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Cock Sucking Porn

I know you all have cock sucking fantasies.  And I’m sure you watch blowjob porn.  What I want to know is this.  Which of those cocksucking sluts do you wish you were?

The Double Cock Sucking Slut

Is that the porn that makes you hard?

Are you such a . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking Porn

Cock Sucking: Becoming A Bottom Bitch

Sissy’s Must Learn The Art Of Cock Sucking

You’ll be my bottom bitch in no time!

I don’t think you can overstate the benefits of cock sucking when you are training a sissy. Sucking a cock makes her realize she is not a real man, that her true purpose is to serve, . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking: Becoming A Bottom Bitch

Being A Bottom, Part 1

Are you this version of bottom bitch?

You Are A Bottom

Let’s face it, it’s not easy being a cocksucker. You need another man’s dick for sexual pleasure and satisfaction more than he needs his own. You need to suck it, to worship it.  You need to be used.    You’re at . . . → Read More: Being A Bottom, Part 1

Some Deep Throat Tips

You gotta take that cock deep down your throat!

You Don’t HAVE To Deep Throat

So many of you cocksucking faggots feel that you have to be able to deep throat, and when you can’t, it just makes you disappointed in yourself.  You don’t have to deep throat.  The head of the . . . → Read More: Some Deep Throat Tips

Pindicks Should Suck Cock

Does sucking cock make your little pindick hard? It will…

You Have A Small Cock

It is VERY clear that you have a less than adequate cock size. Hell, I’m not even sure you can CALL what you have a cock.  Cocks are big and thick.  It’s really a penis, or maybe . . . → Read More: Pindicks Should Suck Cock

What Kind of Cocksucker Are You?

I talk to a lot of cocksuckers.  Every one of them is different.  Some are just cock curious, some have just sucked their first cock, some have smoked more poles than me!  There are so many different types of cocksuckers.  So, what kind of cocksucker are you?

I love all cocksuckers!!!

Closet . . . → Read More: What Kind of Cocksucker Are You?

Hot Cock Sucking Calls

Yep…this is really one of my callers….

Phone Sex Cock Sucking Fun!

A Long Cock Sucking Call

I recently had a call with one of my faggot cocksuckers – and it was hot!  It wasn’t so much the fact that he had me guide his fantasy of sucking cock, so much . . . → Read More: Hot Cock Sucking Calls

Suck that Cock…

Do it for the cream!

…and get a creamy surprise!

I’ve asked before if cocksucking is just a means to an end?  Do you suck dick because you like the feeling of a warm, hard prick in your mouth?  Or do you suck dick to ultimately get that warm, creamy jizz to fill your . . . → Read More: Suck that Cock…

Gay Merit Badges, Part 1

I was going back through the old posts on Straight Guys Sucking Cock, and came across one of Ms. Hunter’s old posts from 2009 with a list of Gay Merit Badges.  And the link for the merit badge store is dead!  Who didn’t want Gay Merit Badges?  So, I figured I’d take Ms. Hunter’s . . . → Read More: Gay Merit Badges, Part 1

What are You Thankful for Cocksucker?

What a thankful pet you are…

Thankful for Cock What are you thankful for today, you cocksucking faggot?  Are you ready to drop to your knees and…well, you won’t be praying down there, now will you?  Not unless you’re praying for more cock to appear!  But you know that on your knees is where . . . → Read More: What are You Thankful for Cocksucker?