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How About A Little Glory Hole Humiliation

Mistress Christine

Are you ready to go to the glory hole?

Cocksucking Faggots Always Come Back For More

You just can’t get enough, can you, my cocksucking faggot?  I really wonder if there is any way we can satisfy your cock whore urges?  What is it that turns you on about it?  Is it the feel of those cocks sliding in your mouth?  Is it when they swell and explode, shooting their hot load down your throat?  Or, is it because you know it’s really the only way you’re going to get a woman’s attention?  Even if that attention is only there because she enjoys watching you humiliate yourself?

You Just Love Cock

I don’t think it has anything to do with women.  Oh, I think having a women there, urging you on, calling you a cum slut cocksucker is icing to the cake, but I really think what makes you hot, hard and horny is the cock itself.  A bigger, thicker cock than your own.  That, and the knowledge that you can please it, that you can make it feel oh so good!

The Glory Hole

That’s why you go to glory holes.  And you find that room that’s got the holes on 3 of the walls, so you can be surrounded by cock.  Two in your hands, one deep in your mouth.  Tell me faggot, do you ever stand up, bend over, and slide one up your ass?  I’ll bet you do!  You know you’re a faggot cocksucker, so why not go all the way and become an ass fucked bitch too? 😉

8 comments to How About A Little Glory Hole Humiliation

  • sissy carlas

    Its all your fault, you turned my little cock craving fun, into a full blown (lol), CUM DEPENDANT SISSY WHHORE. A couple nights ago, i shamlessly sent my wife/Mistress in training, out to a local nightclub to bring me home some cock, two if possible. I even told her you.can fuck him if you want, just dont drain all his cock juice. You have turned me into this sheless cock sucking whore cum slurping sissy ass slut. I’m not sure if you.should be proud or ashamed, but like I told my wife, I don’t care if you fuck him. Wow, I don’t know what I need more, a srink, or more cock……

    • Christine

      I am proud, not ashamed at all 🙂 I take full responsibility for making you the cum / cock slut you are Sissy carlas, even though we both know you love it as much as I do 😉

  • Mistress Christine you know i can’t ever get enough of cock to suck!I just love it for all the reasons you said here.The being on my sissy faggot knees and taking that nice stiff hard cock in my mouth and feeling how soft it is as i slide it in and out of my hungry mouth.Working up my spit and slurping on it and hearing him moan with pleasure as i look up at his face and see how he loves it! 😉 Feeling it expand in my mouth as he moans very loud and his ass is pumping up and down as he begins to unload his nuts into my mouth and i taste his warm cum and feel it slide down my throat and i keep swallowing and sucking until he goes limp! 🙂 Then of course most of all is the way it gets your undivided attention!How you smile as you look down at me and tell me just how much you love little sissy faggots like me! 🙂 You grab me by my little faggot head and begin to pump it up and down as you tell me what a worthless little faggot i am and how you’re going to use me and humiliate me for your pleasure! 😉 I do love to have a bigger and thicker cock in my mouth as well!You know i just love the Glory Holes and i just might have on one or two occasions bent over and took it up my tight little sissy faggot pussy! 🙂 Of course you would just love that and maybe even stand me up and bend me forward to suck the big cocks through the hole as you use your big “Marcus” strap-on and take me from behind! 🙂

    • Christine

      You’ll never be able to get enough of cocksucking, will you stupid little faggot? That’s because you are well past the point of no return 🙂 Of course all that cream cum doesn’t hurt either, right?

      And don’t worry, Marcus will always be close by 😉

  • sissy slavet ted

    what a inspiring story to read on a
    riday afternoon

    sissy slave ted

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