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What Is A Sissygasm?

If you want to cum sissy, you’ll do it this way…

Some Feminization Mistresses, and/or Cock Sucking Coaches, would consider it a sissygasm any time your sissy clit squirts out some juice.  Even if that sissy stick squirts when it’s being rubbed, like any clit should be, then . . . → Read More: Sissygasms

Sissy In A Box

You know where your mouth goes sissy…

I Have A Special Box

No, not my pussy!  That’s such a crude term to describe it, although there are worse, things that start with “G” and “T” and even “C” – which we will not mention here, but which I have been known to . . . → Read More: Sissy In A Box

Sissy Strap-On Fun

Ready for your sissy bitch training?

Open Up Your Sissy Pussy

You’ve been begging to be fucked, haven’t you sissy?  Every time you come to me, you beg to be my bitch.  Well, tonight’s the night.  We’ve spent weeks opening up that sissy pussy with bigger and bigger butt plugs, and now . . . → Read More: Sissy Strap-On Fun

Want To Be My Sissy Lesbian Girlfriend?

Ready to be my sissy girl?

I Need A Girlfriend

Okay, I have lots of girlfriends, but I’m short on “sissy” lesbian girlfriends.  I have regular girlfriends, and Mistress girlfriends (I mean they’re Mistresses and girlfriends – I’m Domme through and through, no switching here!)and tranny girlfriends.  But I need an extra, pretty sissy . . . → Read More: Want To Be My Sissy Lesbian Girlfriend?

Catch it all Sissy

oh my… a cum covered sissy!

Nothing Better than a Cum Covered Sissy When my sissy pets are all dressed up in their lacy lingerie, on their knees worshiping a throbbing hard cock, there’s no better way to finish up the festivities that to watch them get a face full of cum! A cum . . . → Read More: Catch it all Sissy

Taking a Sissy

It’s time for you to be MY bitch!

Lube it Up Did you read about my Butt Slut Positions?  One of those was the classic doggy-style, ass up, head down.  This is one of my favorite positions to take a sissy ass pussy in.  I love having them drop to their knees in . . . → Read More: Taking a Sissy

Pretty Pantied Peter Puffer

Such a good little sissy…

Is There Anything Better?

Well, if there is, I don’t know what it is!  My knees get weak, and I get this tingling between my legs.  Just thinking about one of my sissy sluts, dressed in her pretty panties, silky hose and lacy bra, dropping down on . . . → Read More: Pretty Pantied Peter Puffer

Your Sissy Clit, My Big Fat Dick

There’s No Comparison

My strap-on is on and ready…

There really isn’t, not between your small, pathetic sissy clit and my big, black dick, my Marcus.  That’s why you find yourself in panties and bra and kneeling before me.  You can’t please me with your sissy clit, so we’ll need to find . . . → Read More: Your Sissy Clit, My Big Fat Dick

How to be the Best Sissy Cocksucker

Every man knows that sissy can suck cock!

Meet Sissy Kendra

Sissy Kendra is one of my longtime sissy callers – and has she come a long way!  From the time I first talked with her, until now, this gurl has really embraced her slutty femme side.  And she is such a . . . → Read More: How to be the Best Sissy Cocksucker

Sissies Love to Suck

My pets love sissy play dates!

2 Sissies, 2 Cocks

Double the fun – for Ms. Christine!  There’s nothing like watching two of my sissy pets suck each other off.  Now, I’m not talking about pantie boi sissies here either.  I’m talking about two sissies dressed up in their sluttiest attire.  Panties, bras, . . . → Read More: Sissies Love to Suck