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CockSucking: No Facials For You

It’s really all about the cocksucking – the ending is optional!

Facials Aren’t Just Humiliation

Okay, facials ARE about humiliation most of the time, but a lot of my cocksucking, cumeating faggots don’t like facials, and it has nothing to do with the humiliation factor.  They don’t like them because their . . . → Read More: CockSucking: No Facials For You

Cocksucking and Cum Eating

Cocksucking And Cum Eating Go Hand In Hand

Cum eating is a reward for sucking cock!

Or cock in mouth!  If you’re going to suck that cock, and you’re going to do a good job at it – and you will to please your Mistress, won’t you? – then at some . . . → Read More: Cocksucking and Cum Eating

Having Trouble Giving Yourself A Facial?

Can you cover your face in cum?

Weak Orgasms

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Kinky Ways To Suck Cock.  One of the things I wrote about was self-sucking and giving yourself a facial, and StephanieCDCNJ – one of my favorite sissy cocksuckers – commented on how hard it is . . . → Read More: Having Trouble Giving Yourself A Facial?

Until It Spits You Must Not Quit!

Eat it or wear it… what’s it gonna be?

My Blog Readers Are The Best!

That piece of wisdom comes from one of my favorite followers, jemmie. So listen up bi-bois and cocksucking sissies.  She left that comment on my post about how you should be a teasing cocksucker.  I said, “Go . . . → Read More: Until It Spits You Must Not Quit!

2 Cuckolds

On the job – cuckold training… lol

Training A Cuckold

Most of my girlfriends know that I am a Femdom, and one them, recently told me that she wants to try cuckolding.  Jane knows that I have some expertise in cuckolding, and she told me about how her husband just wasn’t doing it . . . → Read More: 2 Cuckolds

Blow Job Mistakes, Part 3

Practice makes errrr… better my pet! lol…

Can You Suck Enough?

Back in Blow Job Mistakes, Part 1, I told y’all that you had to watch it if you could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, because sucking too hard can mean the guy never asks you to hoover his rod again.  . . . → Read More: Blow Job Mistakes, Part 3

How to be the Best Sissy Cocksucker

Every man knows that sissy can suck cock!

Meet Sissy Kendra

Sissy Kendra is one of my longtime sissy callers – and has she come a long way!  From the time I first talked with her, until now, this gurl has really embraced her slutty femme side.  And she is such a . . . → Read More: How to be the Best Sissy Cocksucker

Working Up to a Full Load

Willing to eat your cum? It could get you an earlier release, lol…

Scared to Eat Cum

I know, pet.  You really want to.  You’ve told me.  When I’m stroking you, bringing you to the edge, denying you again and again.  You tell me how much you want to swallow a nice, warm . . . → Read More: Working Up to a Full Load

What Porn Teaches Us, Part 3

Just for the taste of it…

Check out Part 1 and 2 of this blog series, before you continue!

You Love Cum

Don’t all the cocksuckers in porn love the jizz?  I know you do, because I am sure as you stroke away to your favorite video, you shoot your load just as . . . → Read More: What Porn Teaches Us, Part 3