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“Accidental” Anal Play

Its the pleasures of the ass…

You Say You Don’t Like Anal Play?

For every one of my pets who begs to become my butt slut, there’s another one out there who tells me how he’s not into anal play.  “Oh, I’m not gay, Mistress” or “you’re not putting anything in my . . . → Read More: “Accidental” Anal Play

A Pocket Rocket For July 4th

It’s time to play!

Every Lady Has One

A pocket rocket.  A small vibrator that we can carry around in our purse.  I keep mine for emergencies.  You know, if I’m at a bar or a club, and I see an especially hot guy – and he’s already with someone!  I mean, . . . → Read More: A Pocket Rocket For July 4th