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I get asked this question at least once a day.  You cocksuckers seem to be overly concerned about whether sucking dick makes you gay or not.  Smoking a pole doesn’t necessarily make you gay.  Some of you are still strongly attracted to women – okay, women who pack strap-ons, but women nonetheless – so it would seem that your bi, not gay.  If you’re really worried though, here’s a quiz.

Get Out Your Training Dildo

I know you have one.  I told you to get one.  How else are you going to learn to suck cock  if you don’t practice?  So, go ahead knob gobbler, go get it.  Tell me, did it make you just a little bit scared to pull it out of its hiding place?  Well, if it did, you’re probably not gay yet.  Then again, maybe you are.  Maybe it scared you because you know how much you want the real thing, hmmm?  Well, either way, whether it scared you, left you hard in anticipation, or made you feel happy, let’s move on.

Love That Cock

Now, let’s see how you react to that dick.  You did get a life size replica, didn’t you?  I hope it has balls, because I want you to tilt you head back and drop those balls in your mouth.  That’s right, teabag yourself, just like those nasty porn whores you’re always asking me to watch with you.  Make sure the shaft lays along your face.  If it’s big enough, the head of that dildo should be past your forehead.  Now tell me…is your cock hard?  Are you stroking it while you teabag yourself?  If you are you really are a sissy faggot, so you’d better get yourself some panties, put them on and give me a call.  Or maybe you’re just a cocksucking faggot… or both! You know you can’t cum without permission!!

Not stroking yet?  Well, check back for the next post.  I think more testing needs to be done…

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

10 comments to Am I Gay?

  • cock sucking pet

    GODDESS I love serving MASTER am I gay?

    • Christine

      You are a bit bi – since you like serving My and Master’s feet, cock sucking pet! But the part where you suck cock does make you rather gay 😉

  • littl billy

    i luv having sex w/Men,dildos cucumbers. i don’t mind hangin’ with Women. I can get some beauty tips now & then but they mostly get them from me as i an very, very pretty. It’s certainly a relief t’kno i’m not gay

    • Christine

      Hmmm, littl billy, I was willing to give you some benefit of the doubt, until you said, “I don’t mind hanging with women…” that’s where you lost your arguement. If all you want from a woman is a gal-pal relationship where you can get beauty tips, then does mean you gay dear!

  • If a guy sucks cock even if it is tranny cock then he isn’t straight, no other way around it. He might be bi he might be gay but definitely not straight. And I think a guy getting a blow job or fucking another guy isn’t gay. As long as he isn’t the one taking the cock I still consider him straight. But that’s my useless opinion.

    For me personally I know I’m not straight as I have sucked real life cock. I know I’m at least bi but not sure if I’m gay. My attraction for men is increasing (love the older bears and muscle guys) while my attraction for women is decreasing over the last few years. I now wonder if my attraction to women has always been envy rather than sexual attraction.

    As far as your quiz, the vibrator that I play with is my wife’s when she isn’t around. The one I always play with is her biggest and the one that has a penis shaped like head. When I play with it I really work my tongue around the head especially under that little lip on the far side of the head. I do get rock hard when doing this.

    • Christine

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Stephanie and while you do make great points… in the end, it is about perspective. There are men who want NO intereaction with another man, other than occasionally sucking cock. It’s more about the kinky and submissiveness. There are also men who only do it in the presence of a woman, and she has to be in charge of it.

      In the end, I personally think that to truly be gay, you need to have an emotional attachment to someone of the same sex, or want one.

      • Thank you for the feedback Mistress Christine.

        Up until recently I had purely thought about men in the sexual sense but recently I’ve become curious about having an emotional relationship with another man. I even had another man tell me my domestic submissive nature of splitting the domestic chores around the house with my wife was a sign that I needed a man to take care of me. He might be right.

        I definitely agree with you about perspective. I think guys also need to not be embarrassed about it and be honest with themselves. Do they truly need a woman there to enjoy it or do they need them there to help keep them in denial about what they are doing?

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