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Four Anal Play Rules

Relax… Anal Play Should Be Fun

Rules to live by and be penetrated by…

Anal play can give you so much pleasure!  When we have some anal fun, I really want you to leave a confirmed butt slut.  How’s that going to happen if it’s painful, or you don’t have fun?  Starting . . . → Read More: Four Anal Play Rules

Anal Play: Making Your Cherry Popping Enjoyable

Anal Play, Mistress guidance, and I’ll take your cherry too… 😉

First Time Anal Jitters

The first time you’re anally invaded – whether it’s by my strap-on or a real cock – can be stressful and full of anxiety.  That can cause problems, because when you’re anxious, everything tenses up – . . . → Read More: Anal Play: Making Your Cherry Popping Enjoyable

Strap-On Cuckolding

Oh… you’re getting fucked! lol… one way or another…

The Full Service Cuckold

Just like there is a wide variety of cocksuckers, there is a wide variety of cuckolds.  There’s the voyeur cuckold who just likes to watch while I get taken to Pound Town, or the cuckold who participates by licking . . . → Read More: Strap-On Cuckolding

Anal Play And Bondage

Plugged when I want you to be!

Two of My Favorite Things

Sometimes, I like to combine my love of anal play with my love of bondage.  That might mean I tie you down to my combination spanking/anal play bench, so you just have to take the buggering I’m about to give . . . → Read More: Anal Play And Bondage

A Pocket Rocket For July 4th

It’s time to play!

Every Lady Has One

A pocket rocket.  A small vibrator that we can carry around in our purse.  I keep mine for emergencies.  You know, if I’m at a bar or a club, and I see an especially hot guy – and he’s already with someone!  I mean, . . . → Read More: A Pocket Rocket For July 4th

A Triple Threat Anal Toy

You need a good butt plug!

My Butt Plugs Always Fall Out

That’s because you’re an ass whore!  Keep sticking bigger and bigger things up there, and no amount of clenching’s going to keep it in.  Even those relatively new to anal play can have a hard time keeping a smaller butt . . . → Read More: A Triple Threat Anal Toy

Ass Slut Resolutions

Are you a Flaming Faggot?  Well, you’d better check out Cocksucker Resolutions and Cum Eater’s Resolutions as well! It is always best to be prepared, right?

Eventually… that ass will need to be stuffed!

You Want that Ass Filled

You are an Ass Slut, aren’t you?  Nothing makes you feel better than to have that ass pussy . . . → Read More: Ass Slut Resolutions

Anal Training 101

My sissy cum eater becomes a sissy ass slut!

I Have a Sissy Slut

I have a sissy slut that I share with Ms. Delia.  And if you’ve read her posts over at Fem Fabulous, you know the slut has been whoring himself out.  I’ve been training him in cock sucking and cum . . . → Read More: Anal Training 101

My Sissy’s Surprise, Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 of My Sissy’s Surprise, head off to my other blog and check it out. Otherwise you’ll spoil the surprise, lol….

Chicks with dicks rock!!!

That’s No Woman Baby…

What did you find when you pulled down Crystal’s panties?  Is that a cock staring you in the . . . → Read More: My Sissy’s Surprise, Part 2

What Porn Teaches Us Part 4

Be sure to check out Part 1, 2, & 3 of this blog series for maximum pleasure!

The Strap-on Mistress Is In!

You’re An Ass Whore

You’ve watched the porn haven’t you, pet?  The ones where she says she’s never done anal (like any of us believe that, right?) and before you . . . → Read More: What Porn Teaches Us Part 4