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Before I ever let any of my cocksucking trainees lose on a real, live cock, I like to make sure they’ve been trained on how to smoke a pole with a dildo.  Those of you who have been around a while know that you should have a variety of fake cocks – big ones, thick ones, thin ones, ones that squirt.  But, if you’re simply cock curious, and have only ever fantasized about sucking cock – and haven’t actually taken the steps to suck one – you might not have a dildo handy.  So, here’s a way you can have a do it yourself cocksucking training aid.

CockSucking And The Ice Dildo

Now, I have to give credit to Ms. Delia for this idea.  She wrote about it over on Anal Training Phone Sex…and obviously, she was using it to train her butt sluts to take cock up their ass.  I thought though, couldn’t this work just as well for cocksucking?  Of course it could!  So, what you’re going to do is make yourself a big, fat, ice cock!  Think of it as a cocksicle!  This also addresses the issue of others in the house don’t know you’re a knob gobbling queer, because when your training session is over, the cock disappears (like most of your own cocks when I finally allow you to cum!)

CockSucking Training With Your Cocksicle

When you’re ready to learn how to suck cock, bring your cocksicle. Read my posts, like Fundamentals of Fellatio, and just follow the instructions.  You know what would be even hotter?  If you grabbed your icy treat, then called me up, and I could train you in the art of cocksucking personally!  I might even have you rub your cocksicle across your hard nipples, or through that pool of precum you’ll drip – and have you lick it off!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

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