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Sissy Cock Sucking

Sissy Whore On The Hunt For Cock

All dressed up Sissy…now what?

Oh, sissy, you look so slutty!  Perfect for a sissy whore on a cock hunt.  I’ll bet the guys tonight are going to be falling all over themselves to get to you.  You see, the way you’re dressed, they . . . → Read More: Sissy Cock Sucking

Sissy Cocksucker Can’t Get Enough

Are you a sissy cocksucker?

I Have This One Sissy Slut…

…and she just can’t get enough! Cock that is! I mean, I want her to be a sissy, knob gobbling whore, but sometimes, I just have to put a limit on her. There was this one time. I had her sucking off . . . → Read More: Sissy Cocksucker Can’t Get Enough

The Sissy Damsel In Distress

Do You Need Your Mistress’ Protection?

A sissy… taylor made to please!

Oh, sissy, you know real men only want one thing from you, don’t you?  You came here tonight, hoping I’d protect you from them, to give you just one night of peace.  You looked so sexy in your LBD as . . . → Read More: The Sissy Damsel In Distress

What Kind of Cocksucker Are You?

I talk to a lot of cocksuckers.  Every one of them is different.  Some are just cock curious, some have just sucked their first cock, some have smoked more poles than me!  There are so many different types of cocksuckers.  So, what kind of cocksucker are you?

I love all cocksuckers!!!

Closet . . . → Read More: What Kind of Cocksucker Are You?

Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 4

Giving the best blow job you can!

You Love Cock

You’ve admitted your love for cock, and you’ve even accepted that you’re powerless over its allure.  Step 4 has to do with searching your heart and coming up with a moral inventory – or in our case, an immoral one!  Think about it . . . → Read More: Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 4

Want To Be My Sissy Lesbian Girlfriend?

Ready to be my sissy girl?

I Need A Girlfriend

Okay, I have lots of girlfriends, but I’m short on “sissy” lesbian girlfriends.  I have regular girlfriends, and Mistress girlfriends (I mean they’re Mistresses and girlfriends – I’m Domme through and through, no switching here!)and tranny girlfriends.  But I need an extra, pretty sissy . . . → Read More: Want To Be My Sissy Lesbian Girlfriend?

What Kind of Cocksucker Are You?

As a Phone Sex Mistress, I enjoy it when the fantasy is all about cocksucking.  So tell me, what kind of cocksucker are you?

What kind of cocksucker are you?

The Reluctant Cocksucker

You say you really don’t want to suck cock, because that’s not what men do.  You’re right of course.  . . . → Read More: What Kind of Cocksucker Are You?

Catch it all Sissy

oh my… a cum covered sissy!

Nothing Better than a Cum Covered Sissy When my sissy pets are all dressed up in their lacy lingerie, on their knees worshiping a throbbing hard cock, there’s no better way to finish up the festivities that to watch them get a face full of cum! A cum . . . → Read More: Catch it all Sissy

Taking a Sissy

It’s time for you to be MY bitch!

Lube it Up Did you read about my Butt Slut Positions?  One of those was the classic doggy-style, ass up, head down.  This is one of my favorite positions to take a sissy ass pussy in.  I love having them drop to their knees in . . . → Read More: Taking a Sissy

Anal Training 101

My sissy cum eater becomes a sissy ass slut!

I Have a Sissy Slut

I have a sissy slut that I share with Ms. Delia.  And if you’ve read her posts over at Fem Fabulous, you know the slut has been whoring himself out.  I’ve been training him in cock sucking and cum . . . → Read More: Anal Training 101