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What Kind of Cocksucker Are You?

As a Phone Sex Mistress, I enjoy it when the fantasy is all about cocksucking.  So tell me, what kind of cocksucker are you?

Ms Christine loves cock suckers

What kind of cocksucker are you?

The Reluctant Cocksucker

You say you really don’t want to suck cock, because that’s not what men do.  You’re right of course.  Men, like my Bulls, get their cocks sucked.  You’re not really a man though, are you?  You’re a submissive, cocksucking faggot!  You love it when a man forces you to your knees, makes you unzip his pants and that big, thick love python falls out and smacks you right in the face.  For the reluctant cocksucker, this isn’t a blow job, it’s a face fucking, as he grabs your head and thrusts his cock deep into your mouth.  You say you don’t like it, but your cock, hard and dripping, is telling me a different story.  To finish off, what will be more humiliating – making you swallow that load, or having him spray it all over your face and making you walk home with dried cum all over you? Tsk… decisions… decisions…

The Cock Whore

You’re the exact opposite of the Reluctant Cocksucker.  You love cock, and you are a true cum slut.  You can’t get enough.  For you, it is a blow job.  You love the feel of a cock in your hand, in your mouth. You’re intoxicated by the manly scent and the taste of cock meat.  You run your lips and tongue over it, teasing it, making all those moans and sighs while you suck away, staring up at the owner of the cock in your mouth.  No facials for you!  You want that cream in your mouth, so you can roll it around your tongue, savoring the taste, before you swallow it all down with a smile!

The Sissy Cocksucker

You’re like the Cock Whore, but you want to give your lover a bit of a fantasy, like he’s actually getting a blow job from a sexy little slut.  You get all dressed up – maybe in a teddy, with some thong panties, black thigh highs with the seam running up the back, a nice pair of fuck me pumps on.  Maybe cocksucking is just an appetizer, foreplay for you, because you really want that hot, hard prick deep in your boy pussy!

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