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Gay Merit Badges Part 4

3 more Queens – hey, that’s a pretty good “poke her” hand, right? Now, remember, you have to earn the Queen merit  badge first, before you can get these…

Faggot Training Ms Christine

Let’s get you dressed sissy!

Nelly Queen

You know what a “nelly” is right?  That’s a swishy, mincing, limp-wristed, lisping, effeminate faggot.  Now, a Nelly Queen means you dress up and try to make out like you are an actual lady.  Of course, since you’re a slutty, sissy whore, it’s kind of hard to come off as a lady, huh?  To get the Nelly Queen badge, you have to act like this, and you have to act like this around everyone while you’re in your sissy persona.  So, you can’t be a Closet Queen  and a Nelly Queen at the same time.  You have to be out of the closet to be a Nelly Queen 😉

Drag Queen

You should probably be a Closet Queen.  You can’t pass.  A Drag Queen loves dressing up, but there’s something obviously masculine about some of  them.  Maybe it’s their hairy back – try a razor or some Nair, sissy! – their deep bass voice, or the mustache or beard they refuse to shave off!  I give you props if you do your Queen act in public – even if it’s only at a fetish party!  So, if despite everything, you’re still obviously a man when you’re dressed up?  You get the Drag Queen merit badge.

Size Queen

Do I even have to explain?  If you think bigger is better – and we’re talking about the cocks you suck and shove in your ass pussy – then you are a Size Queen.  Much as I gave a Fag Hag merit badge to every Mistress at the Enchantrix Empire, I am giving honorary Size Queen merit badge to all of us as well.  How do you earn one?  You have to have sucked or fucked a dick that’s more than 8 inches in length.  If you have, you’re not only a Size Queen…you’re an amazing faggot as well – you go sissy!

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