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Cocksucking and Cum Eating

Cocksucking And Cum Eating Go Hand In Hand

Cum Eating for Ms Christine

Cum eating is a reward for sucking cock!

Or cock in mouth!  If you’re going to suck that cock, and you’re going to do a good job at it – and you will to please your Mistress, won’t you? – then at some point, you’re going to feel that cock swelling in your mouth and getting ready to erupt.  And, like the good little cocksucking faggot you are, you’re going to eat all that cum, aren’t you?  Of course you are!  I know for many of you, cocksucking is a means to an end.  What you really want is a mouth full of jizz!

Swallowing Cum

There is nothing like getting it straight from the tap, now is there?  So, are you a quick, gulp it down cum swallower?  Just want to get it over with?  Or, are you a true cocksucking, cum guzzling whore.  Do you let it nut off, and then hold it in your mouth?  Maybe you even show it off to the guy, letting him know just how honored you are by the gift he’s given you?

Or Do You Like To Wear It?

Do you like your cock to mark you?  Even if you’re in to be facialized – cool word, right?, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat up all that white, creamy goo!  Sure, leave some of it in your hair to dry so when you make your walk of shame, everyone knows what a slut you are!  But go ahead, wipe that spooge off your cheeks, your nose, your forehead, and suck it right up.  Yum!  Finger lickin’ good!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

8 comments to Cocksucking and Cum Eating

  • Mistress Christine Cocksucking And Cum Eating Go Hand In Hand just like Peas and Carrots!

    You know what a Little Sissy Fagot Cum Swallower I am and every Man just Loves it when I Swallow his Warm & Salty Cream after giving him one of my best Wet & Sloppy Blow Jobs!

    And there’s no way better to get all of that Yummy Creamy Cum than Straight from The Tap and into my Little Cum Hungry Sissy Faggot Mouth as I suck him Bone Dry right Down to the (His) Bone!~Sissy Winks!~

  • littl billy

    that’s the whole point o’ fellatio-The Cum-or as U-Mistress Christine-…hav explained it b4 as “…a means to an end”. i luv Cum. i luv everything about cum Goddess Christine. It’s taste, it’s texture, it’s feel…everything. And…it’s good for you, good 4 the skin, good 4 the hair, and it’s filling and satisfying. And while performing fellatio is definitely humiliating, the reward is worth it. And while i don’t like wearing it out, i feel like whatever (j)iz iz meant to be. i prefer swallowing it all-i admit, i can be very greedy-if it winds up hitting me in my face, hair or on my clothes,then that’s where it should be. As i’ve alluded to b4, it’s good for the skin & hair. The only place i won’t waste it is th’floor. i will immediately mop it up w/my tongue

  • wetspot

    Maybe it’s me but I would have to know someone extremely well before I exchanged bodily fluids. Also it was never really important about swallowing to me. Sure it’s great but the buildup to the orgasm is what’s sweet to me. That my two cents

    • Christine

      In all honesty wetspot, keeping your bodily fluids to yourself is always safest. That said, the build up is totally hot for many men, so you’re in good company my dear!

  • Ms. Christine, I have to share!!

    Recently I had an amazing cum lapper do a cam call. He was facialized (yes, I LOVE that word) and he licked up every single droplet of cum from his face and body and licked it all up. I would say you are so right. Cum is the reward for sucking cock OR for being allowed an orgasm!

    Nicely written!

    Ms. Delia

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