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Cock Sucker Cums When The Bull Cums

Cockteasing Goals For Her Cock Sucker

How many loads can you suck out?

Yes, I do enjoy cock teasing my cock sucker pets at times. And when I tease, edge and delay any of my pet’s orgasms, I usually set some kind of goal for them. One they need to meet before . . . → Read More: Cock Sucker Cums When The Bull Cums

A Twist on Cuckold Cocksucking

All my cuckolds suck cock!

You Love My Bull’s Cock

Oh, I know you do.  As soon as he and I pop through the door, there you are, on your knees, waiting for him to bury that cock deep in your throat.  You so enjoy being our fluffer, sucking and licking that . . . → Read More: A Twist on Cuckold Cocksucking

There’s A Sissy Faggot On Every Street Corner In My Neighborhood

Wont you suck it… for me? 😉

Or So One Of My Sissy Sluts Tells Me

Over on Mistress Phone Sex Calls, I wrote a few weeks ago about Ms. Christine’s Neighborhood.  Just like that other “neighborhood” (go ahead, click on the link, look at the picture and tell me you don’t . . . → Read More: There’s A Sissy Faggot On Every Street Corner In My Neighborhood

Competing Cuckolds

I love to watch you play with others…

Two Special Lovers

I have quite the Little Black Book.  Okay, it’s not small, it should actually be called a FUCKING BIG BLACK ENCYCLOPEDIA – I mean like the whole set.  I have volumes!  I have a couple of books with all my Bulls, . . . → Read More: Competing Cuckolds

Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 11

You want it so bad, don’t you?

Give Yourself Over To Cock

Did you figure it out, pet, why you’re so addicted to cock?  Once you’ve figured that out, you can truly turn yourself over and accept the power that cock has over you – and the power you have over cock!  . . . → Read More: Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step 11

Hot Cock Sucking Calls

Yep…this is really one of my callers….

Phone Sex Cock Sucking Fun!

A Long Cock Sucking Call

I recently had a call with one of my faggot cocksuckers – and it was hot!  It wasn’t so much the fact that he had me guide his fantasy of sucking cock, so much . . . → Read More: Hot Cock Sucking Calls

Serving The Bull

Do you live to please?

A Key Skill For The Cuckold

Not all cuckolds are bi.  Not every cuckold fluffs his hot wife’s lover.  Some don’t even participate.  They may get their wives ready for their dates, and hear the stories of her adventures afterwards while their cleaning that creampie out of her pussy.  If . . . → Read More: Serving The Bull

3 Reasons Cuckolds Suck Cock

Cuckies love to suck!

Fluffing the Bull

Fluffing your hot wife/cheating girlfriend/Cuckoldress’ Bull is your main job as a cocksucking cuckold.  Perhaps your Mistress needs to slip into something more…naked?… and just doesn’t have the time to make sure her Bull’s cock is as hard as it can be, and ready for her . . . → Read More: 3 Reasons Cuckolds Suck Cock

A Cuckold Orgy

This ones for you… and your small penis!

You know what I think we need?

A Cuckold Orgy!  No, it’s not an orgy of cuckolds.  Ugh, how boring would that be for me?  All those small dicked wimps milling about, no big cocks to satisfy me.  And what would a bunch of cuckolds do?  . . . → Read More: A Cuckold Orgy

Cocksucking Seduction

It’s time to suck!

Seducing the Cocksucker

Oh?  Did you think this was going to be a post about seducing you by giving you a blow job?  Well, first you need to ask yourself if your cock is even worthy of being sucked by a sexy, beautiful woman like me – and . . . → Read More: Cocksucking Seduction