effort to get beautiful for the contest. You can write out a short piece of what you like me to say on your recording. If you’d like, you can show of your pictures in my yahoo group. I can give some feedback on how girlie you look, or if you need to look more girlie.

Don’t for get about accessories little touches like earrings, scarves and purses can really finish an outfit off nicely. If you are looking for something unique to add to you out fit trying checking out some vintage clothing stores, or even second hand shops, for broaches or bracelets. Who knows you might even be able to find a fantastic piece of clothing for a fraction of the price. A girl has to love a good deal. If you are looking for fem phone sex inspiration call me.


MsJamie 1-800-356-6169

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