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I Have 3 Reasons To Peg You

I love pegging – taking a guy with my strap-on.  There are lots of reasons, lots of things that make it fun, but here are my top three.

Mistress Christine

Don’t worry, I’ll hit the spot!

It’s Very Powerful

It starts when I pull that strap-on out.  I like to have my victi-… er, I mean, pets…help me into the harness, and then have them stroke and maybe lick the dildo a bit.  I want to make sure they have a clear idea of what’s about to happen.  And as a Strap-On Mistress, I find it to be very hot, very impowering to be the one doing the penetrating.  It’s almost as if I can pin you down just with my cock.  And that strap-on is so much more superior to yours, isn’t it?  It never gets tired, it never goes soft.  I can fuck you all night long if I want, just driving into you over and over again.

It’s Taboo

Let’s face it, men are supposed to do the fucking, not get fucked.  And of course, there’s the whole taboo of anal sex in general, whether it’s the girl or the guy being penetrated.  But doesn’t that taboo just ramp up when you combine the two?  The guy…being penetrated…in the ass?  There’s the whole dynamic behind it.  You tell me, what’s considered more gay – being butt fucked or sucking cock? Just keep in mind, neither one makes you gay.  It’s all about having fun!

Your Ass Is A Hotspot of Sensations

Yes, let us both agree that as a Femdom, our relationship is all about me – but that doesn’t mean I don’t want you to have a good time and feel good.  And the male ass is just full of nerve endings and what my good friend Ms. Delia calls “hotspots”.  Those of you who have engaged in strap-on play know that there’s nothing better than having that rubber rod slide up against your prostate.  It’s as close as you’ll get to a G-spot orgasm!

6 comments to I Have 3 Reasons To Peg You

  • sissy robyn

    Mistress Christine, oh how I long to be turned into a cock n cum loving sissy bitch faggot. Butt, first and foremost, I want to be trained by you. If I’m worthy of the privilige. Just the thought of your strapon in my girli hands an mouth. Then you get me on all fours and pound me doggy style, just the thought of your hands on my hips pulling me back as you thrust forward over and over. Then you push me down flat on your bed, you slam your dildo to its balls inside me pinning me down, you whisper such sweet and nasty things into my ear, then I feel your lips on my neck as you squeeze the bulb and fill my girli hole with your love juice!!!!

    • Christine

      I have no doubts that you would really love my big strapon, and the way I handle you like the little feminine thing you are now. And from there, yes, it will be time to move on to real men. And I will use you with these men to both please them and amuse me 🙂

  • Mistress Christine you know i would just love to help you get into that strap-on!It be so hot and i know just what is to come also! 😉 This sissy faggot first giving it a few strokes as i tell you just how powerful and dominate it makes you look!You order me to my knees and i slowly lick and suck it before taking the head of it in my hungry little mouth!I give it a real good sucking as you humiliate me pushing my head up and down on it forcing it deep into my pretty little faggot mouth and laughing as you hear me gag on it!
    Men as supposed to do the fucking alright but, we all know i am not a man!You order me to my feet and tell me to turn with my back towards you and order me to drop my panties to me feet and you bend me over slowly forcing your strap-on in my little sissy pussy!You slowly work it in deeper and deeper as you tell how you’re going to be pegging me for hours and how you just love to get a good work out this way!
    Yes it is about us both having fun but as always your pleasure comes first!It doesn’t matter which is more gay!You know i love both sucking and fucking and as for the gay part……we all know you help bring out the true faggot i really am deep down in side! 🙂

    • Christine

      I do, indeed, know just how to bring the true faggot, as well as the sissy out of you stupid little faggot! 😉

      • Mistress Christine yes you do in deed know how to do it!
        I see how your years of experience have paid off in aces when dealing with little sissy faggots like me!
        You are so powerful and dominate i am just clay in your powerful hands to shape and mold as you wish and to get maximum pleasure from as it is always about your pleasure first!You have three of the greatest reasons in the world to peg me! 🙂

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