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6 Tips For Awesome Anal Play, Part 1

Anal Play with Mistress Christine

You have to learn to be a butt slut!

Lube for Anal Play

Any awesome anal play session starts with lube – good quality lube.  Silicone based lube is great because it’s not absorbed by your mucous membranes and it will stay slick for a good long while.  If you like to play with metal or glass toys, it’s perfect, but it will absolutely destroy your rubber or silicone plugs and dildos.  So, if those are the type of toys you have – or will be using at any point – stick to water based lubes.  Ms. Constance has an excellent page with lube reviews you should check out!

Proper Preparation Is Key To Anal Play

I know, butt slut, you really want my big black cock in your ass, but if you’re new to anal play, it’s not going to work.  There are exceptions to every rule, but you’d have to be born a butt slut to take that thing if you’re an anal newbie.  So, start with fingers, and once you can slide two or three in there comfortably, then start using a butt plug that’s roughly the same size.  Dildos come in all shapes and sizes too.  You can work up to being a Size Queen!

Start Slow When Doing Anal Play

For anal play, this goes along with Proper Preparation.  When I’m popping a butt sluts cherry, I don’t go balls deep on the first thrust, and I don’t fuck them fast and furious from the get go.  I guess part of it is that I really want them to love the experience, so they’ll crave it later on.  You want to know what the real turn on for me in going slow is?  You get to feel every slow, delicious sensation as I violate you and make you my butt slut bitch!

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6 comments to 6 Tips For Awesome Anal Play, Part 1

  • Richard Kline

    Ms. Christine I do like the normal way but I have a bad knee which makes it difficult. I do love it on my back with my legs over your shoulders. The funny thing that is my favorite position with a woman too. The visual I get is such a turn on. Taking it slow to start is definitely the way to go.

  • Ms. Christine,

    I really love these anal sex tips. I am like you, pleasure focused and anal can feel so good as long as the guy takes the time and allows for some prep time as you mentioned in this wonderful post. His ass will be having the time of his life with a hot sexy Mistress like you! Starting off slow. I love this not only is it smart for anal play. I like it because starting off slow adds to the anal play experience and of course can be such a tease! Awesome tips! XoXo

    • Christine

      Thanks for stopping by Ms Andi and I’m glad you liked the post. And you are right of course, going slow isn’t just for functionality, it makes for a sexy tease… and I know you know your way around anal play as well 😉

  • Starting slow is the key. I had bought a medium size buttplug a few years ago when I wasn’t ready for one that big and it hurt big time getting in and then I saw stars when I popped it out. So yeah start slow and don’t get too confident early on that you can take a big one….lol

    • Christine

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us Stephanie. And yes, slow and steady, while building up to the bigger ones, wins the race. Everytime!

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