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Are You A Cum Connoisseur

Ms. Christine

Just for the taste of it…right?

Do You Love Cum?

I bet you do!  I’ll bet you are my cum slut pet. Remember the first time I had you suck down your own seed?  How you didn’t want to do it, how hesitant you were?  But now?  Now you’ll take it any way you can get it, as long as all that sticky white cream ends up on you or inside of you – or both!  I wonder, if it comes from a twink – would you think of it as a nice creamy filling?  You guzzle cum like it’s water and you’ve been exercising all day!

Cum Covered

How does it feel when those ropy jets of spunk start shooting out of that cock, landing all over you?  Do you try to make sure it lands on your face, in your hair, and do you try to get a body shot?  That feeling of rivers of cum dripping down your face and onto your chest just make you feel completely like a slut, just like all those girls you see in those videos.

Cum Guzzler

Maybe you don’t aim that cock for your body – but you aim it right into your mouth.  You love those guys who cum hard, don’t you, so you can feel those jets of spunk landing against the back of your throat.  Then you squeeze and stroke that cock, making sure you get every last drop onto your tongue so you can swirl it around a bit before you swallow it all down.

1 comment to Are You A Cum Connoisseur

  • Mistress Christine Cum Connoissuer is just what i am! Your cum slut pet?You bet i am!You just know yo uhad no problem with you commanded me to eat my own cum for you for the first time!I just love all that sticky white stuff in my mouth and all over my face!I emember the days when my then girlfriend had me on my little faggot knees doing a circle jerk in my pink babydoll nighty and when it came time for the cum shots!She order me to open my mouth wide and then every man there all arat to take turns blowing their big loads in my outh and all over my face!The big heavy blasts hitting me and splattering all over!The feel of all that warm jizz running down my face dripping off my chin on to my chest!Being told to swallow it and having my girlfriend and maybe some of the other women there using table spoons to scrap it off my chest and face and feeding it to me!Telling me to swallow once they put it in my mouth!Thoses were the days!

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