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I Got Dick For Christmas!

Actually, Two Dicks For Christmas

Such a lovely Christmas celebration!!!

I love my callers! Just last night, I got two calls from two different pets, who told me how they got, “dick for Christmas!” Now, if I was just a normal, vanilla lady, that probably would have seemed like a complaint, . . . → Read More: I Got Dick For Christmas!

Cuckold Jealousy

You Thought You’d Be Jealous Didn’t You Cuckold?

Awwww….. poor cuckie!

When your hot wife first told you she was going to cuckold you, when she agreed that she DID need more cock than you could provide – both in size and in sheer numbers – you thought there might be . . . → Read More: Cuckold Jealousy

Cuckold Denial Leads To More

Cuckolding is about her pleasure… and that should make you happy!

Cuckolding Is About Denial

For you!  Not for your Cuckoldress.  She’s getting all the cock she could ever want, all the pleasure, all the orgasms.  For you, my cuckold pet, though, it’s about not having any of those things anymore.  Part . . . → Read More: Cuckold Denial Leads To More

Strap-On Cuckolding

Oh… you’re getting fucked! lol… one way or another…

The Full Service Cuckold

Just like there is a wide variety of cocksuckers, there is a wide variety of cuckolds.  There’s the voyeur cuckold who just likes to watch while I get taken to Pound Town, or the cuckold who participates by licking . . . → Read More: Strap-On Cuckolding

Competing Cuckolds

I love to watch you play with others…

Two Special Lovers

I have quite the Little Black Book.  Okay, it’s not small, it should actually be called a FUCKING BIG BLACK ENCYCLOPEDIA – I mean like the whole set.  I have volumes!  I have a couple of books with all my Bulls, . . . → Read More: Competing Cuckolds

Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step One

Cock is an addition for you… you must first admit it!

Admit You Are Powerless Over Cock

Your first step is to get up in front of the group, and admit your obsession with cock.  I want you to stand up, and in front of everyone say “Hi, I’m (state your name) and . . . → Read More: Cocksuckers Anonymous – Step One

Cream Pie Cum Eating

Are you ready for a sweet cream pie?

Don’t Like Straight Cum?

Are you a wannabe cum slut?  You really want to eat cum.  I mean, the idea is so hot, isn’t it?  It makes your cock hard, and the more you think about it, the more your pre-cum drips from your tip.  . . . → Read More: Cream Pie Cum Eating

Cuckold Humiliation – Helping Out Your Hot Wife

Your hot wife needs more…and more!

I Found Her A Bull

That’s right, pet.  I found your hot wife a Bull.  She must have found my number on your phone and she called me.  I told her all about your nasty little fantasy, how you wanted to see her fucked by a big, . . . → Read More: Cuckold Humiliation – Helping Out Your Hot Wife

A Cuckold Story – Part 2

I knew you’d be back for more… But don’t forget to check out Part 1 of this Cuckold Story over at Mistress Phone Sex Calls!

Ready for some Cream Pie?

Your Cuckold Fantasy Begins

So there you are, naked, your small penis locked in a chastity cage, while your hot wife is sitting on . . . → Read More: A Cuckold Story – Part 2

Starting The New Year With A Bang!

Happy New Year Pet!

Oh, There Will Be Fire Works

I promise you that, my pet.  Fireworks for you, for me…and for my Bull.  He’s waiting in the other room.  He’s a young one, and do you know why I picked him out for our New Year’s Eve bash?  Because he can cum . . . → Read More: Starting The New Year With A Bang!