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My StrapOn Says I Can Fuck Who I Want

…And My StrapOn And I Choose You

…and it’s all for you my dear!

Yes, yes… I remember that you are the one who originally said it – but my StrapOn cock says so too! And when you told me I could fuck anyone I wanted, I don’t recall their being . . . → Read More: My StrapOn Says I Can Fuck Who I Want

Strap-On: 4 Reasons I Love It!

As a Strap-on Femdom, I want to introduce all my pets to the joy and pleasure of anal play.  But, beyond introducing you to how good it can feel to have a silicone cock sliding in and out of your ass, there’s some other reasons I love strap-on play.

Strap-On Is About . . . → Read More: Strap-On: 4 Reasons I Love It!

Butt Plug – Why Not An Inflatable?

Training With An Inflatable Butt Plug

Training with a butt plug is crucial for proper anal play!

One of the most difficult parts of anal play – whether you’re using a butt plug or getting drilled by a strap-on – is getting the widest part of the toy inside of you.  . . . → Read More: Butt Plug – Why Not An Inflatable?

Ass Play: Do You Take It?

Are you ready for that next step?

…Up The Ass I Mean

You’re quite the cocksucker for sure, sometimes though, that just isn’t enough.  Some men just can’t cum from having their dicks licked, no matter how good a cocksucker you are.  It’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just that they . . . → Read More: Ass Play: Do You Take It?

Taking That First Cock

Will this be your first cock?

Watching A Bi-Boi Get Popped

You all know how much I love gay porn, how I love to watch two guys suck and fuck each other.  It’s even fun when it’s two sissies.  But, it’s the best when I get to watch one of my . . . → Read More: Taking That First Cock

How Do You Take It Up The Ass?

There are so many butt slut positions I can put you in.  What I’ve found is that the way you like to take my strap-on says a lot about you.

Ass Up Head Down

Bend over slut!

If you like to take it with your head down and your ass up . . . → Read More: How Do You Take It Up The Ass?

Big Bull Sucks Tiny Cock

Want to know how this Bull ended up in this predicament?  Read Big Bull Humiliation over at Mistress Phone Sex!

I can humiliate any man… and any cock!

The Dick Gets Dick

So, there was the big Bull, on his knees, his balls in my hands.  Can you imagine?  Trying to dominate . . . → Read More: Big Bull Sucks Tiny Cock

How To Tell Your Partner You Want to Be Pegged

Whatever your fantasy… let’s discuss it!

Sharing Your Fantasies

Over at Mistress Phone Sex, I’ve been writing a lot about how hot submission is, like cuckolding, CFNM, and Queening.  For me, one of the things that makes any submission hot is when you share your fantasies with me – fantasies that you’ve never . . . → Read More: How To Tell Your Partner You Want to Be Pegged

You Need BBC

There’s nothing quite like a BBC!

I Need BBC!

Of course you do!  Believe me, Ms. Christine understands, I need BBC too! Just like you, sometimes I need a good fucking.  The difference is, I just need it in my pussy.  You need it in the mouth, your ass, or both. You . . . → Read More: You Need BBC

Becoming A Butt Slut

Being penetrated is such a submissive thing…

If You’re Not Sucking Cock…

…you’re taking it up the ass!  I’ve got a lot of pets whose fantasy is sucking cock, but having something inside their ass is a close second.  It could be my Big Black Cock, or it might actually be a . . . → Read More: Becoming A Butt Slut