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Cuckold Denial Leads To More

Cuckolding with Ms. Christine

Cuckolding is about her pleasure… and that should make you happy!

Cuckolding Is About Denial

For you!  Not for your Cuckoldress.  She’s getting all the cock she could ever want, all the pleasure, all the orgasms.  For you, my cuckold pet, though, it’s about not having any of those things anymore.  Part of the pleasure of being a cuckolding hot wife is having that power to deny her cuck those wonderful feelings, and to know he’s doing it all for her – that that’s where his pleasure comes from.

It’s not Just Chastity

Although that is a big part of it.  Many cuckolds are locked in chastity.  Since it is all about his Mistress’ pleasure, she has found that the way to keep him focused on that is to make sure his dick gets none.  Having control over his masturbation, over his orgasms just enforces her role in the relationship as the superior member.  She gets to revel in her ability to take pleasure whenever and wherever she wants, while he is denied.  It’s not just your ability to masturbate she’s taken away from you, though, is it?

She Used To Feel So Good

Remember when she’d suck your cock, or let you slide it inside her sopping wet pussy?  She felt so good, didn’t she?  You know why she has all those lovers – she’s a sexual animal!  None of that is for you anymore.  All you get to do is watch as she shows you just how to suck that cock, making it hard and ready for her – you didn’t think I’d forget to include cocksucking in this post did you?  And doesn’t it make you just a bit wistful to remember what it was like to thrust away inside her, as you watch her take the big black cock deep inside of her, reducing her lover to a quivering heap as he fills her with his seed?  She’s taken that all away from you.

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

2 comments to Cuckold Denial Leads To More

  • Mistress Christine yes i do remember all of those tings that Women have done to me as their Cuckold Sissy Boyfriend! 😉

    How they would let me slide my Little Sissy Clit as deep as the Little 4 inches could go into them and how they give me blow jobs to teach me how to be the best Cock Sucker that i can be and then they shut me off from all Sex with them and they would only allow their BIG Cock Bulls to SLide it Deep into them and after they had all of the Earth Shattering Ogams they could handle and the Bull filled them with his Warm and Salty Load i would be allowed to be her Clean Up Slut and use my Little Sissy Faggot Mouth to make certain they were both totally clean and spotless! 🙂

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