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3 BJ techniques That Will Make Him Scream

Blowjob Technique #1 – Tease To Please

Practice your favorite BJ techniques…

You know you love to be teased.  Most guys though?  They want a quick suck session, so they can get off and get back to watching the game or surfing the web for more porn!  I’m telling you though, if . . . → Read More: 3 BJ techniques That Will Make Him Scream

Sucking A Small Cock

Consider it a practice cock… to hone your suck skills!

Pindicks Deserve Blow Jobs Too

I’ve given you lots of tips on how to suck a big cock.  You need to know how to do that.  First, because as my cuckold cocksucker, you know Ms. Christine don’t bring home pindicks!  Second because, . . . → Read More: Sucking A Small Cock

Knowing When He’s Gonna Blow

Tease that cock with your mouth!

Get Ready For The Cum Shot

One of the comments on my post about Stroking & Sucking was by Jamie Michelle.  Jamie talked about how she learned by experience to tell when her guy was about to shoot his load, and how that was a very . . . → Read More: Knowing When He’s Gonna Blow

Cock Sluts Vs. Cock Whores

Which sort of cock lover are you?

Is There Really A Difference

Of course there is – at least to me.  I mean, both cock sluts and cock whore bob on the knob.  The difference is in their reasons for doing it – or should I say, the reasons they tell themselves . . . → Read More: Cock Sluts Vs. Cock Whores

Cocksucking Humiliation

Are you ready to learn?

Cocksucking Faggot

That’s what you are.  A cocksucking faggot.  You can’t get enough cock, but the well’s running dry.  Do you know why?  Because, from what I’ve heard you…well, I almost said suck at it, but that’s the whole problem.  You aren’t very good at sucking cock.  How . . . → Read More: Cocksucking Humiliation

Blow Job Mistakes, Part 2

Make sure you check out Blow Job Mistakes, Part 1.  You don’t want to commit any of these fellatio faux pas….

I love to hear you gag on a big cock!

Let’s Not Replay The Nutcracker Suite

It’s a wonderful ballet, and perfectly appropriate for the season, but please, don’t crush your man’s . . . → Read More: Blow Job Mistakes, Part 2

Gay Merit Badges, Part 1

I was going back through the old posts on Straight Guys Sucking Cock, and came across one of Ms. Hunter’s old posts from 2009 with a list of Gay Merit Badges.  And the link for the merit badge store is dead!  Who didn’t want Gay Merit Badges?  So, I figured I’d take Ms. Hunter’s . . . → Read More: Gay Merit Badges, Part 1

Blow Job Mistakes, Part 1

If you’re going to suck cock, try not to make these mistakes…

I’ll make sure you become a pro!

Watch Those Teeth

Remember, you’re supposed to be bobbing on the knob, not gnawing on his cock!  I mean, I know you’ve either never had a blow job, or it’s been so long . . . → Read More: Blow Job Mistakes, Part 1

Advanced Cocksucker Training, Part 7

So many cocksuckers…and so much more to teach you! But I don’t want you to miss out on any of this training Series, so if you are just joining us, head back over to Part 1…

Ready for a mouth full?

You Have to be Turned On

I know, you already are . . . → Read More: Advanced Cocksucker Training, Part 7

And Then From Bitch To A Whore

You’ve become my slut, you’ve become my bitch, now it’s time to become Ms. Christine’s whore!

And now you’re a whore…

What Makes A Slut Different From A Whore?

Simply this.  Sluts have sex for themselves.  Whores do it for someone else.  So, since you are such a well-trained, slutty bitch . . . → Read More: And Then From Bitch To A Whore