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Gay Merit Badges, Part 3

Make sure you check out the entire list of Gay Merit Badges…This week, it’s all about the Queens!  You have to have the Queen Merit Badge first, before you can get one of these.

Coerced Bi Mistress Christine

How about a few feminine badges…

The Drama Queen

We all know Drama Queens, don’t we?  You call your Mistress and want to lament about how you can’t find a cock to suck, or how you went down on a guy and he didn’t reciprocate, or how your hot wife and her Bull don’t respect you.  Well, of course not!  You have a small penis and all you’re good for is fluffing and clean-up duty!  So, if you’ve ever complained to a Mistress about your cocksucking adventures (shouldn’t you just be happy that you had a cock to suck?), you get this Merit Badge.

The Closet Queen

You have all the clothes, but you’re just too afraid to go out and show everyone what a pretty, sexy sissy you are.  So, if you dress up, but only at home, and only when you’re either:
a) alone
b) on a call with your Mistress

Then you are a Closet Queen.  Of course, I don’t know where you’re going to wear your badge…. hehehe

Muscle Queen

To obtain this merit badge you must be a Queen to begin with.  Not only do you have panties, bras, etc., but you also have leotards, lots of spandex and maybe even some yoga pants (they really make your ass look hot, don’t they?)  We’ll add some glitter to this merit badge if you have the audacity to actually wear your sissy gym clothes when you work out!

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